Often considered as one of the top travel destinations of the world, Rome is an ideal place for all kind of vacations and activities. Rome is more popular and has become a tourist attraction because of its attractive buildings with beautiful architecture, environment and culture. Rome is not just a place for a relaxing vacation, it is also a great place to learn and explore history and culture. Rome has very interesting history which attracts travelers who love to explore history and culture.During winter,Rome is a popular destination due to its attractions and a Rome vacation is cheap to book.
If you plan to visit Rome, it is better to learn about Rome attractions and things to do before you start your trip. Although there are plenty of information available around, I thought of sharing 5 must visit places in Rome that you should not miss in your trip.
 #1: St. Peters Square and the Basilica.
 5 must visit places in Rome

One of the most famous sites which Rome has to offer is St. Peters Square and the Basilica. St Peters is a beautiful place with great history which makes it a must see attraction in Rome.

#2: Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel is another great attraction to see and it is world famous because of the paints done by Michael Angelo.
#3: Colosseum
5 must visit places in Rome
If you don’t visit Colosseum during your stay in Rome, then your trip is not completed. Due to its popularity, Colosseum has become a major landmark which anyone knows in Rome. Once, this Amphitheatre was the place where gladiators fought for their lives.
#4:Trevi fountain
 5 must visit places in Rome

In Rome you’ll find some very nice fountains. This popular Trevi fountain (Fontana di Trevi), is considered as the largest Baroque fountain in the city. And also popular the most beautiful Baroque fountain in the world. It is said that if you throw a coin in to this fountain, then you are bound to get back to Rome again.

 #5: The Vatican Museums
Rome is a place of attraction for history lovers and therefore there are museums to visit too. The Vatican Museums is such a place which contains painting, sculpture and other works of art collected by the popes through the centuries. Usually the Museums are open to the public on every weekday morning.
Although above are some most attractive places to visit in Rome, Check these top things to see in Rome, which will ease you to select the places to visit.
Finally Rome is a city which offers you excitement, adventure, and enjoyment. You’ll find that the experience you get in Rome is very unique. Try to visit as many as places possible during your stay even it is a short vacation. The best thing is to prepare a list of attractions which you want to visit before your vacation. This will help you to explore many places and to have an unforgettable experience. Here is another great video about must see places in Rome and I hope you will not miss any popular attraction during your stay in Rome.