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Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

It would take more than a lifetime to completely explore the home nations of the United Kingdom, so when you are there on a short holiday you need to make the best of it. It is always good to visit with a good itinerary in your head as there will be a lot of travelling involved. You will also benefit from certain hacks that would save you money, be it transportation or entertainment.

The Free Stuff is the Best

Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

Despite the fact that costs here are high, there are so many places in the UK that you can visit for free. Your experience as a curious traveller will not be compromised by a limited budget if you do your research well. Some of the best museums in the world are in London and you can step in without a fee. These include the British Museum and the National History Museum

How to Choose a Pub

The pub is an important part of social life here. Remember that in Britain, the ale is served at room temperature. If you are looking for a cool brew, that would be a lager. Some familiar selections would be Guinness, Carling, Carlsberg, Stella and Heineken, but more importantly, the good pubs have some of their own niche local beers on tap.

How to Get Around

Public transport in the UK can be notoriously expensive but with advanced bookings, you can save on bus and flight tickets (for longer shuttles). The Oyster smart card helps you access multiple transport modes across Greater London at a discounted price. If you plan to rent a car, remember that in the UK they drive on the left of the road. Walking is recommended in the cities.

Heading North

Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

Natural beauty is in abundance in the UK, and Scotland has to be on your list. The Loch Ness is one of Scotland’s most famous lakes and places of interest here include the ruins of the Urquhart Castle and the Caledonian Canal. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, is in Scotland too.  When in Scotland, you should sample some of the famous whiskies of the region. Visit a distillery and enjoy some complimentary shots. Edinburgh’s historic Old Town will immerse you in its history and one of the popular tours here is the Mary King’s Close, famously associated with many ghost stories and similarly morbid tales. The Edinburgh Castle is another monument that will mesmerise you with its legacy and scale.

Quintessential UK Experiences

Apart from spending time at the pub, there are certain other experiences that would make you feel like a local. Not everyone watches the football in the UK, but a lot do. You may not be able to catch a Premier League game but you can always visit a stadium or two. The National Football Museum in Manchester is a great place to learn about the game’s history.

British cuisine is quite distinctive and prioritises local ingredients and simple techniques. A Sunday roast is typical fare – comprising roast beef and potatoes along with the very popular Yorkshire pudding. Kidney pudding and shepherd’s pie are typical pub food and go along well with ale and some football stories. We have all heard of the fish and chips, it cannot get more Brit than this. Scotland is known for its haggis, a preparation of different sheep organs. This one takes getting used to but connoisseurs (and there are many) will tell you it is worth a try. If you head over to Wales, you will encounter a lot of lamb preparations. The UK is full of Indian restaurants although many iconic dishes like the chicken tikka masala originated in the Isles rather than the sub-continent. Then, of course, there is tea and scones.

Finding Lodging

If you are not up for a regular hotel, a great way to experience British hospitality is by staying in a B&B. Lodging standards in the country are high, you are bound to find a clean place at a lower budget. If you are in the cities, try to stay close to train or bus stations so you can move around easier.

Travel insurance is very important when you are abroad. Make sure you have it sorted before you head off for your trip. The UK is a magnet for history and culture connoisseurs and is a life-changing experience for visitors. It also has some of the most dramatic landscapes for those ready to venture beyond the cities. Here are some very useful visitor travel tips that will ensure a perfect trip to this fascinating island.

Top 5 Things to Look For In a Holiday Cottage
1. Excellent Location

Finding the perfect location for your accommodation is a major factor when deciding what holiday cottage to book.  You may want a place by the sea with coastal views and winding roads, or perhaps you would rather look for a more centrally located cottage closer to towns and cities and urban life.  Some popular coastal towns include Lyme Regis, Kingsbridge and Polperro, however if you’re looking for country setting near towns and cities then try Exeter or Honiton.

