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Known as Peradeniya Rest House before and known as Royal Guest House under a new management, this is our accommodation in Kandy in our recent Kandy tour. When we were students of University of Peradeniya, we always found the Peradeniya Guest House as a beautiful and interesting place by just looking at it from outside whenever we travel along the Kandy Road. It is strategically located in front of the Peradeniya Botanical Garden and for us this seems to be the exact accommodation in our Kandy trip because our 2nd day plan was to visit University of Peradeniya. Starting the day from a hotel near the University would be great, as we thought.

Beautiful exterior of Peradeniya Rest House

The Peradeniya Rest House was under Hotel Cooperation and now it is under a new management. We knew it as Peradeniya Rest House but we were confused with many different names when we were searching online before reaching Kandy.

Peradeniya Rest House or Royal Rest House?

We planned to book the hotel few days ago, but with confusion of names, we didn’t book and decided to book the hotel room once we reached there.(If you check TripAdvisor, you’ll find different names for the same rest house)

A Bit of History

Once this was the home for Captain Dawson who led the construction of Colombo Kandy Road in 1820 and this is a colonial type of bungalow which is more than 200 years old.

Just imagine, with such history and as a colonial type bungalow, my expectation was to view beautiful interior which highlight the colonial style and beauty.

Our Experience with Royal Rest House Peradeniya

We visited there at night and only 2 rooms were left. However we booked one of the rooms which were next to their new construction. At that time some renovation were going on, but no problem. We understand and no construction work at late night. So, we were not disturbed due to renovation work.

Good Experience:

View of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House

Room view is attractive and one room was with beautiful pool view and a balcony area.

Pool view from the room – Peradeniya Rest House

So, we selected to stay there. I like the furniture style which reminded me the colonial style architecture which I wanted to experience in this rest house.

Balcony area of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House



Negative experience:

In our previous hotel experiences, we usually check out at 12 noon. With most of the hotels we stayed in different locations of Malaysia, they use the same time. So, we have enough time to enjoy breakfast and prepare.

But, once we booked this rest house we got to know that check out is around 10am! OMG!With a toddler staying with us, it seems I have to use the alarm to wake up early in the morning!

But we understand, this is a rest house.

(Update: When I check Agoda.com for this Peradeniya Rest House,it states check out is at 12.00 – 13.00 hours,is it a sign of some unfriendly staff at hotel who asked us to check out before 10.00 am?? )

Room view is fine. But it smelled bad with fungus similar smell. Bathroom was worst with fungus smell and seems the door hasn’t opened for so many days. (However bathroom was clean and dry)

Then we found there were no towels provided. We were not prepared with towels, so we requested from room service. The towels were really worn. I used a face towel which I took with me for me and my son. Those towels provided by the rest house were for my husband because he was the one who really wanted to stay in this rest house. 🙂

Anyway we didn’t complain and stayed our night there planning to visit the University on the next day!

As a blogger and as someone who loves to take photography, I had a secret plan to visit around the rest house on the next day morning and to enjoy the views. But for me, the only admirable interior view is this Fish Tank which my son loved.

It is a colonial style hotel with no beautiful interior.

Exterior is beautiful; I must say. And it is with spacious parking area.

It is with spacious parking area

This rest house is Suitable for those who enjoy chatting and beer till late night because we saw lot of people enjoying till late night. Also this rest house is suitable for those who only look for accommodation for a night.

It is a really convenient place if you plan to visit Botanical Garden. Kandy Tooth Relic Temple is just around 10 minutes’ drive.

View of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House

But, if you want to enjoy the hotel views and hotel facilities, then this is not a recommended accommodation.(my idea)

For me, this is not value for money we paid. Our room was around Rs.6000 plus for a night (Around SGD 60).But comparatively hotels we stayed before such as 11@Century Johor Bahru or Emperor Hotel Malacca which we always find good clean accommodation including breakfast for around SGD 60, this is not a good deal for us. But, I understand I am comparing hotels of two different countries.

Remembering some of our Sri Lanka accommodation in our recent holidays, still for me this is not value for money we paid.

Finally, I don’t have any intention to share negative thought of this hotel. I always promote Sri Lankan tourism to the best I can. But, I really cannot stay away from posting this. When I checked TripAdvisor comments and reviews, most commenters review about food and refreshing facilities along their trip. I couldn’t find many reviews on those who actually stayed there for a night.

Anyway as I want to keep this review as an honest review, I shared all my experience and ideas.

I am writing again, this is a good place if you look for accommodation just for a night stay!


