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Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

Located facing the riverfront area along the Sisowath Quay, Wat Ounalom is one of the Buddhist temples that you must visit in your trip to Cambodia, Phnom Penh. As one of the major attractions suggested for things to see in Phnom Penh, this Buddhist temple attracts majority of the visitors to Phnom Penh as a place for learning about the Buddhist culture.So, it was same for us. During our recent Phnom Penh trip, we didn’t forget to visit the Wat Ounalom in an afternoon.

Wat Ounalom – Why is it popular as Eyebrow Temple?
Wat Ounolam Pagoda/Stupa
Wat Ounolam Pagoda/Stupa

This temple is also popular as eyebrow temple.Named as King Ponhea Yat in Khmer, the language of Cambodia  which means ‘Eyebrow Temple’ ,this Buddhist temple has a historical value.As per records,Wat Ounalom was built in 1443.The stupa of the temple contains an eyebrow hair (ounalom) of Lord Buddha which makes this temple a sacred place.

Our visit to Wat Ounalom and interesting things to see

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

The day we visited Wat Ounalom was a bit sunny afternoon. The temple was not so crowded. So we could spend time watching the beautiful sculptures and statues. The temple building is with beautiful architectural features and decorations with highlights of the golden temples.

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
This temple is a home for the Buddhist patriarch and serves as one of the major Buddhist center of the country. It is also known as the oldest Buddhist foundation in the city of Phnom Penh.
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Buddha Statues at the temple grounds

We visited the temple and we could meet and talk with some Buddhist monks too. That was a great opportunity for us as we could talk about Buddhism and close religious relationships between Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Inside the shrine room

If you visit Phnom Penh city,don’t forget to visit this beautiful temple.It also provides beautiful views of riverfront when you are in the top level of the Buddhist temple.

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
View of riverfront from the top level of Wat Ounalom,Phnom Penh
Helpful tips to Visit Wat Ounalom
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Cyclos at the entrance of the Wat Ounalom

Location: Samdech Sothearos Blvd Central Phnom Penh

Entrance fee: Free attraction. No entrance fee. However, you can donate money for the temple if you like.

Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00

Please wear appropriate clothes when you visit this temple.(Shoulder covered, long dress at least upto the knee).Please read this post on how to visit a Buddhist Temple.

It is Located at the riverfront area which you can easily walk in the same trip to riverfront.

At the gate of the temple, there are people who ride cyclos. After visiting the temple, you can hire a cyclo for a city visit if you like such a ride.

There are tour guides available who also owns tuk tuks. If you like to visit other attractions, you can easily find a tour guide who is also a tuk tuk driver.


Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore

In Singapore there is a temple which follows Theravada Buddhist tradition and it is a Sri Lankan temple. Most of the traditions are according to Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition, so we visit the temple in special occasions.

Usually we visit the Burmese Buddhist Temple simply because it is located bit near to our home.Few months ago, we visited this Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple again and these are some of the captures from the temple.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-SingaporeSacred Bodhi tree (Bo tree) is one of the must haves in any Buddhist temple and there is a Bodhi tree in this Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple too. It is a very calm and quiet place and perfect for meditation or to relax forgetting the entire world.

There are four Buddha statues placed in this Bodhi tree facing each directions and devotees can do the offerings such as flowers,oil lamps etc.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Sacred Bodhi tree of Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore

In above photo you can see my son who was really happy to stay in the calm and peaceful environment running here and there picking fallen leaves from the Bodhi tree.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Offerings for Lord Buddha
Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Statue of Reclining Buddha at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore

Built in 1952, this Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple is considered as the oldest Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist Temple in Singapore. The temple is located in a spacious land in St Michael’s Road. The huge Reclining Buddha is one of the reasons to make this Buddhist temple so special. Usually in Sri Lanka we can see huge Buddha statues like this.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-SingaporeThe temple is with beautiful paintings.Lotus is one of the common flower which we can notice in buddhist related paintings.Even in this Buddhist temple,I noticed lotus flowers paintings in the ceiling.

I visited there with my mother.She brought the below offering from Sri Lanka specially to offer this temple.(some sort of Buddhist tradition)

After offering the below handmade lotus to Buddha ,she was very happy.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-SingaporeFor me,I felt like I was in Sri Lanka,because we could meet some Sri Lankans there.Most of the traditions and things in the temple are exactly as in Sri Lanka.Of course we also had some Sri Lankan meal too.

How to get there:

If you visit the Sri Lankaramaya temple you can easily reach by taxi,by bus or by MRT.


Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple

30-C St Michael’s Road Singapore 328002
Tel: +65 6391 0031

Nearest MRT Station:

Boon Keng MRT (NE9) Walk 11 mins from Exit A

Nearest Bus Stop (bus stop B60161)

Buses: 13, 23, 26, 31, 64, 65, 66, 107, 125, 133, 147, TIBS 857, 985


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Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

This is another interesting temple in Singapore. We visited the Singapore Buddha tooth relic temple recently and these captures are just to show how beautiful the temple is.

