12 Tips To Plan Your Wedding Successfully

Are you planning your wedding? If so, have you decided the wedding location? If you are planning your wedding in Dominican Republic, then here are some tips for planning a destination wedding in Dominican Republic.

With beautiful beaches, friendly people, rich culture and lot of fun, a beach wedding in Dominican Republic would be the best idea for your special day. It is one of the best destination wedding locations in the earth if you look for a magical place for tie the knot. Specially punta cana is an ideal location in Domonican Republic for a beach wedding. So, here are some tips for you to make your magical day more stunning.

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic

Tips for Your Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic

#1: Check the regulations and laws

It is a must to Research on local marriage requirements in Dominican Republic before you reach there. You may need to get permission in Dominican Republic and there are several documents that you need to bring with you. In Dominican Republic, you need to have your birth certificates and passport together with other legal documents. If you get the help of a wedding planner, they will sure advice with this. However it is your responsibility to have knowledge about these rules to avoid unpleasant situations.

#2: Plan for your guests

If you plan a destination wedding, don’t forget about your guests. Planning of your guests take some time and even it is bit stressful, but keep them in mind when you plan your destination wedding in Dominican Republic. Include some fun activities which they can participate and at the same time check for deals and discounts which they can grab when they book for accommodation in Dominican Republic. Your friends and guests will love this special touch.

#3: Get the help of a wedding planner in Dominican Republic

If you plan your wedding in Dominican Republic, it is best to get the service of a wedding planner. They will help you to book  your hotel ,arrange the things for the wedding and even they will help you to arrange travel details for your guests too.

Val’s wedding is such a wedding planner which you can get the help for arranging destination weddings and elopements in Dominican Republic. With their experience over 3 years, you will sure have a beautiful wedding even it is a beach wedding or a resort style wedding.

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic

#4: Get your wedding dress carefully for the destination

May be you will not consider how to transport your wedding dress to the destination. However this is another important thing if you plan a destination wedding. It is advised to use a garment bag when you travel to avoid any damages to your wedding dress. Once you reach there, check for wrinkles and get the help of a local dry cleaner to press the dress if needed.

Above are some tips for your wedding in Dominican Republic.Hope these are helpful for you to plan a magical wedding!


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