2. Attractions to Visit

Top 5 Things to Look For In a Holiday Cottage

Having a multitude of attractions right on your door step is a real bonus, whether you’re looking for an action packed holiday full of fun and exploration for the whole family or a more relaxing get away break with wine tasting and laying on the beach, it’s important to find a place where you can maximise your holiday time and have all you want close to you! Town and city life or rural country living, whatever sights take your fancy you can find a great place to stay in the South West at Lime Cottages.

3. Outstanding Accommodation

So, you know where you want to stay and what you want to see and do.  Now you need to find somewhere excellent to stay.  Whether you’ve chosen to stay in Devon or Cornwall, top off your holiday with the perfect, relaxing accommodation that has all the modern necessities and amenities found at home, from Wi-Fi to a wonderful garden to relax in or perhaps even a hot tub!  Finding the perfect holiday cottage with excellent views, ample parking and great connections are all the little things that make for a memorable holiday experience that you won’t forget.

4. Pool or Hot Tub? The Key Question!

Something out of the ordinary maybe what you need to put you into the holiday mind-set of relaxation and happiness.  A Hot tub is not to be sniffed at! Just imagine winding down after a day venturing with a glass of wine whilst sitting in your hot tub. Perhaps you’d rather get some exercise in before the day starts, in which case a swimming pool could be the perfect option for starting the day!

5. Excellent Reviews

Finally and most importantly, checking for good reviews is essential, so you can check up on how other people’s experiences went and how they were treated by the holiday cottage owners to make sure that you can arrive with peace of mind that everything will be great!

Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

Are you planning a tour to London? Is this the first time you visit there? If so, you may need to have more and more information about London before you reaching. While UK is a great place to visit,London is popular as one of the best cities to spend a holiday.Having more idea about London will make your holiday in London comfortable and you will have a memorable holiday with so much fun! To make your holiday enjoyable, we gathered some essential tips you should know before visiting London. Hope these are helpful for you.

Take the tube

Essential Tips to Visiting London

In this big city, if you start walking everywhere to see attractions of London, you’ll get fed up. Then hiring a taxi is also expensive. However London has efficient transport by ‘the tube’. It is easy and cheaper too. If you purchase an oyster card (rail pass) at the airport, you can simply cut down your tube cost by more than half.

Changing Money

You can change money from most banks and major post offices. If you want to withdraw money from visa card, then you’ll need to provide the passport. You can pay Tourist cheques into British banks, but there will be a fee.

Use of Credit Card

In England, you’ll find “chip and pin” system for credit cards. If your credit cards are not compliant with “chip and pin” system, then you’ll have trouble in spending. So check your credit cards before your trip. You can also plan using cash.You also need to plan your UK airport transfer if you visit London from another country.

Have a Travel Plan


If you are with a travel plan which includes where to visit, where to dine, that will be so much easier. Sometimes, you may feel you are spending too much if you don’t know exact places to visit and dine. Read some reviews and others experiences before you visit and have a clear idea on best places to visit. This will help you to enjoy your time in London. You can easily refer to a London Blog to read more reviews and interesting facts, lifestyle of London.

Have you been to London? If so, do you have any more tips to add this list? Please share them below as a comment.

Tips for UK Airport Transfer

Airport transfer is one of the most important and at the same time one of the stressful tasks in any journey. Why I say it is stressful? Simply, we need to transfer with trust and confidence. The best thing is to pre book a cab using a reputed company. So, before we reach the destination, we already know that we do not have to worry about our Airport transfer and it is ready there.In this post we will discuss the tips for your UK airport transfer which can be helpful if you plan to visit UK soon.

Why pre-booking is so much easier?

With a taxi pre-booking service, you are confident and nothing to worry about airport transfer once you arrive the destination. No waiting time and even no bargaining. Also once you pre-book a taxi, you already know the cost and there is nothing to worry about any hidden charges. If you are in a tight budget, then you can search few services and book your taxi with a company that gives you the best quote. However, if you wait till last minute, you cannot save this few dollars or even it is difficult to select the vehicle type.

Tips for UK Airport Transfer

With so much online options available, it is really easy to make travel arrangements for your UK Airport Transfer.Options available are trains, buses, private cars, taxis and coach services. However, it is better to know some tips before you decide on your airport transfer in UK.

