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Road Tripping Uganda with Your Family

Planning your family vacation in Africa? Road tripping is a new trend in East Africa. Many travelers are opting for road trips within Uganda given that it is one of the best family holiday destinations. With several amazing national parks, it is a good idea to take your family on a memorable holiday through some of the best game viewing places on the African continent. Here is some advice to help you get started;

Choose a Good Vehicle

One of the essential things to a successful holiday in having a good and reliable vehicle. Whether you are planning to renting a car on self drive in Uganda or a car with a driver, it is very important to choose a vehicle which is not only comfortable but also spacious to accommodate the members of the family. For a family of up to 4 people, a Land Cruiser can be enough for you and for a family with up to 8 members, a safari van can be the best choice.

You should also pay attention to the safety and reliability of car that also offers the most comfortable atmosphere for you and the family members along the way. The more exciting date, the luxury car hire is not just for vacation with your family but also works best for romantic date. A good journey can be ruined pretty easily in case the car breaks down but you can depend on car hire to be thoroughly checked and work exactly as intended.

Road Tripping Uganda with Your Family

Renting a Car with a Driver

If you fear driving in a foreign country, renting a car with a driver can be a good choice. There is a reason why renting a vehicle with a driver is of a great value if you are to have a memorable holiday in Africa. Traveling with a guide is one of the most exciting travel experience of life time. A good knowledgeable guide will save the day in locating the best places to visit for sightseeing and even offer advice on where to stay! From experience, the guides also help in making better tour plans given that they are well versed with the way activities are conducted in most places visited. With our affordable and excellent car hire services, we would like you to share your travel experiences with your dear ones together, renting a car with a driver is highly recommended for first time visitors to Uganda given that it will make you achieve more in less time.

Opt for Self Drive If You Are Used to Driving in Africa

Many car hire companies in Uganda have opened up the option for you to hire a car without a driver. If you are used to driving in Africa, a self drive tour will make your moves easier and independent. Self drive holidays in Uganda are becoming wildly famous with visitors and holiday travelers. With a self drive car, you get an extra seat in the car! Self driving is also flexible – you will discover the new towns along the way at your own time. You can enjoy the drive experience on smooth routes and highways during your holiday in Uganda.

The most important thing is that you will be able to enjoy private moments with your families without being conscious of a third party present in between you. Moreover, you will like the independence you get when you know you are responsible for your own safari. In case you love your driving and feel you will miss out during your holiday, then a self drive car hire is the best option for you to realize your dreams in Uganda.

Driving your date around in a luxury vehicle tells your partner how useful the date can be to you, it has more space for you relax and chill as you enjoy your music without any worries in the world and makes an ultimate feeling and sets the stage for a greater dinner.

Check Out for Great Deals

There are lots of offers from different car rental companies.  Choosing a reputable car rental agency will make your journeys smooth and memorable. In Uganda today, many people you can easily get comfortable and pocket friendly car rental from different recommended agencies. Do not look for cheap vehicles but look for affordable and reliable cars to use during your safari. The prices for car rental in Uganda largely depends on the rental period you are looking to use the vehicle. Shorter rentals attract higher costs if compared with rentals that exceed 1 week.

Safari Planning Etiquette

Most safaris in Uganda start from Kampala or Entebbe. This is the case with car rentals. Most car hire agencies are within Kampala and Entebbe. There are a few self drive car hire services available in rural towns in Uganda. In most cases you will need to hire a vehicle from Kampala and most agencies are flexible in delivering the vehicle to your preferred location though this comes with a price.

It is also advisable to know in time how the activities are conducted in the national parks. It is advisable to share your itinerary with the agency you are booking with. There are travelers who have missed gorilla tracking after failing to secure gorilla permits in time. For more informative tips on planning your holiday visit the Uganda Info Guide, a resourceful guide to visiting and staying in Uganda.

Beware of the Rental Conditions

The only thing you may get worried about is being aware of the costs, terms and conditions of your hire. Look at it that you follow all the guidelines set by the rental service about fuel, car conditions, mileage and you will have a great time with your dear ones. Our car hire company features as one of Uganda’s best rental agencies in Kampala providing self drive car services in the country. It doesn’t matter if you own a car or not, just simply contact us, and we shall be there to help.

Book in Advance to Avoid Surprises

While planning a family trip in Uganda, is advisable that you organize a family car hire well in advance. Most Uganda Car rentals offer great deals to travelers who book early enough! Last minute deals are available from just a few

Most countries do not have the same laws which mandate the use of child seats based on your child’s heights, age and weight and the easiest way is for you to organize a child seat rental car. It is also important that you pay attention to the best addonns to your car rental in Uganda. These include – among others the GPS, Camping Gear, Local Phone, Travel Maps, Guide Books etc.

