Fujairah City Tour UAE

The city of United Arab Emirates, Fujairah opens an entrance into the Indian Ocean. When it comes to business and economic activities, the city is faultlessly very well. In the northern part of the city, the Fujairah Free Zone city is situated. The Sheikh Khalifa Highway which is known to be the western part of the city has Creative city in it. There are so many oil stores at the northern sea shore of the Indian Ocean. The tourist center in the Fujairah City is said to be growing at a fast speed. The small Masafi town and the Fujairah fort of Fujairah city are very popular among tourist. You will have sense of freshness in the air when you visit Fujairah city for tour. Those who visit the Fujairah city have never lasting fun and unforgettable experience. It is not that the city has been listed on the tourist list just because it is beautiful. But because, those who have been to Fujairah always praise and talk about the city and share their experience. The tourists are from different corners of the world. You can plan your complete travel with amazing schedule and fun loving destination by selecting Yatra Promo Code for flight, hotel bookings.

Sometimes, it happens that when we go to some unknown places, we have problem in getting used to with the food. But when in Fujairah, you won’t face these problems. As, you get multi-cuisine and finest food. You will find mostly the food is organic and you will have a great time in eating the food served to you.

So, now let us see in details the places to visit in Fujairah.

Fujairah City Tour  UAE

1. Camel Market:

When you visit this place you will see varieties of camel. This is one of the major places at the Fujairah City Tour. This camel market is in the Emirati Market.

2. Pristine Beach:

The beach is famous for its outstanding and only one of its kind beach. There are marvelous lodges and resorts too near the beach. These are very inexpensive and are to be found in frontage of the Pristine beach, in the Andaman Islands.You can enjoy the trip with your partner or with your full family. Bring your friends to enjoy the lovely place. You can also plan for a solo trip. In every situation, you will enjoy the place.

Fujairah City Tour UAE

3. Creative city:

We talked a little bit about this place in the beginning of the article. Located in the western part of the country, creative city is basically a media company which is governed by the government of United Arab Emirates. The media company offers many benefits to the people such as providing a tax-free environment.

4. Fujairah Heritage Village:

The village is known to have inherited its popularity. Tourists love visiting this place. The name itself says that it shows the heritage of the city. Those who are keen to know about the civilization and history of the place should visit the Heritage Village. You will find the handmade ornaments, old models, tools and household décor items. These are basically the equipments which were used by the ancient people. You can make reservation online at attractive discounts by using Oyo Offers for UAE.

5. Center City Mall:

This is one of the major places to visit in the Fujairah city. Here you can have entertainment and you can shop as much as you want. These days the mall is having improvement and the under process of expansion. When you go to the city mall you will find it has five star hotel and more than 200 outlets. However, the making of 150 outlets is under process. Sometimes we face the issue of parking when we go to any shopping mall. But once you are at the City center mall, you won’t face any such issues. It has three parking lots. That has the capacity to park 3000 cars. Once the construction work is finished, the mall will have more than 420 shops. Each shop has good brands and fashionable collection of clothes.  You will also find a beautiful artificial lake which can be seen as a swimming pool. However swimming is not allowed. It is said that the construction work also includes a 5 star hotel, spa, VIP rooms and boardroom that would have the capacity of 1500 people. In addition to this, you will also that it has restaurants of its brands. For shopaholic people, the city center mall is no less than heaven and adventure.

So, above were the places where you can go with your friends and family. You can easily get the idea of places through this article.

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