Here are some tips to consider getting the best service.

Tips for UK Airport Transfer

Plan your journey ahead for a stress-free journey

If you plan everything keeping some time for searching and selecting, that will save you lot of time and also money. You can easily pre-book your taxi service and therefore there is no waiting or even if your selection is a taxi service, then you don’t have to wait in a queue for tickets. After all it is stress free.Saving time is really important for your holiday as you can visit as much as possible places in UK.

Save money by booking early

By pre-booking your airport transfer service, be it taxi, train or coach, you will be able to take the advantage of deals and discounts. Some companies give special offers when you book online. On the other way, you see all the charges and you know the actual cost for your airport transfer. And always you have to pay higher charges when you book your transfer service on the same day. So, get your best price by booking it earlier.

Get the benefit of Door-to-door service when you plan your Airport transfer

Although you can save some money by using public transport, by using a taxi service you are able to get the service of a door-to-door service on departure. This is really easier than travelling to train or to bus.

How to choose your Airport Transfer service?

First you need to decide on your transport mode. Although public transport is cheaper, it is easier and comfortable to use taxi or private car service. However, using the above tips and other details like budget etc., decide on your mode of transport before anything.

If your choice is taxi services, then next step is to select a reputed company. By selecting a reputed company for your taxi service, you are able to get the service with experienced drivers and even they know the best routes for your trip. So, it is advisable to use a reputed company always.

After you short list few companies, check their rates. Simply you can request a quote or check their rates by using the tools given online. Then compare rates together with the service they provide. Also check for reviews which others have shared before making your final decision.Finally, it is your turn to book your airport transfer online.

Hope above tips and information is helpful for you to select your airport transfer service in UK and to book it for a stress-free journey!

Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit
5 of the Top UK Campsites
Are you planning a camping
holiday? If you are interested on going on a camping adventure, then you may
have already decided on a camping site to go on camping. Camping is a great way
of enjoying a mini vacation together with all family.
Usually most of people
prefer to camp at state parks due to the fact that those offer a number of
amenities for an affordable fee. Usually it is not difficult to find a camping
site as there are state parks in most of the areas.

However, it is essential to choose a really ideal camping site, without
thinking about whether it’s a paid camping site or a free one. Among all the
facilities and amenities, it is also better to choose a campsite that is
picture perfect. All the available campsites are not very eye catching but
those are located in great areas.
How to determine a Good Campsite?
If you are wondering how to choose a campsite which is suitable for your
next camping vacation, here are few things to consider.
  • A good camping site has wonderful views.

  •  It also comes with good amenities such as restroom, toilet and a fire

  •  If you prefer the isolated areas for camping due to the privacy, a
    reasonable distance between campsites is a must have.

5 of the Top UK Campsites

UK has some excellent camping sites for all those who love to enjoy
their vacation in outdoor. Among those beautiful sites, below are some of the top UK campsites which are popular among many people.
#1: Swattesfield, Thornham Magna, Suffolk
Situated in north Suffolk, this campsite is surrounded by woodland. This
camping location is great for those who love to admire nature. Completed with
most amenities, this site is also popular due to its outdoor pizza oven.
#2: Pleasant Streams Farm, St Austell, Cornwall
Situated in beautiful Cornwall, this lovely campsite is ideal for those
who are happy with basic facilities. Because, basically this site looks like a
dream. If you plan a camping vacation to spend with kids, then this is a
camping site to consider.
#3: Ayr Holiday Park, St Ives
Ayr Holiday Park is another camping site located in Conwall. It is a
perfect location to enjoy the  fine
beaches and also the beautiful town of St Ives. St Ives is a popular
destination for its beautiful scenery throughout the year and therefore it has
become a popular selection for many who love to spend some time on a camping
#4: Riversidelakes, Dorset
Riversidelakes in Dorest is like a hidden gem for any traveller who
admire camping.Situated in a 22 acres countryside,this site gives a peaceful
and quite camping site for the visitors. You can find more information and
booking details at their site  www.riverside-lakes.co.uk
#5: Elephant Lodge, Kent
The Elephant Lodge is the ideal place for you if you look for a luxury
camping experience. This place includes ten luxury tents and is furnished with
stylish furniture.