With the above advantages and advice of par taking a family holiday, we believe you will enjoy your safari in Uganda’s remotest national parks that offer authentic African wilderness experiences.

Must Know Tips for a successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

Considered as the highest peak of Africa, Mt.Kilimanjaro attracts tons of visitors to its summit each year. Located in beautiful Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro is considered as a trekking peak. However not all reach the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro. For that you need to well prepare in both mentally and physically. With proper training, preparation and well planning you can easily climb the Mt.Kilimanjaro making it a great success of the year.

If you plan to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro, here are the top tips from the experts who have experience of climbing Kilimanjaro. With these tips, make it a successful trip for climbing Kilimanjaro that adds great memories for your life!

1. Choose the best route

You need at least 8 days to climb the Mt.Kilimanjaro. Although you can reach the summit of Kilimanjaro quickly and in less than 8 days, it will not be a successful and exciting trip. It is good to allow time to adjust your body to high levels of altitude while enjoying the life time adventure! There are seven routes to climb Kilimanjaro including popular Marangu route. Machame route, Rongai route and Umbwe route are some of the other routes that are available for climbing the Mt.Kilimanjaro. Each route has its unique features, required time and nature’s views. Therefore, contact well experienced tour operator and discuss with them about the best route for climbing Kilimanjaro that suits you.

Must Know Tips for a successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

2. Choose the best season

Climbing Kilimanjaro should be a lifetime experience. To make it memorable with pleasant experience, you need to plan your trekking during the best season of the year. This is why choosing a dry but comfortable season is important.

January to March is known as the perfect time to climb Kilimanjaro as the weather is comfortable with both dryness and warm temperature. April to June is considered as a dangerous period for trekking as rain begins at the end of March. With different weather conditions throughout the year, it is always wise to choose the best time for climbing Kilimanjaro before you plan your trip.

3. Train well and prepare for the trekking experience

As Kilimanjaro is popular as a mountain for trekking, you don’t need expertise training. However it is better to have a reasonable training to make your experience with Mt.Kilimanjaro a positive one. If you are reasonably fit and good with physical exercise, then you don’t have to worry about climbing the mountain up to the peak. Some of the activities that are recommended for those who prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro include walking, aerobic workouts and muscle strength building. Other than the physical training, you also need to prepare mentally to reach the Kilimanjaro peak in a slow and steady pace.

Above are the must know tips to plan your Kilimanjaro trekking trip. You also need to pack the travel essentials that are especially important for your Mt.Kilimanjaro trip. Also don’t forget to plan your Kilimanjaro trek with well experienced guides or tour operators to make it a successful climbing.

Do you have experience with climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro? Please share your thoughts below.


5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

Uganda is one of the popular African destinations for safari tours. Although there are Safari tour packages available, self-driving can be really exciting. While enjoying the freedom of travelling, you will have really great experience when you plan a self-drive safari in Uganda. This is why I also like to experience self-drive safari tour for our African holiday.

However, even for a skilled and experienced driver, driving a car in Uganda can be a challenging task. This is mainly because of the roads conditions. Most of the Uganda roads are narrow. You also need to rent your car from a reputed company and ensure that it is in good condition.

Why people prefer self-driving in Uganda?

Driving in Uganda is challenging but, one can certainly do it. A self-drive safari trip is more convenient and comfortable than the public transport. Those who enjoy driving can indeed have a great experience. When self-driven, you will have more freedom. Chances are more in self-driven trips to visit more new places and meet the local people in those places.

5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

This is why most tourists to Uganda do not want to miss the opportunity of experiencing self-driven safari tours. With new car rental companies available, planning a Uganda self-drive safari tours are popular and easier than you think. You can easily rent a car from most of the cities not only in Kampala but in other towns too such as Kabale, Entebbe, Mbarara and Jinja

Don’t forget, if you plan a self-drive safari in Uganda, you also need to plan a safe trip ensuring it is a memorable holiday while watching the wildlife. To help you to plan your safari, here are some of the tips which ensure that your safari trip is safe and comfortable! With these tips self drive Uganda will be a fantastic experience which will add you great moments and exciting memories!

Here are the tips:

5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda
5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda
1. Ensure that the car is in good condition.

You need to personally check the condition of the car before commencing the journey. All the tyres must be in good condition and you also need to check for the spare wheels in good condition. You also need to ensure that oil, water level and other things that affect the condition of car is well maintained. There should not be any leakage problem. You also need to check the time when the car was serviced last.

5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

2. Abide by the traffic rules

Most of the road accidents occur because of violation of traffic rules. You need to follow traffic rules and learn the specific rules and regulations of Uganda driving before you start your safari. Check here for traffic and road safety rules and regulations of Uganda. Also avoid driving if you take alcohol.

