Everything Pregnant Women Need to Know about Travel Insurance

Everything Pregnant Women Need to Know about Travel Insurance

Not all women choose to take a vacation whilst pregnant, but the ones that do decide to find it is a great way to relax and unwind. To make sure that the mum-to-be has peace of mind whilst on her holiday, it’s important that she has the correct type of travel insurance to protect her on her trip. This will cover her against most common holiday setbacks, as well as help cover any needed medical treatment should it be required.

Before Travelling

Any woman who is pregnant needs to consult her healthcare specialist before going away, even if it’s just for a short time. Depending on the pregnancy and how far along it Is, a doctor may urge their patient not to travel. If this is the case, any insurance taken out by a pregnant lady becomes invalid.

Most doctors and insurers are happy for women who are less than 30-weeks pregnant to travel. Afterwards, while in the third trimester, the risk of premature labour increases.

What travel insurance covers when pregnant

Pregnant women get the same type of coverage those who aren’t pregnant get, only with a couple of additions.

• Holiday and flight cancellation is taken care of by the insurer if the lady is late for her travels, or suddenly becomes unwell and is advised to stay at home.

• Baggage is also covered, meaning if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged, the cost of the items will be refunded.

• Emergency transport will be taken care of by the insurer should the pregnant lady be required to travel back to her home country.

• Medical expenses are another thing that will be covered, should they be required. This includes medical expenses due to an accident, or medical expenses that arise as the result of an early labour.

Because pregnant women aren’t encouraged to travel when their due date is approaching, insurance won’t cover the cost of labour if it’s scheduled and on time. Coverage will only apply to premature labour, or complications with the pregnancy.


As with all insurance policies, any pregnant woman wishing to take out travel insurance should read the disclaimers and fine print before doing so. This will help prevent against unwelcome surprises, should they occur. The type of coverage provided and the cost of the policy will differ greatly depending on the insurer.

Pregnant women are no different to other travelers in the sense that they’re encouraged to shop around for the best deal and most extensive coverage. As always, ask any questions if something isn’t clear. Travel Insurance companies will be only too happy to answer them in the hope that the perfect type of coverage will be provided to you.


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