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Detoxing human body is not a recent finding. It is a practice of many cultures from ancient times. However, with the completely busy and complicated lifestyle patterns, nowadays most people get the benefit of detoxification for their mind and body. With the available detoxing programmes, the main aspect is to detoxify the body with herbal remedies.
Why you need a detoxing holiday?
With modern lifestyle patterns, your body and mind goes under lot of stress and pressure. This will lead to increased toxins in your body creating feelings such as irritable, bloated and lethargic. Not only work pressure, food we consume also a main cause for toxins of the body. Although we are not in a position to change the whole lifestyle, at least by having a detoxing programme for you will eliminate the negative results giving you some rejuvenated and energetic feelings. That’s why a detoxing holiday is important.

Detoxing Holiday in Thailand
Thailand is a popular holiday destination among people all around the world.  While exploring this spiritual country, you can join with a detoxing programme to enhance the health of both body and mind. Without doubt, Thailand is a destination to find experienced consultants for detoxing and cleansing programmes .So, why don’t you get the opportunity?
PhuketFit Detox and Cleanse
If you are looking for a detoxing holiday, Phuketfit is the place to visit in Thailand. They will start the cleansing programme after having a consultation. Throughout the detoxing programme which PhuketFit offer, you will get progressive results day by day.You can do a detox at PhuketFit for better and healthier results for your mind and body.
Their detoxing programme aims to identify both internal and external stressors and will eliminate them through the programme and treatments. Finally you will achieve both mental and physical balance to your body.

Programmes at PhuketFit is planned and arranged by the experts of the industry and through this programme you will get cleansing drinks, cleansing herbs and dietary supplements to aid the cleansing of the body. Their yoga and Fitness class is to stimulate the circulation systems and as a result, body will release the toxins naturally. Exercise is another known way to release stress and tension.

Below are some of the things and activities which you can expect from a PhuketFit detoxing programme.

Through this detoxing program,you will get Daily traditional Oil Massage,Meditation class,Yoga breathwork,and many other fitness sessions such as yoga classes,Thai boxing,Pilates etc


Have a look into the detoxing programmes which PhuketFit has to offer. Be thoughtful of your body  and health. Do a detox at PhuketFit. Arrange your next holiday to Thailand and have a peaceful and relaxing time there.You can also get some idea about their programs from this video

you like music? If so do you have the habit of listening to radio music? Well, I
started today post with lot of questions. But I still have one more questions
for you. Have you listened to a FM radio recently?
Nowadays, with there are many options to listen radio and music online, most of
are connected with internet radios for live music.

So, I want to introduce such a free radio where you are able to listen to the
music and have exciting time with your favourite songs. It is TioPod Rocks-Free online Radio.

is TioPod Rocks?

With their passion for music, the team at TioPod Rocks created a website
together with a radio to help others to listen all kind of music. Their online
radio is not only for music; instead it is an all-around music radio where you
can have some quality time listening to it. If you look for entertainment, this
radio will give some value for everyone who listen it.

My Experience with TioPod Rocks

I spent some time playing TioPod Rocks radio and it was really enjoyable. There
is a feature to request a favourite song. I requested a song.(Taylor
Swift-Style).Surprisingly, I could hear the requested song. It was the next
song. I must say I like this radio and was worth my time there.


Here are some of the features that you can expect with TioPod Rocks.

  • TioPod Rocks provides round the clock entertainment with different types of
  • Their shows and podcasts include interviews, talkshows, music and new talent
    to make its listeners entertained.
  • You are able to request a song that you want to hear.
  • And importantly, the team at TioPod Rocks did not forget those who need some
    help. They have passion for helping charities by hosting their own events and
    through fund raisers throughout the year.

Above are some of the important things I’ve noted about this online radio. It
is completely free. Have a look and I am sure you will spend more time there by
listening to some loving music.