3. Avoid night-driving

As you are a foreigner in Uganda, it is safe to avoid night driving to avoid any kind of theft, robberies or accidents. Specially if you plan to travel with your family with young children, night safari will not be a good idea for you. Instead, use the day time to visit from place to place while enjoying your safari holiday in Uganda.

4. Make use of GPS and route-map

Reliable and professional car rental companies will provide GPS and road map for no extra charges. While driving in a foreign country it is always advisable to use GPS and road map for navigation.

5. Avoid driving when you are tired

Self-driving is exciting. But, self-driving in a new country can be tiresome too as the roads, maps and routes are all new to you. Other than that you also need to adjust with the weather conditions. As these things can make you too tired easily, it is wise to have short breaks during your safari. At the same time, avoid driving if you feel sleepy or tired. When you have a break and relax, you can start the journey again with fresh mind avoiding risky situations.

Other than the above tips you also need to maintain the fuel tank with enough supply to avoid interruptions. Also drive safely keeping the speed limits. Safe traveling is necessary to enjoy any holiday. So, I hope these tips are helpful for you to enjoy a self-drive safari tour in Uganda making it most exciting African safari for your lifetime!


Best 5 Tips for Renting a Car in Uganda

Self-drive in Uganda is indeed a thrilling experience. Moreover, in Uganda, road transport is considerably cheaper. Also, cars are the fastest mode of transportation in this beautiful country that attracts tourists each year.

As I am planning our trip to African countries, Uganda is one of the countries that is in our bucket list due to the many attractions which we can spend time as a family. We cannot forget about safari tours when we talk about Uganda attractions. However as we enjoy road trips, I’d like to rent a car and explore Uganda enjoying the freedom as this will allow us to stop in any place which we like.

Why renting a car is the best transport option in Uganda?

Self-drive safari is the best option for anyone who is on a vacation to Uganda. During a self-driven trip you have freedom to explore many places at your own pace and you can spend more time in your most preferred places. These are the best reasons for us too to look for car rental options in Uganda.

The professional car rental companies in Uganda offer a wide range of vehicles that are really ideal for the safari trips. These self-driven tours in Uganda are really exciting and enjoyable. When you travel as a family or as a small group, renting a car is great and that will improve the bonding time too.

Best 5 Tips for Renting a Car in Uganda

But, before renting a car in Uganda, you also need to know about the road conditions and the driving rules for a better experience. In order to help you to plan your Uganda holiday here I share some useful tips that help you to decide on your car rental in Uganda. With these tips, car rental Uganda will be easier and you will enjoy a relaxing holiday while exploring the attractions!

1. Choose a suitable car

Best 5 Tips for Renting a Car in Uganda

Those who want to rent a car in Uganda may first decide the size and type of the car. For a family or a group, you should go for a larger size. The price depends on the size of the car. Therefore you need to choose the car that fits the purpose of tour, destination and size of your group.

2. Choose a reputed car rental Company

Always give preference to the car rental company that ensures quality customer service. Some car rental companies in Uganda also provide special offers to their customers. You can use such car rental company which is trusted as well as reliable. To find a car rental company, you can easily search the internet. Also don’t forget to compare the prices quoted by the different car rental agencies before you decide on the company that you are going to rent your car.

3. Never exceed the speed limit and adhere to the traffic rules

While driving on Uganda roads, you must watch the speed and ensure that the speed limit is not exceeded. Also, before you drive your rented car, know the traffic rules. Follow the rules and drive safely to enjoy a happy and memorable holiday.

4. Know the road condition

The roads in the rural areas in Uganda can be narrow and dusty. There may be some areas with poor condition. When it rains the roads can be slippery. There are no pedestrian lanes separately. The same roads are used by pedestrians, cattle, cyclists and bike riders. Therefore some knowledge about the road conditions of Uganda will be definitely helpful for you to drive your rental car smoothly.

5. Maintain a sufficient fuel stock

It is wise to maintain your fuel stock while you drive. Sometimes fuel stations are located in large distances. Also there will be no fuel stations in the National Parks. Hence, if you plan to go to the parks, remember to go with sufficient fuel stock.

Above are some of the top tips that you need to know and follow when you rent a car in Uganda. Also be sure to know about your routes. By using GPS and road maps, you can easily overcome this. By avoiding driving your car at night you will prevent any safety issues. Since four wheels are more suitable for safari tours in Uganda and for the existing road conditions, you can consider renting a 4 x 4 Car for your Uganda tour.

These are the best tips that I found as helpful for renting a car in Uganda. These tips will sure help us to plan our holiday.So,I know these are helpful for you too to plan your Uganda tour! If you have more tips, please share with me below as comments.

