How to win any Facebook contest with more votes

With the popularity of Facebook as a social media site, many companies use Facebook pages to promote their businesses and brands. One of the ways to promote the brands is organizing contests. If you are someone who spend more time on Facebook you must surely know about these contests organized by different businesses. Most brands use the Facebook facility of ‘adding like’ as the way of counting votes. That is for your photo or for your contest entry; they count votes by counting the likes you get. The ones who get more likes are the winners.

How to win any Facebook contest with more votes?

Now, don’t get me wrong, once you enter into a contest, you need to do your best to win it. If you leave it without doing anything after submitting your entry, you may not get more votes for your entry. To win, you need to compete till the last second.

How to win any Facebook contest with more votes

There are few ways you can get more likes for your Facebook contest entry. Simply you can share your contest entry in your own Facebook profile and request your friends in the list to like as a vote. Most of them will give you a vote if you are more interactive person in Facebook. You can also send personal messages to friends and others requesting votes. But, be careful, with lot of messages sent daily, your account can be suspended or marked as spam. Another easy method you can do is buy vote. There are many service providers which you can buy vote online for your contests. It is really easy and quick way to add more votes to your contest entry. You actually don’t have to do much. Simply visit a site like and buy a package for your contest. They will do the rest by adding votes. If the contest prize is very expensive, spending few dollars to buy votes is really nothing considering the expensive item you gain.

Hope these tips are helpful for you to win your next Facebook contest!


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