If you go to China Town, you’ll find this wonderful attraction which is based on Tang dynasty architectural style. Opened in 2007, now this temple has become one of the most popular attractions in China Town, Singapore.

Although it is a Buddhist temple, regardless of the religious views, this temple is a good place to see many attractive statues and architectural details.So,here is a photo walk through the temple.

Mountain Gate-Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

At the time we visited,the temple was undergoing some construction work.So,I couldn’t capture a clear photo of the entrance gate as there were some safety hoardings.Also as always,it was another rainy day!

Anyway,the first storey is for the temple and the entrance gate is named as ‘Mountain Gate’ which has 3 large, heavy and  red lacquered doors.These doors are with traditional style of Tang Dynasty doors.

Mountain Gate-Tooth relic temple
Mountain Gate-Tooth Relic Temple
If you noticed clearly,the middle gate is closed in above Mountain Gates.Entry through the center gate is restricted and is reserved for important guests.
Gate Guardians
Gate Guardians

Next attraction you must notice before entering into the temple is the guardians who stand in the sides of the Mountain gates. With their fierce face and strong looking body, they stand on the sides of the gates to protect the temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Hundred Dragons Hall-Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

After walk through the Mountain Gates,you’ll enter into the temple which is named as Hundred Dragons Hall.



This hall is mainly accommodate the  Buddha Maitreya statue which is 15-feet in height.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Maitreya Trinity in Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

On the sides of the temple,you’ll see lot of Buddha statues of different Buddhas.(Hundred Buddhas)

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Hundred Buddhas in Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Universal Wisdom Hall

Well,next is another hall with giant statues.The hall is named as Universal Wisdom hall

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Bodhisattva Cintamanicakra Avalokitesvara

Here you’ll find a giant statue of Bodhisattva Cintamanicakra Avalokitesvara.

Actually this temple is an interesting place to pay a visit.I really like to see the different architectural styles from Chinese culture which reflect different dragon symbols and colours.

Below is a capture of the bell tower we noticed inside the temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

After visiting the temple at storey 1,we visited the Sacred Tooth Relics Chamber which is situated in the fourth floor of the temple.


In another storey,there is a museum with a huge collection of replicas from different Buddhist culture and architecture styles.Here are some of my captures.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Replica of Tooth Relic chamber of Tooth Relic Temple-Sri Lanka

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Foot Prints of the Buddha

This is not my first visit to this temple and museum.In my previous visits I noticed a huge bronze exhibit of ‘Foot prints of Lord Buddha’ which is received from Sri Lanka.Unfortunately,I didn’t notice it this time.Anyway,the temple is also going on a renovation at the time we visited.


If you visit Singapore and to and to China Town,then visit this temple.There are many things to see inside the temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Getting there: Nearest MRT is China Town MRT

For more details: Check Temple’s website

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Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple or also known as Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is another Chinese Buddhist temple we visited recently.

Bit of History

Located in a large extent of land, this Bright Hill temple is a calm, quiet and peaceful place for anyone. Once this was a rubber plantation.

In 1921, Venerable Sik Zhuan Dao founded this temple as a place to provide lodging for monks and also to propagate Buddhism and its teachings.

This beautiful monastery and temple is extensively spreaded in a spacious land comprising 11 sections. Other than as a place of practicing the teachings of Lord Buddha, this Bright Hill temple is a great place to see features of Chinese Architecture. With breathtaking statues, gardens, landscapes and architectural buildings this temple complex attracted me whole day and here are some of the captures from the temple.

Photo Walk through Bright Hill Temple (Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery)

Do you remember the post I shared with some photos of peaceful views of garden from Bright Hill Temple?We found this garden when we just entered the temple.Inside the temple,there are different sections with beautiful statues and shrines.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

We walked towards the temple to enter into the first shrine.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore
Hall of Compassion

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas is a must visit in this temple premises.You can climb the stairs inside the building to the top.This gold colour pagoda is home to the Medicine Buddha and it is a great place for meditation. Medicine Buddha is surrounded by 9,999 small Buddha making it 10,000  Buddah statues.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore
Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-SingaporeAlthough this temple follows Mahayana tradition of Buddhism,I found a Bodhi Tree there.If you visit a Buddhist temple,specially a Theravada Temple,you’ll see a Bodhi tree.Interestingly,this Bodhi tree is a sapling of the Bodhi Tree in Anuradhapura,Sri Lanka.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore
Bodhi Tree

Bright Hill Temple-SingaporeSee the beautiful decorated ceilings and paints.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-SingaporeIn each shrine there is a large bronze pot for burning incense sticks.


Chinese Architecture

Here are some captures to show some features of Chinese Architecture.In Singapore,I found most temples are bright coloured and red is like a theme colour.Then,roof styles are unique and dragons play an important role.These temples are with beautiful ceilings and every bit of the temple is decorated.

Bright Hill Temple-SingaporeThese are some captures of pillars, roofs and walkways of the temple which are elaborately decorated featuring Chinese Architecture.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

In any Chinese temple,we can see dragons in most decorative pillars and roof details.

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore
Beautiful ceiling details

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

Bright Hill Temple-Singapore

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