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Also known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is dotted with rich bio diversity. Uganda is known as a major backpacking, camping, road trip, and adventurous destination! No matter your travel style, there is something to draw you to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. The country is filled with incredible natural beauty from the Rwenzori Mountains to Scenic Murchison Falls, rainforests to sand beaches etc. Together with friendly and welcoming people, Uganda is a great destination for a family holiday. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Uganda with your family;

Uganda Offers Great Game Viewing Opportunities

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Watching wildlife is one of the top adventure activities that travellers with families seek for in Africa. Uganda protects many wild animals within its 10 well protected and fantastic national parks. Some of the best protected game reserves for game viewing include;

  • Murchison falls National Park in North Eastern Uganda: This is one of the most scenic national parks – home to the Scenic Murchison Falls. This is the best place to see giraffes, elephants, hippos, antelopes etc
  • Lake Mburo National Park, in Western Uganda. This is the closest park to Kampala. Lake Mburo National Park is the best place to see elands and zebras. There are also many Acacia birds within the park.
  • Kibale National park, home to 13 primate species! This is the best place to see chimpanzees in their natural home. The park is open all year round and there are 3 sessions for chimpanzee tracking every day.
  • Queen Elizabeth national park, Western Uganda. Located on the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best place to see tree climbing lions, mongoose, hippos, etc. The park also protects 606 bird species and is a great place to see birds in Uganda.
  • Kidepo National Park: Located in North Eastern Uganda, Kidepo is a wonder destination. Experience the wilderness of Kidepo National Park, the only place where you can see cheetahs in their natural home.
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the only place to see Rhinos in Uganda.

Other exciting destinations, Mount Elgon National park, Semuliki National park, Mgahinga National park, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) formerly called the Entebbe Zoo, Pain Upe Game Reserve, and more. These parks and game reserves protect a variety of animals and different tourist activities including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking water activities, bird watching, nature walks, game viewing and many more. Top family adventure that can be done in Uganda’s national parks include game drives, visits to the water falls, mountain climbing, boat cruises or launch cruises, the guided nature walks, foot safaris, as well as bird watching.

Adrenaline Adventures

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Uganda offers variety of adrenaline adventures! High on the list of the top adventures that include; white water rafting, mountaineering, bungee jumping, zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, and more.

The most popular is white water rafting adventures that is carried out along the River Nile in Jinja, Eastern Uganda. During your family safari, you should not miss exploring the eastern part of the country! Within Jinja, you also have an opportunity to visit the Source of the Nile, the world’s second longest river.

Cultural Experiences

On a tour in Uganda, you have an opportunity to interact with the local people! Explore the different cultures of the people of Uganda.  While on your safari to Uganda, you can experience cultural tourism at its best! Meet the very friendly people and engage in different activities that include hunting, milking, preparing food and more. Uganda is a multi-cultural country with a variety of cultures with each having distinct and unique languages, dress code, traditional practices, songs as well as the cultural dances. A cultural safari to Uganda will offer you a chance to adventure and experience the culture at large. Also get a chance to taste the fresh vegetable and fruits that include mangoes, oranges, guavas, cabbages, water melons, as well as spinach.

Visit the Source of the Nile

Uganda is also a home to the true source of the Nile which is the longest river in Africa. The river is found in Jinja, Eastern Uganda and the visitors can spend the whole day enjoying different water activities on the Nile. Some of these activities include; boat cruises, swimming, jet cruising and canoeing. You can even go fishing with your family in the waters of Lake Victoria that is the second largest water lake in the world.

Gorilla Trekking

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Gorilla trekking is the main highlight of any safari in Uganda. It’s the main reason why most people travel from their home countries to Uganda. Uganda has two national parks that protect the endangered mountain gorillas; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

On a gorilla safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you will take nature walks into the tropical rainforests in search of the mountain gorillas. Tracking these beautiful primates within the forest is one of the most thrilling adventures you can ever take in Africa! You will take photos and observe their way of life in the forest. The gorillas share their 95% of their DNA with the humans and meeting them in the wild is a previllege given that there are as few as 900 individuals left in the whole world. Please note that children below 15 years are not allowed to track the gorillas.

Planning to visit Uganda? Learn more about Uganda from the Uganda Guide, a comprehensive online guide with informative tips and advice, things to see, things to do and more.

Things to Do in Morocco with Kids

As a country in North Africa, Morocco is one of the countries that boast about their rich culture and history. Mediterranean Sea and historical sites are some of the things that you cannot avoid when talking about Morocco.

Then, do you know the secret? If you read the recent blog posts you’ve probably notice that I wrote more posts about African countries. This is simply due to this continent is next in our bucket list. Among all countries in Africa, Morocco is the country that I love to visit simply because of the history and rich culture of the country and people of Morocco.

With such travel plan to visit Morocco, here are the things to do with kids making it the best family adventure!

