Beijing Acrobatic Show

There is a lot to choose from when looking for a unique travel experience in China. Researching for things to do, it becomes clear that one of the biggest trademarks China is known for are acrobatics. The must go theatre, extremely popular with both local and foreign tourists, from families to adults, is Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing, established in the year 1984.

There are two distinguished styles of acrobatics in China, which are Martial Arts style and Circus style. Martial Arts Style, as the name suggests, combines Martial Arts movement that mostly includes staged fight scenes and the use of weapons, with a tremendous physical elegance. Circus style is the more “westernised” version of a traditional acrobatic show, including balancing and juggling. The “Flying Acrobatic Show” at the Chaoyang Theatre, is a circus style show with highly creative performances and new ideas are being brought to life. Known for combining breathtaking feats with bright colours and astounding beauty.

Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing
Beijing Acrobatic Show

The show performs daily and runs for about an hour. It is a spectacular sight to observe people hanging on ropes and pulling unbelievable stunt tricks on motorcycles! Chinese acrobatics put their emphasis specifically on flexibility and balance, mainly due to their Martial Arts roots, which shows in their well-rehearsed and highly dangerous looking stunts. The effort the performers undertake to coordinate in a group and be precise with time is another indicator of their commitment to the art and differentiates them from many western shows, which often prefer to highlight solo acts as their “non plus ultra”. Even if not an acrobatics connoisseur, the show is a suitable experience for all Beijing visitors, and exists for the solemn purpose of amazing people. It gives a sense of being transported into a new way of existence and exploring a different culture from an audience’s point of view.

Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing
Beijing Acrobatic Show

This extraordinary performance, is intended to remind spectators of China’s long history and how acrobatics derive from the old and ancient Chinese arts of dancing, martial arts, theatre and the passion of music. Music has always been an important part of Chinese performances, and acrobatics are no exception. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder that China’s acrobatic shows have received international acclaim and won multiple awards throughout the years. Especially in Beijing, the Chaoyang Theatre is the pride of locals, rightly so, and there’s only one other way to go from here and that is jumping even higher to the ceiling.

Chaoyang Theatre is easy to access by metro lines 10, and 6. Hujialou station (Exit C). Address: 36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Booking tickets in advanced is highly recommended to guarantee availability. The show is very popular and the seats can be sold out. During high season there are four shows every day of the week, 14:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:15.

For advanced booking and more information, please visit the official Chaoyang Theatre website at


  1. Oh wow! We had a Chinese acrobat show come through here last spring and it was amazing. You captured great images.

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