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Spanish Locations Shown in Game of Thrones

If you are a Spanish fan of Game of Thrones or someone who is really into traveling to Spain, then you should be delighted to know that the country was one of the few nations where the TV show has been shot. Whether it is the large desert-like badland or the tall castles, Spain provided the perfect landscape for many of the show’s locations. And below we will look at seven Spanish locations that were shown in Game of Thrones.

King’s Landing

The first location we will look at is obviously the heart of Westeros – King’s Landing. One of the regions which portrayed the city is The Old Town in Caceres. The high walls made of stone and the cobbled streets will be sufficient enough to show you why this place was chosen to depict King’s Landing. In addition, the Castle of Trujillo located in the region also played the role of Lannister’s house Casterly Rock.

Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki Sea is actually not a sea in the real sense, but the vast desert area in Essos where the Dothrakis are known to live. The makers have shown the region in many game of thrones drone videos. And if you were impressed by the arid, yet magical beauty of the place, you can actually check out the region at the Bardenas Reales, Navarre. Though locally known as a badland, the place cannot be fully called as a desert since you will bump into fields of winter wheat while exploring the place.

Game of Thrones

House Martell

The House Martell starts playing a major role a few seasons into the show. And the majority of Dorne was shot at Seville. In fact, the Real Alcazar of Seville was the location which acted as the palace of House Martell. The place is exactly as the series portrays, with the stunning gardens right in the middle of it. And at Maria de Padilla baths, you can explore the location where Oberyn’s daughter plotted for his revenge.

Tower of Joy

The Tower of Joy only appears in a few scenes of the show. Those scenes were shown critical to the direction of the story. And after searching for a castle that could come across are grand and isolated, the makers decided to settle for the Castle of Zafra. It is located at an altitude of 1400 meters from ground level in the region of Guadalajara. It is in front of this tower that a young Ned Stark fought with Ser Arthur Dayne in order to rescue his sister who was held captive atop the tower.


Braavos is the place where Arya Stark trains to become ‘No One’. And in order to show the intricacy of the city’s streets and the mystery surrounding the place, the makers chose Girona in Catalonia. One can clearly see Giron’s streets when Arya is begging as a part of her training. Remember the scene where she watches a play about the Lannisters? Well, that was shot at the Placa dels Jurats square. The cathedral of Girona was also used as the Sept of Baelor, which is blown to pieces in a scheming attack by Cersei.


If you had your breath taken away by watching the incredible island of Dragonstone, know that such a place actually exists. Except for the castle at the top, pretty much everything else, right from the bridge from the bottom of the island to the top, is a real location – the Gaztelugatxe islet of Basque Country. And for the Dragonstone beach, the makers shot at the Itzurun beach located in Zumia. And if you are a fan of Daenerys, then a visit to her birthplace is a must when you are traveling through Basque Country. Take the drone with you, and you are guaranteed to take some stunning shots of the locale.

Ancestral Home Of Samwell Tarly

Sam’s home is a real life-castle located in the Catalonia region of Spain. Known as Castell de Santa Florentina, it was built in the 11th century and expanded upon during 14th and 16th centuries. The place is stunning to look at and is available for rent for occasions like weddings and so on. Located about 60 minutes from Barcelona, the Castell de Santa Florentina was named by the Architectural Digest as one of the ‘most beautiful houses in the world’ for the year 1998.

In addition to the above, other Spanish locations which were used to film Game of Thrones include places like Castellon in Peniscola, Cordoba, and so on.

Formentera hotel

The holiday period is the best time to have fun and unwind with your loved ones. When you choose the right place, you are assured of a unique experience. Since everyone is used to a sophisticated lifestyle in the city, coming to Etosoto Formentera will enable you to appreciate nature and its offerings.

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Since everyone is used to a sophisticated lifestyle in the city, coming to Formentera will enable you to appreciate nature and its offerings.

Formentera hotel

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Top 3 European Wine Destinations

Imagine you are sitting with a view of grapevines and taste some of the most popular best wines. You actually taste the best wines of the world while relaxing in the environment which these best wines are produced.

As a person who loves tasting different wines, this is one of the best opportunities you can experience in your lifetime.

So, here we listed the top 3 European wine destinations. If you plan a trip for wine destinations, keep this list with you.

However, you need to plan ahead before going to these wine destinations. The best thing is to read more about different wines. Have some idea on how to taste wines, what are the good wine types and which wines are the must taste wine types for specific regions. Simply check some wine blogs such as Jaime Barcena Villegas, so you will be with more tips and details of wine tasting before your trip.

Here is our list of Top 3 European Wine Destinations.


France is in the top of the list with its growth of wine production for the recent years. No matter which wine you like, be it red wine or white wine, France is the perfect destination to visit. You can select your favorite wine from a range of varieties including Pinot Noir. With beautiful and romantic wine landscapes, France will welcome you for a world of most popular and high quality wine.

Top 3 European Wine Destinations

Aquitaine is a popular destination inside France which you can find Chateau d’Yquem. Some believe Chateau d’Yquem is the best wine in world and Aquitaine is proud of producing that wine. You will get opportunity to taste best wines in this area while experiencing the beauty of landscapes around.