Things to Do in Morocco with Kids
Things to Do in Morocco with Kids

With historical sites, beautiful mountains and desert safari tours Morocco has many things to offer for a family holiday. However we usually travel for short holidays ranging from 3-5 days. So, before everything I wanted to find Morocco Tours that help to plan short holidays. With the help of such Morocco itineraries, below I listed the best things to do in Morocco with kids. If you plan a trip to Morocco then these ideas will sure helpful!

Desert Safari over Sahara Desert
Desert safari in Morocco
Camel Riding is so exciting!

Visiting Morocco will not complete if you don’t visit Sahara desert. It is one of the popular attractions in this Mediterranean country and kids love activities such as camel riding. Can you imagine how this would be an adventure for anyone while experiencing the sunset and camping along the way? You may think that desert safari is not suitable with kids. But, with proper planning and with help of tour guides who offers different Morocco tours, planning a kid friendly desert safari is always easier than you think.

Visit historical sites

Things to Do in Morocco with Kids

Be it a UNESCO world heritage site or a small city with full of historical attractions, Morocco is a country that belongs to a rich history. Visiting Morocco should complete only after visiting at least few of such major historical sites. Among the many historical sites and monuments of Morocco I’d like a walk around Medina of Marrakech which is a historical settlement which includes magnificent mosques and tombs. Fascinating Architectural features is another unique thing to see in this city while getting an idea of the rich culture Morocco has.

Experience time with the locals

Things to Do in Morocco with Kids

As I know, Moroccan people are extremely friendly. They are also good with hospitality. On the other way, talking with the locals is the best way to get an idea about their lifestyle. A tour to local markets and crafts stores will be exact ways to mingle with the people of Morocco and learn bit from their actual lifestyle. With a kid, this can be a wonderful experience and also will create unique memories from the country.

Above are the best attractions in my list to experience with the kid in a trip to Morocco. If you are planning a trip to Morocco, then these ideas will be helpful for you too to plan your itinerary.

Have you been to Morocco? Please share your experiences below.




The Best Countries To Visit In Africa

When you think about Africa, you think about the sheer amount of choice you have as a visitor. If you want a taste of the fast paced city life, you can visit Cape Town. If you want to see history kept alive, head to the pyramids in Egypt. If you want nature and the wildlife experience, there are safaris in most African countries. Here is a list of the best countries to visit in Africa.

1. Tanzania
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

With Mount Kilimanjaro dominating the scene, Tanzania has so much to offer for the nature lover. At Serengeti National Park, you could catch a glimpse of the Big Five- the African elephant, the lion, the rhinoceros, the Cape buffalo and the leopard. The country has a combination of plains, meadows and forest, beaches and rivers. The national parks are the best way to experience wildlife and you can choose to go on a Tanzania safari, drives, or cycle rides to explore the territory.

2. South Africa

Family Friendly African Destinations

No list about countries in Africa is complete without a mention of South Africa. This gorgeous country has the Kruger National Park, one of the earliest entrants to the world of safari travel. It also has Table Mountain, an important site for the aborigines. Taste delicious wine at the vineyards, enjoy a night on the town at Port Elizabeth and learn more about the history of this great country.

3. Morocco

Nothing shouts exotic quite like Morocco does. Bracketed by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Morocco is an amalgam of beauty and world influences. Marrakesh is its most famous face and rightly so- it is colorful, steeped in history and a dream for shoppers. The main town square, Djmaa el Fna is a noisy, crowded haven with all sorts of stalls, selling all sorts of things.

Morocco is great for long drives. Make your way through the Atlas Mountains and get to the Draa- it is a landscape like nothing else, brown earth is given some relief by date plantations and human settlements. It is a sight you won’t forget for a long time to come. Get to the Merzouga Dunes to look at the stars like you never have before- the only light you’ll see for miles on end.

4. Kenya

When we think of Kenya, we think of the magnificent Masai Mara. But the image of a million flamingos coloring the sky pink with their flight, is one of those experiences you need to witness. This is the biggest, grandest feathered spectacle in the world and when you go through it, you’ll see why. You should also head to the savannah and chase some zebras. Choose a riding safari and get on a horse to keep pace with the striped animals. Or make your way to Solio Reserve and try and get a glimpse of the magnificent black rhino and the white rhino. There are close to 250 animals here, so you might just get lucky.

5. Botswana

The Best Countries To Visit In Africa

Renowned for the Kalahari, Botswana is gorgeous in more ways than one. The sunsets are jeweled and splendid, and animals abound in the Chobe National Park, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and many other places. The country takes its environment very seriously and is active in its promotion of conservation efforts. Go to the Nxai Pan Park and gaze at the massive salt filled pans of the Kalahari and turn away from it to check out some animals. There’s a lot to admire in this fabulous place.