Located in Puncak and just around 12km away from the City Centre, Puncak Pass Resort is one of the beautiful resorts to spend a memorable holiday in Indonesia. With lot of amenities and best hospitality, Puncak Pass Resort is popular among most travelers to Indonesia. So, I think this would be a great resort for our next holiday too.

You may wonder why I suddenly share our next holiday plan here. Actually our trips are all sudden. We don’t get enough time to find best hotels most of the time. With last minute decisions, we book a hotel and enjoy a weekend getaway whenever we get a chance. But, these getaways always end up in Malaysia and most of the time we spend in same hotels which we had great experience in previous visits. Actually this habit makes our travelling experiences limited and I really don’t want to happen that in our future holidays.

I already have Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand in my travel bucket list. So, I thought of planning our holidays bit early and keep it as a blog post. So, when we are ready for the next holiday, it is so much easier for me to find best hotels and prepare the final travel plan.

Puncak Pass Resort
Puncak Pass Resort , Image credits: www.traveloka.com

As a beautiful country, Indonesia is one of the best destinations to visit in Southeast Asia. Scenic beauty, irresistible food and friendly people are few of the reasons to spend a holiday in Indonesia. When I check for reviews and things to do in Indonesia, I found this Puncak Pass Resort as one of the most reviewed hotels in Indonesia and it seems like most reviews are with positive experience. So, with my eagerness to find best hotels to stay, I selected Puncak Pass Resort as our accommodation in Indonesia.

Other than that here are some of the features of this resort which we prefer in any holiday.

Features of Puncak Pass Resort Accommodation
  • The photos of this resort I saw are really beautiful and it seems this resort is with beautiful interior and architecture
  • There are many attractions in nearby area, so it is easy to plan the holiday activities while selecting Puncak Pass Resort as our accommodation
  • Reasonable rates are another reason to select this resort.
  • Rooms are with free breakfast. This is one of our considerations when we select any hotel. It is so much easier and it saves time when the room rate comes with breakfast.

Well, these are the basic reasons to select this resort for our Indonesia holiday. Next step is to plan our activities in Indonesia.

Things to do in Puncak ,Indonesia

Well, Puncak is full of attractions. But, I don’t list all the attractions here. Instead this is going to be our travel plan for Indonesia holiday. So, what I list here are the selected activities which we like to enjoy during a 3 days holiday as a family. I also focus on family friendly and kid friendly attractions for our travel plan.

Garden view of Puncak Pass Resort ,Isn’t this spacious and peaceful? Image credits: www.traveloka.com

The resort itself has recreation facilities including children’s playground and pool. I really want to spend some time viewing the beautiful garden of the resort. Our check in day would be ideal to spend the time at the Puncak Pass Resort.

Other than that Puncak Tea Plantation which is 0.99 km away from the resort would be great to visit. It seems visitors can enjoy a horse ride through the tea plantations. This would be a great activity for my kid. He always loves adventures with animals.

Our son loved his time with the horse at the Animal Resort,so he would sure love horse riding through the tea plantation!

Cibodas Botanical Gardens is 4.30 km away from the resort and Taman Safari Indonesia is 4.83 km distance away. It seems both attractions are in similar distance. So, we have to decide between botanical gardens and Taman Safari. I know we cannot enjoy both activities as we plan 3 days, 2 nights holiday. Anyway, I keep that to decide at last minute.

It seems there are shopping centers around the area. Without spending time in a local market or in a shopping mall, any trip is not completed. When we add shopping for this list, it seems our days are packed with activities in Indonesia holiday.

So, now it is time to check how to get Indonesian Visa. We, as Sri Lankans require visa to enter Indonesia. Soon, I will come up with our experience on applying Indonesian Visa from Singapore.

Till that, I hope you like our travel plan. Have you been to Indonesia before? Please share your tips and advices, so I can add those to this post and your tips would be helpful in our next holiday in Puncak Pass Resort, Indonesia!

Things to KNOW before you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru
11@Century Hotel near KSL Mall

With many shops and facilities including clothes, restaurants, spa, salon and entertainment, KSL City Mall is another perfect place for a shopping trip in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Although we have visited this shopping mall few times, I still didn’t share any post in this blog.So,today is the best time for that!

This is a shopping tour from last year and we visited KSL City Mall and other shopping malls such as City Square Mall in a long weekend. Almost all the hotels in Johor Bahru was fully booked and we wanted to find a hotel which is very near to the KSL City Mall. So, we can save our time from hotel to the shopping mall.