Provence is another popular destination in France which you can find some delicious red wines.


Next come to Italy. Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast are popular wine producing locations in Italy where you can taste prestigious wine during traveling around. Well, Italy is popular as a paradise for wine lovers. Warning! You’ll be unable to find a bad bottle of wine because all the wines from Italy are popular as good wines.

Among the excellent wine varieties, have a sip of Orvieto Classico, which is a white wine produced in Umbria, Italy. You can find this white wine in both sweet and dry varieties. However, Sagrantino is for you if you love to taste red wine.


Spain is the next popular wine paradise for wine lovers around the world. On the other way, Spain wines are popular as affordable wines among the lovers of wine taste. Although it has a fall of production in recent years, still Spain keeps their position in world’s best wine destinations. Even you can easily find guided wine tours which will be helpful for you if you really keen on tasting different wines from different regions.

In these wine destinations, you will find breathtaking landscapes and views. So don’t forget to enjoy the nature while you experience your time around wine destinations!

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With wonderful climate and sunshine for many hours throughout the year, Marbella is one of the most admired and well known resorts destinations along Costa del Sol. Other than the wonderful climate and scenic beauty, Marbella is very near to the Malaga airport. Also with lot of golf courses and a yacht harbor, Marbella is a perfect vacation destination for anyone. So, these are reasons for increased demand of properties in Marbella. However, finding a suitable property in Marbella can be difficult if you don’t contact the right people. Although there are lots of properties available for sale in Marbella, it is not easier to contact the owners directly if we do not have access to a database in one place. A website with a collection of property for sale in Marbella comes handy in such situation and that’s why I thought of introducing a Marbella property sale site through this post.

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Property for Sale in Marbella

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Ibiza is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations which attract many visitors yearly. Have you been to Ibiza? What are the thoughts and images pop up in your mind when you hear the word ‘Ibiza’? Beaches, parties and of course sun, is it?

As one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is rich in history, culture and natural beauty. These are things that make Ibiza a wonderful holiday destination.

With changes in Ibiza tourism, nowadays you will find lot of things and attractions in Ibiza for anyone to spend a fun full vacation with lot of activities and things to do. Ibiza carries most lively clubs for those who wants live active parties.

Plan your next holiday in Ibiza

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in Ibiza, it is better to plan your holiday before you actually reach Ibiza. This will save you time and help you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest with no worries.

With things to do in Ibiza such as water sports, mountain-biking and hot air ballooning you will find your stay in Ibiza is not enough to enjoy all what you want. When you plan your holiday in Ibiza, remember to plan your meal too with exclusive restaurants.An Ibiza Travel Guide comes handy in such situations to plan your holiday with the best things and activities to do.


Ibiza Travel App

With popularity of smart phones, nowadays there are helpful Apps that anyone can use for planning their day to day events. Even there are many Travel Apps that comes handy when you need to plan your holiday. With one touch and even on the go, there are travel apps to help you to plan your holiday with no hassle. So, why don’t you go for a travel app when you plan your holiday in Ibiza?With Clubbers App to Ibiza, you can easily plan your next holiday to Ibiza.

Completely it is a travel guide to Ibiza. Using this travel App you will find the best clubs, restaurants and bars in Ibiza which you can expect the good service. Not only dining and partying places, with Clubbers App to Ibiza you will locate the best beaches in Ibiza where you want to spend your time. Want to party in Ibiza with friends and among the crowd who enjoy their time in Ibiza? Then check Ibiza Party Calendar and select your preferred party in Ibiza using this travel App.


Features of Clubbers App to Ibiza

Using this Clubbers App to Ibiza, you can easily plan your activities in Ibiza using over 1000 bars, dinning places and clubs. It is simply easy to plan your Ibiza stay with few single clicks.

This travel App is a complete holiday guide to Ibiza giving you latest news and events of things happening in Ibiza.

Don’t afraid about your holiday there even If you are in Ibiza for the first time. Because, this Clubbers App to Ibiza serves you as a pocket travel guide. With this Ibiza Travel guide, you can easily find the locations and things which you want to visit.

With the GPS facility including maps, you will find the route for the locations which you want to visit. Even if you get lost, don’t worry. You will find the route for the place you want to go using this travel app.

Now if you think that Clubbers App to Ibiza is just for people who are looking for parties and clubs in Ibiza, you are wrong. This Travel app is not only for clubbers. It comes with other places to see in Ibiza too. The guide to beautiful beaches in Ibiza is a bonus for you to plan your holiday.

Finally, it is up to you to check this Travel app when you plan your holiday in Ibiza. You can download this App free on Apple store or Google store. Discover Ibiza with your best travel plan and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Planning a holiday in Canary
Islands? It is always a great thing to have a vacation with the family. A place
with great beaches with the blue sunny skies is a great holiday destination for
anyone and Canary Islands are in the top of the beach travel destinations.Without no doubt,Canary Islands Holidays give a Paradise for Beach Lovers!