It’s not fair to complete the list of African countries without mentioning Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Rwanda. Check out what each country has to offer and set off on your trip.




Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Gorilla Trekking is ranked among the best adventure activities that wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy in the world. On planet earth, there are only three countries that host the mountain gorillas. These three countries have become popular destinations and thousands of adventure seekers visit these countries all year round.

Would you like to do something different this summer? Why not take a gorilla safari in Africa with your family. Going on a gorilla trek will get you off the beaten trail. Break your usual kind of life and try out something different. In the long run, holidaying with the gorillas will bring together tour good family and also get you off the stressful moments. Do you realize that spending time with your kids, spouse and grannies is a natural rehab!

Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Choosing Gorilla Trekking as a Family Trip

As many may think of taking kids for swimming, recreation centers and zoos one would opt for a another lucrative adventure. Though many would like to take a traditional African safari within the national parks, gorilla trekking is a life time family experience! Gorilla Trekking in Africa is one of its own in the jungle – in other words planning for a gorilla safari trek is the best family holiday choice.

Like other vacations, planning a gorilla trek is not all that easy! It involves a lot of logistics and takes you different steps to choose the best trip for your family trip. Below are some of the important things to consider when making prior preparations;

The best tour operator and company

For you to enjoy a stress free family holiday, it requires you dealing with genuine tour operators who will take care of all the logistics involved. They will handle all your travel arrangements, answer your queries and it is advised to choose a tour operator who is flexible for any tailor made request in the course of preparations.

Time of Travel

All the three countries that host the mountain gorillas i.e Uganda Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are located in the tropics. Tropical countries are much known for good weather. These destinations receive tourists throughout the year. However caution should be taken about the weather of some months that receive heavy rains. When you travel from December to March and June to September you stand higher chances of enjoying a spectacular trip because here it’s known as a dry season where little rains are experienced than in the wet season in April to May and October to November.

Know the Age Limit

Before you set off for your gorilla family vacation you need to pay attention to the age of your family members. Because the conservation gorilla trekking age limit is from 15years and above. Also take note of the birth certificates and passport numbers otherwise schedule for a gorilla trek after the last bone’s 15th birth day.

Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

What to Pack for your safari holiday

It’s now a family thing remember to pay attention to the details. Pack all the necessary medical gadget like malaria pills, insect repellants and everything required in your medical kit otherwise it will be a mess if you fall sick on your gorilla trip. Still with what to pack it’s a family moment with long lasting memories. Please endeavor to secure fabulous lenses for your cameras to take clear pictures for future adoration.

On the same note each family member is reminded to pack the best terrain boot as the jungle seems having slippery routes and most especially penetrating through Bwindi Impenetrable forest and hiking to a high Elevation.

Also take note of what to pack. Pay attention to the destination where you will track the mountain gorillas. Pack long sleeved outfits wears, rain jackets, garden gloves from red ants and stinging nettles.

Body fitness

Each family member is urged to keep a reasonable degree of fitness prior to the tracking day. This is because it requires you enough energy during the activity otherwise you may end paying extra charges. Once you fail during the trek, potters will have to carry on the stretcher commonly known as the Jungle ambulance.

Gorilla trackers go tracing through the forest, looking out for the trails of gorillas very early morning. Read about the dos and don’ts even before reporting for the briefing about the activity of the day.

During the trek, trackers keep following the gorillas as they keep precautions given by the park rangers. These guides will brief tourists and direct them to which sections in the jungle to use once the activity starts and this is done to try ease the process! Please take note that the gorillas are wild animals that live by themselves and they can determine their destinations with no bounds.

The families that you will visit are habituated and used to human presence. These families are safe for tracking and after briefing everyone knows what to in the gorilla zone

Precautions and Valid Travel Documents

Endeavor to validate all passports and driving Licenses if you detect any approaching expiry dates as this will keep the family calm and settled.

With no excuse you are recommended to take Yellow Fever Vaccinations as its pre-requisite to all immigration points especially in Africa so take note of visiting the family Doctor before boarding your plane to the virgin land.

Securing a Gorilla Permit

A gorilla Permit is like a passport or a password to access the jungle for the rare mountain gorillas for both Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.  Volcanoes national park, Virunga National Park Mgahinga and Bwindi National Park. Gorilla permits are booked on first come first serve where by you are recommended for earlier booking before your travel dates to avoid last minute panic.  There are only 8 gorilla permits available per day per gorilla group which means only 8 members are entitled to go gorilla trekking per day.
On this note Rwanda has 12 gorilla groups; Uganda which has 15 gorilla groups and DR Congo has only 8 habituated gorilla groups.

