Food & Travel always go together. If it is a holiday in a new destination, it is possible to end up the tour with lot of eating. These days I am on a holiday in Sri Lanka. So, I am experiencing the same thing, which is eating without any limit.

As for most people, vacations are excuses for eating more food and to try new local food. Obviously, eating from restaurants is not a so good decision for your diet. Basically, restaurants offer large portions and we tend to eat more. Other than that most of the restaurants offer food with high calories, fat and more sodium. All these ingredients are not good for a healthy life. But, if we consider all these things, it is not easier to have a relaxing holiday.

However, it is possible to stay fit during a vacation with few simple tips while enjoying the vacation. The main secret is ‘eat in moderation’. After reading some posts about staying fit and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness, I thought of sharing some tips which you can use during a holiday. Seriously, I try to follow these tips during this holiday, so I hope I will not gain much weight after this holiday. Some of these fitness tips are adapted from

So, here are my fitness tips for a healthy holiday.Hope you can use these fitness tips for your next holiday.If you look for losing some extra founds,then check these easy weight loss tips too which I followed after my pregnancy.

Eat small Portions

It is true that we need to try new and different food during a holiday. But try to eat small portions. This is easy to do if you share food with your partner instead of ordering full size portions for both or for all tour members.

Stay active

Other than eating less, stay active and energetic during your trip to burn more calories. This is the secret for a happy holiday with lot of memories. Participate with activities, sports and even you can walk during sightseeing tours. With an active holiday, you don’t need to worry about health and fitness once you return home.

Eat more Fruits and Veggies whenever you get chance

Eating more fruits and veggies is a part of a healthy lifestyle. That will help you to maintain your fitness and health too. So, try different fruits and vegetables whenever you get chance. If you eat from a restaurant, you can try different salads. Other than that you can try fruits and vegetables that are locally available.

Try Zero Calorie Beverages and drinks

You need to drink beverages, but try zero calories beverages. There are plenty of options for zero calorie beverages including fruit drinks such as lemon juice and lime juice.

Other than above tips,you can also use the gym of your hotel if your accommodation includes that facility. Swimming,bike riding are some other activities you can engage for an active holiday.

Above are some of the tips I found for a healthy holiday while maintaining health and fitness. Do you have any more tips to add? If so, please share as a comment.


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