Finding a hotel room at major events is sometimes a time consuming task. One of the major problem is
that most of the travel booking sites do not feature hotels which are near to
the major events happening around the year. Instead most of the booking sites
give information about the nearby attractions. Now, there is a solution for
this. It is EventBlocks.com

With EventBlocks, travelers get the facility to search for best hotel
rooms at major events with few easy clicks. EventsBlocks is powered by Expedia.
And, Expedia is one of the world’s largest and trusted travel brands.It
attracts more trust of travelers day by day. So, you do not want to worry when
you use this site to book your hotel room near to a Major event.

Booking a hotel room is really easier with EventBlocks. This site allows
its users to book hotels by comparing all the available hotel options. With
this facility, user is able to find the best hotel room at the lowest price and
also the room which is located in a nearby area.This is one of the best
features of EventBlocks because any one can save their time by travelling from
hotel room to the place that the major event is happening.

Not only for the individual travelers, this site is a good place to find
for group rates. Group booking is one of the ways to save some money, however
it requires more attention.Do you travel as a group? EventBlocks still provides
the feature of searching for group rates .I think this is a great option as it
is convenient and on the other way, you can save money on your group booking.

Most importantly, EventBlocks is trusted by the Better Business Bureu. Therefore
you don’t want to worry. Instead compare the hotel rates from different booking
sites which are located at the event place.

If you wonder how to use this site, it is simple. Just visit the site
and you can follow the instruction given. Have a look into
http://www.eventblocks.com/. You’ll find how helpful this site is.

If you are a frequent traveler, then you’ll find that it is easier to park your car in the airport. Even if you are not a frequent flyer, you always need to plan how to park yourcar till you arrive. You can easily find solutions for airport parking, but it’s not easy to find the best prices for it. Now here is some information that will help you to have a trip with peace in mind while save some money on your airport parking fees.
Airport parking with Gosimply.com
With Gosimply.com, you can find the airport parking from around the world. The best thing is that you are able to check the prices before the actual booking. Whether it is your car or a rental vehicle, it is better to know how much it will cost you to park it at the airport till you arrive back. That is why most people love the service offered by Gosimply.com
With this site, it is really easy to check available parking options in the airport you are planning to depart.To book airport parking,simply visit  Gosimply.com and select your preferences including the dates.



After you enter your requirements, just click ‘search’.
You’ll get the available airport parking with the facilities they provide for the given rate.

It is really easy to find and compare the rates without visiting many websites.
Once you select your desired option,it will go to a new window where you can see different companies which offer that price.You will also notice the other facilities which they provide or not provide under the same rate.

Simply select your best option and book airport parking before you start the journey.
Below are the services you can expect from Gosimply.com
  • 24/7 reservations for airport parking online.
  •  It also allows you Rate comparisons between different parking facilities at different airports.
  • Their database is broad and you can then choose a site at a rate that is suitable with your requirements. Finally you will get a Tabulated rates comparison which  indicate the parking charges at airport lots
  •  Detailed rates that doesn’t include hidden charges.
  •  Information that ease you to select airport parking which is most convenient to you. For example, they give the details like available security, key handling etc.
  •  Attractive promotions and discounts. If you search for coupons, you’ll find attractive deals to use when you book airport parking through Gosimply.com. This is a great way to save some money while getting the same service.
Other than Airport parking, Gosimply.com offers some other travel related services too. You can book, Airport Hotels, Airport lounges, Travel insurance, Theater tickets and more services just by visiting Gosimply.com
Have a look into this website and you’ll find that it is a great place to plan your next trip.

Easiest Way to Find Best Hotels at Large Events
Have you ever spent time
finding a nearest hotel to stay for an event you participate in another country
or a location which you are not familiar? If your main focus is to participate
to an event, then a nearby hotel is an essential to save time. So, you can
fully concentrate and attend to the event without spending more time for
travelling. But, it is not easy to find a nearby hotel from the place that
event is held. This is basically due to lack of information about the location. 

