Best places to visit in Dubai

United Arab Emirates aka UAE is the desert kingdom which has been attracting the world for its natural oil wealth and astonishing manmade creations. Dubai is one of the most famous islands which offer unlimited opportunity for business, entertainment, and shopping. People across the globe come here to shop, to experience the thrill of Desert Safari Dubai, to enjoy and relish Dhow cruise in Dubai. It is full of incredible tourist places such that you might get carried away watching local wonders and you might not get time to visit world famous destinations. So when you plan to visit Dubai you must visit this high five destination as Dubai visit is incomplete if you miss any of these.

1: Desert Safari and Cruise

If you love adventure or plan experience the real Desert life then you are most welcome for Desert safari Dubai. This is not just a trip to the desert but a lifetime experience journey where you enjoy every moment of desert life. You will be driven to reach the desert, once you reach there you will start a true desert safari, rides only by Camel, here you can enjoy Middle Eastern cuisines, barbecues and many more, enjoy the breeze, let your self-loose by the beats of belly dancers, enjoy water, Locally known as shisha. There is so much to see, enjoy and experience that you would not like this journey to end. Dhow cruise in Dubai, it must go as you will be cursing down to Dubai Creek, it will take you to another world, where you can dance, eat, drink and enjoy every bit. This romantic and thrilling ride is quintessential for every Dubai visitor.

Best places to visit in Dubai

2: Plam Jumeirah – Tree Island Wonder

Named as modern world wonder, Plam Jumeirah is a man-made tree shape island. It has a mammoth size which abodes many world famous hotels, malls, business centers, and villas.

Best places to visit in Dubai

3: Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Building in the world

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, this a prominent structure such that it can be seen from every part of the island. It simply rules the sky and proves that not only dessert but the sky is tamable. If you have nerves to stand at 828m high grounds then you must get a reservation for “at the top” visit, this is observation desk at the 124 floor of the tower and from here you can view the astonishing sceneries and views. Always book in advance as there are people waiting to reach the top.

Best places to visit in Dubai

4: Burj Al Arab Hotel – A seven star tallest Hotel

Well to world’s tallest hotel, standing proudly at 321 meters, it a seven-star hotel with most luxurious services. You will be treated like a king here. Every detail, service, and decoration is done to mesmerize you.

Best places to visit in Dubai

5: Ski Dubai – Snow in the desert

What do you expect in Dubai, desert, scorching sun, and heat? How about snow skiing? Are you a skiing pro or armature or just wish to enjoy skiing, then these places fit all. As it offers real snow where a child can play, you can enjoy learning skiing, or if you are an expert then you can enjoy the high rides, it has been built to give a maximum thrill to its visitors.

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  1. It is really informative post for the people visiting Dubai for the first time. I have been living here for 5 years and really enjoy the weekends exploring the beautiful attractions and parks. I would highly recommend everyone visiting Dubai to experience desert safari at least once as it brings real fun along with excellent entertainment.

  2. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is one of those enigmatic experiences that you should never miss while you are in Dubai.So, It is unique in its own way, because you will relish pure essence of Arabian nights on traditional wooden boat. Let yourself indulge in an environment that you have always fantasized about and that you will never be able to forget.

  3. Musandam Oman Tour is about 160 km from Dubai, about drive of 1 hour and 45 minutes approximately. This is an eye-catching peninsula situated on the northern border of the Sultanate of Oman. The high mountains in this territory rise above two thousand meters of sea level. The mountains are spread out in a natural and symmetrical way which makes this area very charming and mystical.

  4. Desert Safari Dubai Include, 4×4 Dune Drive, Sand Board, Camel Ride, Heena Tattoo, 5 Live Shows, BBQ Buffet, Multi Pick-Drop Locations

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