Spanish Locations Shown in Game of Thrones

If you are a Spanish fan of Game of Thrones or someone who is really into traveling to Spain, then you should be delighted to know that the country was one of the few nations where the TV show has been shot. Whether it is the large desert-like badland or the tall castles, Spain provided the perfect landscape for many of the show’s locations. And below we will look at seven Spanish locations that were shown in Game of Thrones.

King’s Landing

The first location we will look at is obviously the heart of Westeros – King’s Landing. One of the regions which portrayed the city is The Old Town in Caceres. The high walls made of stone and the cobbled streets will be sufficient enough to show you why this place was chosen to depict King’s Landing. In addition, the Castle of Trujillo located in the region also played the role of Lannister’s house Casterly Rock.

Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki Sea is actually not a sea in the real sense, but the vast desert area in Essos where the Dothrakis are known to live. The makers have shown the region in many game of thrones drone videos. And if you were impressed by the arid, yet magical beauty of the place, you can actually check out the region at the Bardenas Reales, Navarre. Though locally known as a badland, the place cannot be fully called as a desert since you will bump into fields of winter wheat while exploring the place.

Game of Thrones

House Martell

The House Martell starts playing a major role a few seasons into the show. And the majority of Dorne was shot at Seville. In fact, the Real Alcazar of Seville was the location which acted as the palace of House Martell. The place is exactly as the series portrays, with the stunning gardens right in the middle of it. And at Maria de Padilla baths, you can explore the location where Oberyn’s daughter plotted for his revenge.

Tower of Joy

The Tower of Joy only appears in a few scenes of the show. Those scenes were shown critical to the direction of the story. And after searching for a castle that could come across are grand and isolated, the makers decided to settle for the Castle of Zafra. It is located at an altitude of 1400 meters from ground level in the region of Guadalajara. It is in front of this tower that a young Ned Stark fought with Ser Arthur Dayne in order to rescue his sister who was held captive atop the tower.


Braavos is the place where Arya Stark trains to become ‘No One’. And in order to show the intricacy of the city’s streets and the mystery surrounding the place, the makers chose Girona in Catalonia. One can clearly see Giron’s streets when Arya is begging as a part of her training. Remember the scene where she watches a play about the Lannisters? Well, that was shot at the Placa dels Jurats square. The cathedral of Girona was also used as the Sept of Baelor, which is blown to pieces in a scheming attack by Cersei.


If you had your breath taken away by watching the incredible island of Dragonstone, know that such a place actually exists. Except for the castle at the top, pretty much everything else, right from the bridge from the bottom of the island to the top, is a real location – the Gaztelugatxe islet of Basque Country. And for the Dragonstone beach, the makers shot at the Itzurun beach located in Zumia. And if you are a fan of Daenerys, then a visit to her birthplace is a must when you are traveling through Basque Country. Take the drone with you, and you are guaranteed to take some stunning shots of the locale.

Ancestral Home Of Samwell Tarly

Sam’s home is a real life-castle located in the Catalonia region of Spain. Known as Castell de Santa Florentina, it was built in the 11th century and expanded upon during 14th and 16th centuries. The place is stunning to look at and is available for rent for occasions like weddings and so on. Located about 60 minutes from Barcelona, the Castell de Santa Florentina was named by the Architectural Digest as one of the ‘most beautiful houses in the world’ for the year 1998.

In addition to the above, other Spanish locations which were used to film Game of Thrones include places like Castellon in Peniscola, Cordoba, and so on.


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