Lodges and Location

Consult your tour operator for best accommodation especially for a family. Also mind about the location of the lodge you are looking at staying in – This is due that this will be your base for all the activities you will engage in during your safari.

Beyond the gorilla trekking experience

African SafariYou may go extra mile as it extends beyond your gorilla trekking experience! Don’t miss other awesome and spectacular activities that make a family smiling till the last point. There are many other attractions in the visited destinations. Interesting wildlife in some nearby national parks include Antelopes, Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, giraffes in the savanna land. You will only need a safari jeep to explore the region.

Guide to Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Family Friendly African Destinations

Arranging a trip to Africa with family is the best idea for exotic holidays. Dive into a parallel tropical life and change yourself forever.

Visit Africa Once, and Your Life Will Change Forever

Africa. Which associations comes to mind when mentioning this continent? Paradise, ocean, tropics, fruits, animals, harmonic rest or poverty, lack of water, lack of medical treatment and education? This continent can be a threat as well as a paradise. To explore it you’ll have to cope with all of your written assignments, so if you’re interested where you can write my paper for me, don’t waste your time.

Which places are welcoming and friendly? Where can you take your kids? How to arrange a trip without unpleasant surprises?

1.  The Seychelles

Family Friendly African Destinations

This is a well-known tropical paradise, not overloaded with a touristic flow. Seychelles are the dream destination for everyone who loves crystal water, white sand, moderate sun, astonishing sunsets or sunrises, and tropical ocean fauna. Here you can:

  • Swim along with dolphins
  • Make friends with turtles (your kids might be interested)
  • Sleep under an uncountable amount of stars
  • Shower under a waterfall
  • Eat tropical fruits
  • Eat local seafood
  • Snorkel in the crystal water with fishes and other underwater inhabitants
  • Ride a bike

This is a harmonic paradise where you can be safe and happy with your family. The place worth coming with children. This is not only about the paradise lounge atmosphere, but also about educating your kids, showing them different types of life forms, learn them to love the surrounding environment, make them meet a new way of life and enlarge their worldview.

2. Zambia

When someone mentions tourism in Zambia, he means visiting Victoria Falls. This is a 127 meters high waterfalls which not only amazed by its power and size but also changes something inside. The place worth visiting. This feeling of standing in front of an unimaginable amount of water, which falls continually already for an incredible period makes your brain accumulate thought very fast.

On the way to this place, it is possible to meet wild nature in national parks, which are located all around. Make your children communicate with wild nature.

For adrenaline seekers, there is an incredible option to get a dose in Zambezi Eco Adventures. Here you will learn to fly. This is also a great chance to control your fear.

3. Tanzania

This is the only place in Africa where you can find snow. The place is for mountain, climbing, and hiking lovers. A trip to Tanzania is nothing about a lounge. Here you won’t have time to relax. This is a place where you can observe and learn the safari rules. Wild animals are locals here. When you and your family are adventures seeking adventurist then grab your kids, a skilled group lead and go for it.

Tips for a successful Tanzania Safari

After a hard climbing day, there is a warm and welcoming Unguja or a Zanzibar Island where you can lay on a white sand of an ocean shore with a fresh coconut cocktail and meet a new turtle for a nice company.

4. Kruger National Park

The continent is full of national parks. South Africa is a place where you can meet more animals than people. You kid will love the ride. Meeting giraffes, elephants, all types of big cats, crocodiles, monkeys, zebras, and plenty of birds alive is different than watching Discovery channel.

African Safari

You are a guest in a wild nature’s home. This is a chance to experience a close connection with all these types of animals like never before. This is another thing that changes a person from inside.

5. Kenya

Right after Tanzania, it is possible to go to Kenya and continue exploring Amboseli National Park. This is the next point to continue your exploration of safari wild lifestyle. When you and your family have a desire to go back to civilization, then Watamu is the right place to go. Here you will find five-star hotels for all tastes.

The good idea is to have a dinner with a fresh seafood and fruits and talk about the experience gained during the day. Ask your family about the thoughts, emotions, and feelings they experience and compare it to yours. This is a family time. Adventurer experienced together to make you close to each other for many important reasons.

6. Mozambique

Another paradise for diving, enjoying crystal azure water, explore ocean inhabitants, do yoga and lay on a beach. Find local yoga trainer and try it. This is not the same that is taught in fitness centers. Do it together with your family and share the expression afterward.

7. Namibia

Namibia is an excellent chance to explore how the desert looks like. This is not the place to feel happiness or excitement. It depends on your own personality. The fact is this is the right place to gain new traveling experience, explore your reaction of the state of mind to different surroundings, bring new thoughts and emotions which cannot be reached under any other conditions.