Usually how do you find a hotel near to the event you want to participate? You can find a hotel using
methods like asking someone who is familiar with the location or with the help
of a travel agent. But these methods are time consuming.
Even if you try to check
online, most hotels feature the nearby tourist attractions, not the events happening
near to the hotel location.
But, don’t worry. Now there
is a solution. I found a new site which anyone can use to find hotels which are
nearby the places where major events are happening. It is EventBlocks.
EventBlocks offers travelers
the facility of searching hotel rooms at major events around the world. I just tried
how the hotels appear when we search.Here is my experience with EventBlocks.
I checked the events calendar
which they have provided.

Then I checked hotels near
to one event.
The next moment, I found a
window with event details, location and nearby hotels.
Easy, isn’t it?
Here are some of the
features of this site.
  •  It offers travelers the
    facility  to search for hotel rooms at
    major events
  •  It is powered by Expedia which
    is one of the world’s largest and trusted travel brands.

  •  It allows users to book
    hotels by comparing all of their hotel options. This allows finding the best
    hotel room at the lowest price.
  •  Do you travel as a group? EventBlocks
    still provides the feature of searching for group rates .I think this is a
    great option as it is convenient and on the other way, you can save money on
    your group booking.
  •  Also EventBlocks is
    accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This is something for you to trust
    this site including their partnership with Expedia.
Have a look into http://www.eventblocks.com/.
You’ll find how helpful this site is.


It is a challenge to find a pair of sunglasses that matches with our look and style. Not only that, once we select a pair of sunglasses, sometimes priced also matters. Recently I received the opportunity to try a pair of sunglasses from GlassesShop.com and I am happy with the item I received. Therefore, I thought of sharing my review here for anyone who looks for a pair of glasses that goes with both style and the budget.
GlassesShop.com is a place to buy high quality glasses for an affordable price. If you check their shop you’ll find a variety of collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses.It is a handy place to find cheap glasses and eyeglasses frames.
Below is a screen capture of few items from their collection of polarized sunglasses. They offer different designs to suit with any style.
In their sunglasses collection,you’ll find a good stylish collection of glasses including prescription sunglasses and polarized sunglasses.
I selected a pair of sunglasses which I found suitable for me from GlassesShop.com and below is my review of
the product I received. However, I received these glasses free as a way of writing this review post of GlassesShop.com eye glasses.All the below ideas are my own ideas and about the experience I had with this online shop.
My Review – Sunglasses from GlassesShop.com
At the time of ordering,
  • Their site is user friendly and it is easy to navigate. You can easily select designs which you like. Also
    the items are well categorized including for men, for women etc.
  • They offer try on service where you can easily upload a photo of you and check the selected glasses on
    your face. This is an easier way to select a suitable pair of glasses easily.
  • All the product information and sizes are given. So, it was easier to select a suitable pair of glasses for
  • Finally, shop with GlassesShop.com was really an interesting experience. It was quick to select a pair and I received it within few days of their shipment.
After the product received,
  • I really like the pair of sunglasses I received.
  •  It was nicely and carefully packed and I received it without any damage.
  •  Sunglasses are true to the pictures shown in their site, so it is a matching pair for me.
 Sunglasses from GlassesShop.com
Sunglasses from GlassesShop.com
  • I used it. and didn’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Also I like the fact this pair is light weight and handy.
With my experience with GlassesShop.com product, I highly recommend it for anyone who looks for cheap glasses, sunglasses or eyeglasses frame
Have a look into this online store for eyeglasses and you can also enjoy a 20% discount when you use the special coupon code AmilaX20.
Enjoy 20% discount when you use coupon code AmilaX20
Update: Now I used this pair of sunglasses for most of my outdoor adventures.Check our visit to Singapore Zoo.