Anyway, in our first day, we spent our night at Amansari Hotel City Centre which is located in the heart of Johor Bahru and that is a best location if you want to visit City Square Mall and Komtar JBCC. This is our 2nd stay at Amansari Hotel and it is a pretty decent hotel for a stay if you are specially on a shopping tour or such in Johor Bahru.

You can also read my Review of Amansari Hotel City Centre

11@Century Hotel,Johor Bahru,Malaysia  – Review

On the 2nd day we went to our hotel near KSL City Mall. Located very near to the KSL City Mall and with less than 10 minutes walking distance to the shopping mall and other eatery places around, 11@Century Hotel is a very spacious and relaxing place for a weekend holiday in Johor Bahru. At the time when we were booking this hotel, we had suspect about its amenities and such as there were few negative reviews posted in Agoda, the hotel booking site. But, as almost all the hotels were fully booked at that time and as it was near to KSL City Mall, we booked the hotel for a day. We do not regret about our decision and it is a pretty decent hotel with spacious rooms.

Check reviews for 11@Century Hotel,Johor Bahru.
11@Century Hotel -Review
Lobby of 11@Century Hotel

Actually we reached the hotel around 10am just after checkout from Amansari Hotel. We were in doubt of Checking in as we are earlier than there mentioned time .But, the staff was very friendly and we could check in instead our initial plan which was to keep our bags there and visit KSL Mall.

Loby of 11@Century Hotel,J

With spacious room and with beautiful interior, our Deluxe room in 11@Century Hotel gave us a warm welcome.

11@Century Hotel -Review
View of Deluxe Room ,11@Century Hotel -Johor Bahru

Bathroom was so spacious too.

11@Century Hotel -Review
11@Century Hotel Bathroom was spacious at our Deluxe room
11@Century Hotel -Review
Complementary items to welcome us!

We only had breakfast from the hotel and I can’t remember any special comments.Overall it was a normal breakfast buffet.



We first had Nasi Lemak,must try food in Malaysia.


The location is perfect if you visit for a shopping trip in KSL City Mall.

Other than restaurants and eating places inside KSL Mall, There are other shops around this hotel.

With spacious room and with beautiful interior, our Deluxe room in 11@Century Hotel gave us a warm welcome.

So, we enjoyed both inside and outside the KSL Mall by walking along the streets.

11@Century Hotel -Review

Food from near Hawker stalls

We found a place for Korean Food too.



It is all about spending a weekend in Johor Bahru!

Shopping at KSL City Mall

KSL City Mall-JB

Although I don’t have much photos, actually we had great time buying items including clothing.

Shoppind at KSL City Mall

Surprisingly I could find few items for myself. Usually I don’t find clothes for me easily as I am bit choosy.

Overall we had a great weekend till we said good bye to Johor Bahru.

Check more details of 11@Century Hotel here for your next holiday in Johor Bahru,Malaysia.

Travel to Crikvenica, Croatia – Things you should know

Are you planning a holiday in Crikvenica, which is a beautiful small town in Croatia? Located in Kvarner bay faced to beautiful Adriatic Sea, Crikvenica is one of the beautiful holiday destinations in Croatia for those who love to have a getaway in a traditional and old town.

With lot of historical sites and religious places it is a perfect location for anyone even for those who love to spend time actively on sports such as cycling, sailing or hiking.

Things to do in Crikvenica, Croatia

As I mentioned before, Crikvenica is a traditional old town in Croatia which offers many historical attractions for you if you love to visit such places. Pauline monastery and Tos which is an old mill that was used to process olive oil are some of the popular attractions among the tourists to Crikvenica. Town museum of Crikvenica is another great place to see some exhibits of past if you love to explore the history of Crikvenica, Croatia.

Travel to Crikvenica, Croatia – Things you should know

You can also visit beautiful churches during your stay in Crikvenica as this town is blessed with many religious places such as Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Antun church.

Other than sports which you can active such as hiking, sailing, diving or swimming there are many other ways you can enjoy your time there. There are live concerts and disco clubs if you are excited to spend time with music.

With numerous restaurants available, you will not have any boring time as there is always new delicious food to try.

Accommodation in Crikvenica, Croatia

There are different locations and accommodation options available in Crikvenica. You will find it is difficult to select a location simply because Crikvenica is really beautiful. Ranging from holiday apartments to holiday houses, villas or hotels, you can easily select beautiful and cozy accommodation to stay during your stay. Online booking is the easiest way to book your accommodation with many available online booking sites such as Crikvenica Apartments which you can find at http://www.crikvenica-apartments.co.uk/en/.With available photos and details of the properties, you can select best place to stay in Crikvenica, then it is few clicks away to confirm your booking.

