Martindale Hall
Martindale Hall
Staying at Mintaro and not visiting Martindale Hall is a big loss to your vacations.Mintaro is the quiet little town of Clare Valley. Clare Valley is the most beautiful wine growing region of the world. Located in Clare Valley is Mintaro.Very simple and elegant in general, the town comprises of a total population of 90 people approximately. The people of Mintaro have a great privilege of having place such as Martindale Hall in their vicinity.

History of Martindale Hall:

Martindale Hall was built in 19th century in 1879. This Georgian mansion has the authentic and original grandeur and ambience of the time it was built. The place was basically built for a sheep farmer called Edmund Bowman Junior and later sold to the Mortlock family. The place still retains its original fittings and furniture contributing to the authenticity of the 19th century construction. The place holds an amazing history of tragedies and successes of the residents. Martindale Hall thus becomes the must visit site whether you are a day visitor at Mintaro or here to spend weekend or long term vacations. The construction and building of Martindale Hall has such a grand and royal feel to it that it was actually featured in a film called “ Picnic at Hanging Rock” directed by Peter Wier. The place then achieved the status of public notoriety in 1975 after featuring in the film. The historical and cultural heritage of Mintaro is open to public throughout the year except for two days i.e. Christmas and Good Friday. The mansion also offers unique heritage style accommodation for up to 18 guests.

Accommodation at Martindale Hall:
Martindale Hall offers accommodation like no others. The originals furnishings and decorations of the place are still effectively retained. You can dine on the original table, read the original books and play billiard on the original pool table of the 19th century. All these things are preserved in the same way as they were bought by the last owners of Martindale Hall, Mortlocks (1891-1950).
By staying in Martindale Hall, you wake up in the original Georgian beds to the chirping of birds of Mintaro. The fresh country style breakfast can be devoured conveniently here. There is an original kitchen of the 19th century. There are total six guest rooms provided. The two rooms have double beds, the two smaller and the two larger rooms have two singles each. Two modern styled bathrooms are provided with separate shower and toilet area. Two separate toilet area are also provided for the guests. You get to eat or dine on the original table in the dining area. The evening meal is very formal and unique and is presented and served by a butler and maid in the authentic Georgian style of 19th century.
Treat yourself with the best this year. Visit Martindale Hall Mintaro for sure and enjoy the luxurious cum heritage style accommodation.