Related content widget is important for any blog to keep the readers more time in the blog. If not most of the time, visitors will return from the blog and this will also affect the bounce rate of the blog. Earlier I used another widget, but they shut down their service completely in December 2014.After that I couldn’t find an alternative for my blog, basically which doesn’t pass link juice of my blog for another site.
Finally, I found this related posts with thumbnail for blogger and happy to install it. After I checked the things which I want in this type of related posts widget, I decided to keep it in this blog and also thought of sharing a post with you all.
How to install this related posts widget for blogger?
Installing related content widget is really easy and it took less than 2 minutes for me.
Here are the steps.
Related Content Widget for Bloggers
Signup and create an account.

Then you’ll see a window which you can enter your blog url. Once you entered your blog url, it automatically gets the blog name and other data required.

Click ‘Next’ to go to the next step.
In this step, you need to select the type of blog platform you have. In my case it is a blogger blog. So,
I selected ‘blogger’.

Select your blog name and click ‘Add widget’.

And you are done. This widget is added to your blog.
Here is a screen shot of how it appeared for the first time in this blog.


Here is my review and ideas about this widget from limk.com
  • It is really easy to install. Anyone who is even a beginner can easily install as they give all the necessary instructions step by step. You only need to follow the steps.
  • I really wanted to see whether this widget goes to another site before showing my post. Because that may affect my bounce rate and also will pass link juice to another site. Due to this fact, I recently removed one this type of widget. But actually if you click any of the related content, it directly goes to content in same blog. It is a reason for me to keep this widget in this blog.
  • Just after I added this widget I saw 6 related posts appear below each post. I just didn’t want that many posts with bigger thumbnail. Anyway when I checked the ‘dashboard’ of my limk account, I saw that we
    can arrange the widget as we want it to appear. This is good as we have different interests on our blog designs.
  • I just checked how the related posts appear when I check a post labeled for ‘Singapore’. I wanted to see some other ‘Singapore’ related posts to appear. But still it gave general suggestions. There may be an option to change this in widget settings. I still want to check it.
My review
Finally, I am satisfied with this widget and I will use this widget for this blog. Hope this will improve reader engagement and I want to check the effect on blog’s bounce rate in after about one month.
If you don’t have related post content, have a look into limk.com and install this widget for your blog. It is completely free and takes less than 2 minutes.

No doubt, curtains add style
to your living or dining room. Not only it adds style, curtains also control
light, and enhance a view. Among all other window treatment options available, fabric
curtains are perhaps most popular way to enhance the view of a home. With
different types of fabrics and styles, you may go with any beautiful design
which enhances the beauty of your home using from a light fabric to a heavier
drape. Your choices are endless.

If you look for curtains for
an affordable price but still want them in good quality,Curtainhomesale.com is
a perfect shop to buy stylish curtains for a surprisingly low price. They offer
a wide range of curtains including different designs and materials. Striped
Curtains, Polka Dot Curtains, Plaid Curtains, Nautical Curtains and Star
Curtains are among the designs available with Curtainhomesale.com.
With Curtainhomesale.com  you are able to select curtains depend on the
color of the room, privacy required and even considering the factor that how
hot or cold you want it to be.They offer different designs for different
customer requirements. Even you can find curtains considering the amount of
light you prefer entering your room. 
Say, you want to enhance the
amount of light which enter into your room. Then choose a curtain made of a light
fabric with light color .Also try to select it with soft patterns rather than a
heavy drape.

Below polka Dot Curtains are suitable for enhancing the stylish look of
a living room with uncommon design and I found it from Curtainhomesale.com

If you look for Good Quality Nautical Curtains, here is a
suggestion from me. This Blue Curtains look wonderful and they are even great for
Energy Saving Living Room.

When I visited curtainhomesale.com,I
was surprised by just looking at their gorgeous collection of curtains. Did you
ever think that a star design can make a beautiful curtain design for your
home? Below is one of the Star Curtains which I was attracted.

Have a look into this online shop. You’ll definitely find
a stylish and affordable curtain design for your home.