Canary Islands, also Known
as the Happy Islands, are a set of seven larger islands and a few small ones. These
beautiful islands are always a great choice for travelers from around the
How to reach Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are more
popular for cruise travels. You can easily get there by cruise and if you plan
to do so, one of the best tips is to arrange your cruise vacation through a
cruise-only travel agent. These agents and online agency that specializes in arranging
cruise vacations will give you the best cruise holiday deals.
Not only by cruise, you can
also reach Canary Islands by air. All the islands of Canary Islands have
airports, so that it is not difficult to reach by air.
Where to stay in Canary
In your Canary Island
vacation, the next important thing is to arrange accommodation. 

In the beautiful islands, you
have lot of choices when it comes to find a suitable cozy accommodation. If you
are in a budget, the best is to find cheap rentals in the islands, there are
many cheap rentals which offer above standard facilities. Also you can easily
book private holiday villas or bungalows for a cozy luxury holiday.
Before you reach the
destination, you can book accommodation using online agents or sites. This is
the easiest option to find accommodation in different islands including the 4
main Canary Islands; Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.For a stress free holiday,Rent Canary Islands accommodation before you reach the destination.
Things to do in Canary
Once you book your holiday, the
next thing to plan is your activities within the holiday. Don’t worry, you’ll
find tons of things to do in Canary Islands and sure you’ll find a short trip
is not enough to explore the islands.
If you prefer a summer
holiday with sand and beaches the Canary Islands is a perfect location and you
can plan activities to spend more time on sandy beaches. Also there are many
tracks for biking and hiking if you want to spend time on such activities.
Teide National Park is
another must visit place which is popular for its stunning volcanic landscape. This
national park is also home to Spain’s highest mountain, the dormant volcano
Teide. The best beach on Gran Canaria is the Bahia de Pozo Izquierdo which is
great for windsurfing, deep sea fishing and sailing. You’ll have a truly
awesome experience in your holiday with all these places to visit and things to
Finally, the Canary Islands is
a great destination for any traveler for relaxing holidays. Ideally weather is
generally warm and sunny all year round. Plan ahead and Enjoy your next
holidays in this beautiful islands of Spain!

Welcome to Ibiza

Welcome to Ibiza.
Bienvenido A Ibiza.
Better yet, welcome home to your home
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Balearic Sea. It’s true. If you are glued to the ground, there is only so much
Ibiza you can truly experience. There is a world which lays completely hidden
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Welcome to Ibiza
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best kept secrets of the Ibizan Island
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best kept secrets of the Ibizan Island
Ibizan Island
Quite simply.
The island is seen best from the ocean
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you ask? In reality, it doesn’t even matter, because can you really put a price
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our staff the most professional and courteous captains in all of Ibiza. And it
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best kept secrets of the Ibizan Island
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If your budget is strictly limited and you are a true fan of the economy, it would be useful to know that in Barcelona you can perfectly have fun without paying a penny. You can visit for free some museums on certain days (usually Wednesday and Sunday), while others are open to all and always. Below you will find a list of the best free entertainment and attractions of Barcelona.
1. Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia
A visit to the most famous sights of Barcelona is worth the money paid, but you can admire it for free from outside. Experienced tourists state that unless you are writing a degree in architecture, museum inside has nothing particularly interesting.
Of course, paying for a ticket, you will contribute to the completion of construction of this magnificent building, for it has been lasts for more than 120 years. However, if the belts are tight already, just believe that you will perfectly appreciate 90% of this architectural masterpiece, being away across the road.
2. St. Paul’s Hospital
St. Paul’s Hospital is another masterpiece by Catalan architect, a contemporary of Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner. It is a short walk from the church La Sagrada Familia. The building is not only pleasing to the heart of its Baroque architecture. It is also the current hospital located here.
Please note that sometimes you will have to take pictures carefully not to disturb the peace of patients.
3. Ramblas, Boqueria market and the Royal Square
The most famous street in Barcelona and the soul of the city is Rambla (Ramblas). It is a real attraction by itself. Street performers live there all day and night for a few cents and are always ready to show their performance for you.
Walking along the Rambla, you should look at the famous market Boqueria. And although it is still worth the money, wander between the rows and stare at the strange objects gastronomy is not worth anything. Near the main street there is the magnificent Royal Square with the lights of the famous Gaudi.
4. Park Guell


Park Guell is another unfinished work of genius Gaudi. The park was conceived as a residential area for the rich and famous people of Barcelona, but has not received the necessary support of locals. What exists today is a fantastic park with gingerbread houses, fountains and amazing mosaic sculptures that capture the imagination of people of all ages. Entrance to the small museum worth some funny money, everything else is absolutely free there.
5. Picasso Museum
The Picasso museum`s collection has of the best works of the famous Spanish painter, representative of Cubism. Entrance to the museum is free every first Sunday of the month and every Sunday after 3pm, but it is
better to arrive in advance to avoid huge queues.

On certain days, the museum offers free guided tours, but in that case you will have to pay the entrance fee.

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