Rankoth Vehera is another construction by the King Nissanka Malla(1187 AD to 1196 AD).However some of historical information give the idea that King Nissank malla did only the renovation,but the Stupa was built  before him.
Anyway this is a great symbol for the proud history of Polonnaruwa Kingdom.
The stupa is 180feet high & claimed as the tallest stupa built during the Polonnaruwa Period.
Still there are remaining of ‘sangawasa’(where the Buddhist Bikkus lived)


  1. Hi Amy~
    I found you're other blogs after visiting Food Corner. I'm so excited to browse all of them!

    I have to admit how envious I am that you live in such a beautiful country, so rich in history and culture! Your photographs and information are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world.

  2. I am visiting via your food blog..Interesting.This brings back my school memories.In the late 70's and the early 80's as social studies was a subject in class ,we were taken on excursions to all these wonderful historical sites.I only wish my children get an opportunity to visit these places one day..:)

    • Thanks for visiting here & for commenting…Actually even in my time (late 90s) we had chance to learn social studies & history.We loved that subject.Still I love to read & write about those places with the memories from school….


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