Family Friendly African Destinations

Africa is a vast and ecologically diverse continent so it can be a bit daunting to plan a safari holiday for the first, or even fifth time. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. Choosing your destination

Every destination is unique and safaris come in different shapes and sizes. Some are great for first time visitors, while others are better suited for people with particular interests or families. Whichever destination you choose ensure that you receive all the proper vaccinations.

There are many factors dictating your choice. The important things to consider are the reserve size, wildlife diversity and density, seasonality, accessibility and lodging. So think about what you would love to see. Is it the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania? How about touring the breathtaking semi-desert wilderness of Damaraland to see the world’s largest black rhino population or the famous free roaming desert elephants? In stark contrast we have the lush waterways of the Okavanga Delta in Botswana just teeming with life. What if it’s your first time? Then South Africa, famous for its wildlife diversity, would be a good choice. South Africa offers a little bit of everything and ideal for family vacations. It is home to the world famous Kruger National Park, where you can see the Big 5, hippos, cheetahs, crocodiles, giraffes and many wonderful and unique birds.

There is not one perfect safari experience. It is up to you. But asking the right questions and doing the right research could lead to the start of an unforgettable journey.

Turn Your African Safari Into An Unforgettable Experience

  1. What do you need to pack?

So everything is planned and booked. Your dream vacation awaits, but before you can get there you need to decide what to take along. Most internal flights in Africa have a 12 – 15kg luggage allowance so the key is to find the middle ground.

First and foremost is choosing the right clothes. Here’s where all that handy research comes in handy. The region and season are huge factors, but prepare for the unexpected by packing a lightweight waterproof jacket (preferably one that folds into a small bag. A long sleeve collared shirt is perfect to protect your arms and neck from the sun, while keeping you cool. Fast drying materials (like lightweight cotton and wool socks) are a must. You don’t want to have to deal with wet clothes that couldn’t dry overnight.

You might be under the African sun, but come sundown the temperatures can drop suddenly. So take care to bring some thermal layering for the evening or for early morning game drives.

Choose neutral colors to help keep cool and blend in to the environment. Bright tones tend to frighten the wildlife and dark blue is known to attract Tsetse flies. Don’t over pack since most lodges and camps provide 24hr laundry services.

Accessories are next on the list. A sun hat, small bag and sunglasses are essential. Toiletries are personal choice, but do remember your prescription medication, sunscreen and insect repellent/afterbite. Most important is your choice of shoes. You always want to be comfortable. For most cases a pair of light trail shoes are more than enough, but some activities will require hiking boots with proper ankle support. And don’t forget your flip-flops for the end of the day!

  1. Self Drive vs Guided Tours

There are many options when it comes to African safaris. Do you get down and dirty at a bush camp or mix in a little luxury at a lodge. First time visitors and families might want to opt for guided tours. Being under the experienced supervision of an educated guide means you get to sit back, relax and get the most out of your wildlife experience. For the luxury option there are lodge-to-lodge migration safaris, which allows you to stay a variety of lodges or camps. Most lodges offer both private and group guided tours.

For those who are a little more experienced there are self-drive safaris. If you wish to get away from it all then this is for you. You are able to move at your own pace and truly immerse yourself in the African wilderness. But this independence comes with greater risk and responsibility. So be well prepared. Remember this isn’t a zoo. You’re in the wild where anything can and will happen.

If you want the self-drive experience without the responsibility of all the planning then why not try a group self-drive. You still drive your own vehicle, but you are part of a convoy headed by a guide. This gives you the safety of a group and allows you to take advantage of the guide’s knowledge of the area, weather and wildlife.

  1. A day in the sun…

Your guide will be key to a successful wildlife experience so follow their advice. You may drive for hours without seeing any animals so be patient and don’t rush the guide. Events are often spontaneous and you will have to rely on your guide to spot them. If you have something you’d really love to see then let the guide know early on. If you want to see some truly awe inspiring moments, like the lions at sunrise, then early game drives are not to be missed. Listening to your guide’s stories, tips and facts allows you to fully appreciate the experience. And don’t forget to put on sunscreen!


  1. Capturing your precious memories

We all want to try and capture those memorable, life changing experiences in our lives forever. We want to share it with our families and friends. Take pictures, but remember to listen, to feel the bush surrounding you. Take it slow. Be patient and allow yourself to be immersed in the experience. It’s not always about spotting animals; it’s about becoming a part of the wild.

You guide will tell you when it’s acceptable to take pictures and when to remain still. Make sure to bring a good camera with a zoom lens if you want to take great pictures. Keep your camera ready. Listen to your guide. Things happen very fast on safari so make sure you understand your camera and it’s settings. You will end up taking thousands of pictures so be sure to bring additional memory and batteries. Also try and back up your photos when you have the chance. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing all your vacation pictures.

African bush life is slow and beautiful; so forget the hustle and bustle of your city life. It’s time to relax under the African sun.



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