Once you book your accommodation and prepare your travel plan, what else you have to do? Nothing is remaining other than enjoying your holiday in Crikvenica, Croatia!

Wiflap.com for holiday bookings

Going on a vacation is really relaxing. But before the vacation we need to plan it a lot to enjoy the holiday for the fullest. Other than the places to visit, the most essential part is to book the accommodation for the holiday. However, accommodation is always up to personal choices. It depends on the budget, choices and location. Even sometimes it depends on the different cultural choices and backgrounds. So, the best is to find accommodation through online sites because when we book online we are able to see many photos of the place, details and even recent reviews of actual users. So, here is about a great place where we can search and book different types of accommodation online. It is www.wiflap.com

What is Wiflap?

Wiflap is an online portal to find hotels, vacation villas flats and apartments or rooms for a reasonable price. You can easily search your listings according to accommodation type or budget. With 24 hours customer support you are secure with your decision and guests are able to contact the property owners directly.

Why Book on Wiflap?

With many online portals to book accommodation online, why Wiflap is special and why book with Wiflap? If this is the question in your mind now, here are some reasons to book on Wiflap.

When you book with Wiflap, currently there are discounts and special offers available. These discounts are exclusive for Wiflap customers and some discounts are up to 50%.

With Wiflap, prices are reasonable. With available accommodation options and with the facility of contacting accommodation property owners directly, you are able to get the best possible rate for your accommodation.

Wiflap.com for holiday bookings

Depending on the available cancellation policies, you can get refunds up to 100%.Also you are secured with Secure Payment Services.

How it works?

Booking accommodation with Wiflap is really simple in few easy steps.

First, find a place for staying. Just enter your destination together with dates and no. of people. You will get details of suitable accommodation with different options. You will get all available options for accommodations.


Once you select your accommodation, the next step is to book it. Simply by clicking ‘book now’, you can proceed with online booking. You have 24 hours to get any answers or clarifications if you contact the owner of the accommodation.

Wiflap.com for holiday bookings

Once owner accepts your reservation request, it is confirmed and enjoy your holiday! After your holiday, don’t forget to leave a review because that will help others to find suitable places to stay.

Now it is your turn. Have a look at www.wiflap.com and book your accommodation for the next holiday!

reasons to stay in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel

If you plan to visit beautiful Turkey, then accommodation is your next thing to plan. When deciding on a luxury hotel for your stay in Istanbul Turkey, you may ask yourself “Why should I choose this hotel?” When we talk about accommodation in Istanbul, we can’t forget Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel. So, you don’t need to worry thinking why Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel is suitable among many other Istanbul hotels. Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons for you to stay at Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel.

Safran Restaurant

reasons to stay in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel

Among other restaurants such as Flamingo restaurant in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel, Safran Restaurant has been awarded “Academie Internationale de la Gastronomie” which is an internationally recognized award. This restaurant serves finest Turkish and Ottoman cuisine which you can’t refuse. With breathtaking views you will be able to spend your time enjoying food served while listening to ‘Fasıl’ music which you cannot forget for your entire lifetime.

Spa InterContinental

Rejuvenate yourself in both body and soul during your stay at Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel. Think of having relaxing spa experience under soft music and comfortable relaxing lighting. Aroma of essential oils will take you to a heaven while exotic fruit flavors add luxury of all comfort. The design and architecture of the place will make you more comfortable and tension free.

reasons to stay in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel


Whether you want to stay in a suit, club or standard room, Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel has packages which go with your different preferences and choices. Elegantly decorated rooms will provide you comfort of staying a place like home with more facilities and comfort.

Friendly staff

Among all above reasons, this is one of the best reasons to select Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel as your accommodation during your stay in Istanbul. Even if you are looking for comfortable and friendly taksim hotels, then Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel is conveniently located.

For more details about Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel Check http://www.intercontinental.com.tr/

Martindale Hall
Martindale Hall
Staying at Mintaro and not visiting Martindale Hall is a big loss to your vacations.Mintaro is the quiet little town of Clare Valley. Clare Valley is the most beautiful wine growing region of the world. Located in Clare Valley is Mintaro.Very simple and elegant in general, the town comprises of a total population of 90 people approximately. The people of Mintaro have a great privilege of having place such as Martindale Hall in their vicinity.