Gorgeous and glamorous Prom dresses are a dream for any girl. But selecting a perfect prom dress which gives you a stunning look is not a very easy task. Also if you don’t select the dress properly, it can also be very uncomfortable. I don’t want to mention that an uncomfortable prom dress can ruin your formal evening entirely. That’s why you should select a prom dress with trendy style and you also need to consider the comfort level of the dress.
With PromTimes.co.uk, you are able to find trendy prom dresses with latest designs and these dresses are
also stylish and comfortable to wear. Check their Prom dresses 2015 collection, you’ll amaze with the different designs which make any girl looks stunning in a prom night.
The right prom dress can give you a perfect stylish look which you want in an evening party. Let’s explore few different styles of prom dresses from the latest collection of Prom Dresses 2015 of PromTimes.co.uk
Gorgeous with Prom Dresses
Gorgeous with Prom Dresses
This Scoop Sleeveless Knee-length Red Prom dress is perfect if you look for a simple yet stunning design. I am sure this is perfect for any girl with a slim figure. Red will makes you appear hotter and this dress is comfortable because the material is lightweight.
Gorgeous with Prom Dresses

If you look for a long prom dress, this is my suggestion. I really like this dress because of its simple design with halter neck. This dress comes with a beautiful embroidery design and embellished with sequins.

Check more details of this A-lineHalter Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dress.
How about this High Neck Short Ivory Prom Dress? It is perfect for a cocktail!


These are few designs I selected. But you’ll amaze with the entire new arrivals which PromTimes.co.uk has to offer. If you are plus size, don’t worry. You can easily find a plus size prom dress with elegant design which makes you look stunning!
Here are some Plus Size Prom Dresses. Don’t you think they are stylish and beautiful?



Check more Plus Size prom dresses here.
Once you select a gorgeous design for your prom dress, it is better if you know some tips on how to select the perfect matching prom dress for you. In a previous post I shared few tips on how to select a prom dress or a cocktail dress. You can find those tips in this post.
Finally, your prom is a special night for you. You need to have a memorable night with lot of fun. Make it a day to remember by dressing nicely. With PromTimes, you’ll able to find a gorgeous dress to make your day remarkable. So, why wait? Have a look!


Here is good news for all the travel enthusiasts! With the revolution of smart phones, now most of our day to day tasks are convenient with mobile Apps.I am sure you also use lot of Apps in your smart phone for different tasks. Sure, this App will be another great App for those who love to travel and share the moments with family and friends. It is Track-Kit App.
Track Kit Pro-A GPS Tracking App for Travelers
Track Kit is an App developed by Lifeware Solutions which helps anyone to record their tracks, edit if need and keep their tracks. It is basically developed for those who look for a convenient GPS tracker.
Here are some of the features of this Track-Kit App
  • You are able to Record your tracks by adding way points. You can also add
    pictures to keep your traveling logs which I think is a great way to keep
  • Track Kit Pro-A GPS Tracking App for Travelers
  •  Any user of this App is able to add images and Google street views to their tracks to demonstrate their experience with the new place with the others.

Track Kit Pro-A GPS Tracking App for Travelers

  • Users can easily create wonderful presentations using the details of the places they traveled. To make the presentation more attractive, this App allows inserting street view videos.


  •  Do you know, you can share your tracks and photos with friends via Gmail,Facebook or Twitter. I guess this is an interesting feature which allows keeping contact with friends while on travel. Who doesn’t like to update the travel details while on a trip?


  • This Track-Kit App allows its users to publish tracks on Track Kit Website . Users can use this feature to organize their routes and compare multiple tracks.


  • And many more. ..


Please check the site for more details and features of this App. Among all the features of this App, I prefer the fact that it allows users to share their travel information with family and friends. This is something exciting for any traveller as they can stay in touch with more details of the location with their loved ones.

Have a look into this App and download it. Without any doubt, this is one of the useful Apps for any traveler.


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