History of Martindale Hall:

Martindale Hall was built in 19th century in 1879. This Georgian mansion has the authentic and original grandeur and ambience of the time it was built. The place was basically built for a sheep farmer called Edmund Bowman Junior and later sold to the Mortlock family. The place still retains its original fittings and furniture contributing to the authenticity of the 19th century construction. The place holds an amazing history of tragedies and successes of the residents. Martindale Hall thus becomes the must visit site whether you are a day visitor at Mintaro or here to spend weekend or long term vacations. The construction and building of Martindale Hall has such a grand and royal feel to it that it was actually featured in a film called “ Picnic at Hanging Rock” directed by Peter Wier. The place then achieved the status of public notoriety in 1975 after featuring in the film. The historical and cultural heritage of Mintaro is open to public throughout the year except for two days i.e. Christmas and Good Friday. The mansion also offers unique heritage style accommodation for up to 18 guests.

Accommodation at Martindale Hall:
Martindale Hall offers accommodation like no others. The originals furnishings and decorations of the place are still effectively retained. You can dine on the original table, read the original books and play billiard on the original pool table of the 19th century. All these things are preserved in the same way as they were bought by the last owners of Martindale Hall, Mortlocks (1891-1950).
By staying in Martindale Hall, you wake up in the original Georgian beds to the chirping of birds of Mintaro. The fresh country style breakfast can be devoured conveniently here. There is an original kitchen of the 19th century. There are total six guest rooms provided. The two rooms have double beds, the two smaller and the two larger rooms have two singles each. Two modern styled bathrooms are provided with separate shower and toilet area. Two separate toilet area are also provided for the guests. You get to eat or dine on the original table in the dining area. The evening meal is very formal and unique and is presented and served by a butler and maid in the authentic Georgian style of 19th century.
Treat yourself with the best this year. Visit Martindale Hall Mintaro for sure and enjoy the luxurious cum heritage style accommodation.

Looking for the best guest friendly hotels in
Bangkok? Without a doubt, when you are looking for some of the wackiest,
craziest experiences a city has to offer, Bangkok is the place to be. Not just
for folks who love visit vibrant bars, but also for those who love bowling
alleys lit with neon lights and a mug of the best brew on this side of the
planet. In every corner you will find the most relaxing massage centers or get
the opportunity to record your own CD’s in various karaoke centers. The
friendly hospitality that abounds in this area plus the easy accommodations of
tuk tuks will be sure to give you an experience you won’t be able to get
anywhere else in the world. When it comes to bar girl friendly hotels Bangkok, you won’t have to look
very far to find them.

the Most that Bangkok Has to Offer
To get the greatest experiences Bangkok has to
offer, it is a good idea to find some of the best guest friendly hotels in Bangkok around the area of
Sukhumvit. With a range of prices to accommodate every budget, you will be sure
to find a guest friendly hotel that you will want to book for more than just
one night. In Sukhumvit, some of the best accommodations include the Majestic
Grande, Royal Asia Lodge, Swiss Park Hotel, Ambassador Hotel and Nana Hotel.
There are other hotels that let you bring in guests between Soi Cowboy and Nana
but we picked five of the best ones for your convenience.


One At No Extra Charge
There are also a few hotels and motels that
charge for you to bring in a guest, but the ones selected here are bar girl
friendly hotels Bangkok that charge you nothing for bringing in a friend. This
way, whether or not you meet someone new on one of your nights out in the city,
it won’t charge you extra for bringing them over to sleep the night. The party
never really stops in Bangkok and whether you are in for some rest and
relaxation or in the mood for some hard all-night partying, you will be sure to
find it right here in unbeatable Bangkok.

5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
Located in South East Cornwall Looe is a very popular
town among those who love to spend some quality time in a family Holiday
Resort. It is popular as a family holiday resort town. It is such a lovely
small town and you may also find few residents there who will tell you how they
were attracted to Looe and they will surprise you by telling that they came
here on holiday, but never left.

Divided in two
by the River Looe, this lovely fishing town is connected by a beautiful bridge
making it East Looe and west Looe. The East side is home to most of the shops
and restaurants where The West side is mainly occupied with residential and
holiday accommodation. 
It’s such a lovely town loaded with many attractions and
things to do in a lovely family vacation.
On the other way, Polperro is another beautiful coastal
village lying on the south-east Cornwall coast and distance between Polperro
and Looe is about 8.8km.Both of these small towns are tourist attractions and
specially popular for family resort holidays
Now, if you look for a holiday in Looe or Polperro and
wondering what to do there during your stay, there are lots of things to do and
you may need to extend your holidays. It is a great place specially to visit
with kids, and below are some of the highlighted attractions and things to do
during a few days holiday.

#1: Walks near Looe & South East Cornwall
5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
If you like to have a walk watching things around and
taking some breathtaking photography, one of the best things you can do in Looe
is to walk along the coastal side from Looe to Polperro. However this route is
around 8.8km long and mid of the route you may return or take a bus.
#2: Visit the Monkey Sanctuary
Situated right by the sea, The Monkey Sanctuary is home
for around 39 monkeys. This place is to provide care for monkeys and you’ll
able to spend some great time by watching them or getting some information from
the staff there. This place is popular as a well-kept place and a friendly
staff. You’ll find picnic areas around and experience the natural beauty on a
sunny day.
#3: Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol
If you like museums and history, then this old Guildhill
Museum is for you. You will find about the history of the Looe town and its
people through lot of pictures, papers and relics in this museum. It is worth to
spend some time to visit and have a look.
#4: Visit The Eden Project
5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
Remember to bring your camera with you, as you will find plenty
of interesting things to capture in Eden Project, mainly of the main attraction
of the tropical biome. This is a fantastic and interesting place to visit in
#5: Looe Island 
Once owned and occupied by the two Atkins sisters, Looe
Island, also known as St George’s Island is located about a mile away from the
coast. If you prefer to visit and enjoy wildlife, this is the place to visit. This
island is open to the public and boat rides are available to get you there. You
can enjoy a day in this Looe Island having a safe bathing in a natural rock
swimming pool and also experiencing a plenty of woodland walks.
As there are many attractions and places to visit, definitely
you may need to stay there few days. The best thing to do for a wonderful and
memorable holiday is, to stay in a beautiful place. Finding accommodation in
Looe & Polperro is not that difficult as there are lots of accommodation options
available. These towns are poplar for family resort holidays and you’ll find
beautiful and attractive cottages there.
There is plenty of Holiday cottages in Looe and Polperro which
are also dog friendly accommodation making it easier for those who love to
bring their dog to with them. Stay in a comfortable and fuss free holiday
cottage such as Wilton Mill and have fantastic and unforgettable time there.

Located in the heart of Johor Bahru City and with walking distance to most of shopping malls and attractions, Amansari Hotel City Centre is an ideal place if you want spend a night after a tiresome day.

We spent a night in Johor Bahru,Malaysia during last July. It was a quick decision to visit Johor Bahru. As most of people live in Singapore, we visited for the purpose of shopping and food. It was a long weekend. Same time, it was the first time we visited Malaysia with our son who was 9 months old at that time. So, we decided not to travel any other place instead we wanted to stay close to Singapore.Finally,Johor Bahru was our destination!

After checking few hotels near Singapore and with disappointment because all rooms were fully booked, we found this Amansari Hotel City Centre through Agoda.com. It was a pleasant and decent hotel very near to Johor Bahru City Centre.

We booked a Deluxe King room and room rate included breakfast for the next day.

Amansari Hotel City Centre - Review

Amansari Hotel City Centre

Deluxe King room-Amansari Hotel City Centre

The room we stayed was bit small but it was not a problem for us. It was pleasant and clean. Hotel interior is also attractive, but I couldn’t capture much photos.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru

Room was provided with TV ,free WiFi and also with complementary tea coffee making facilities.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru


Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru

Bathroom was clean & looked  new.This is one of our big concern when we book hotels through online.Because Until we reach the place,we have to depend on photos and other reviews shared by travelers.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
complimentary toiletries
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
complimentary toiletries


Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Seating Area and Free wiFi in the lobby

Reasons why we like this hotel,
-Very near to Customs Immigration Complex and thus easy travel to Singapore
-Walking distance to most shopping malls including City Square
-Easy to hire a taxi and it’s a few minutes’ drive to KSL shopping mall
-Helpful and friendly staff.

Room was provided with Breakfast.However there was no much selections instead it was a standard breakfast with few food items.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Breakfast : Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru

However,overall we satisfied with our stay and had a good shopping experience in KSL mall.It is 10 minutes drive to KSL City Mall.We asked the front desk to help us to book a taxi.They were friendly and helpful.It was around Ringgit 10 for the taxi to KSL Mall.

Update:As this hotel is decent and very close to Johor Bahru City Customs Immigration Complex ,we stayed again in our another trip to JB.Check more about Amansari Hotel City Centre

Update: I found that the name of this hotel is changed as Baguss City Hotel.



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