5 of the Top UK Campsites

Finally, Camping is  great way to
enjoy a relaxing vacation with some adventures,however prepare for things that may come up. Prepare a
list of the supplies you will need during the stay and pack them with you
carefully in order to have a memorable experience.

region known as the Lake District is an
area located in northwestern England, United Kingdom, in the county of Cumbria.
It has a population of about 420,000 people. It also boasts many picturesque
villages and towns, so it is probably useful to have a guide to them to help
you decide where you want to go.

people are looking for a Lake District City Guide to help them plan their
visit. Well, there are no actual cities in the Lake District so I guess this
article is perfect for what they are looking for.

nearest city to the Lake District is Carlisle which is also in Cumbria – just
like the Lake District, but it’s not in the Lake District. Oh, and Carlisle is
sometimes just considered a town and not a city at all – it is the larger
non-metropolitan district of the City of Carlisle which is a city! Confused? Me
too! Anyway, whatever, Carlisle is not in the Lake District so let’s move on.
you are a new visitor to the area you may already have heard of some of the
more famous of these Lake District villages and towns, such as Windermere,
Keswick or maybe you’ve heard of Cartmel where they have the Cartmel Races.
More frequent visitors to the area will no doubt be more familiar with some or
all of the other places marked on the maps.
are indeed many villages and towns in the Lake District, but they can be easily
divided into North Lakes Towns and Villages and South Lakes Towns and
villages.  As for the lakes, they may not
be some of the biggest European lakes,
but that doesn’t mean they are not worth visiting. The most important ones in
the region include Bassenthwaite Lake, Haweswater Reservoir, Windermere,
Coniston Water, Ullswater, etc.

5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
Located in South East Cornwall Looe is a very popular
town among those who love to spend some quality time in a family Holiday
Resort. It is popular as a family holiday resort town. It is such a lovely
small town and you may also find few residents there who will tell you how they
were attracted to Looe and they will surprise you by telling that they came
here on holiday, but never left.

Divided in two
by the River Looe, this lovely fishing town is connected by a beautiful bridge
making it East Looe and west Looe. The East side is home to most of the shops
and restaurants where The West side is mainly occupied with residential and
holiday accommodation. 
It’s such a lovely town loaded with many attractions and
things to do in a lovely family vacation.
On the other way, Polperro is another beautiful coastal
village lying on the south-east Cornwall coast and distance between Polperro
and Looe is about 8.8km.Both of these small towns are tourist attractions and
specially popular for family resort holidays
Now, if you look for a holiday in Looe or Polperro and
wondering what to do there during your stay, there are lots of things to do and
you may need to extend your holidays. It is a great place specially to visit
with kids, and below are some of the highlighted attractions and things to do
during a few days holiday.

#1: Walks near Looe & South East Cornwall
5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
If you like to have a walk watching things around and
taking some breathtaking photography, one of the best things you can do in Looe
is to walk along the coastal side from Looe to Polperro. However this route is
around 8.8km long and mid of the route you may return or take a bus.
#2: Visit the Monkey Sanctuary
Situated right by the sea, The Monkey Sanctuary is home
for around 39 monkeys. This place is to provide care for monkeys and you’ll
able to spend some great time by watching them or getting some information from
the staff there. This place is popular as a well-kept place and a friendly
staff. You’ll find picnic areas around and experience the natural beauty on a
sunny day.
#3: Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol
If you like museums and history, then this old Guildhill
Museum is for you. You will find about the history of the Looe town and its
people through lot of pictures, papers and relics in this museum. It is worth to
spend some time to visit and have a look.
#4: Visit The Eden Project
5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
Remember to bring your camera with you, as you will find plenty
of interesting things to capture in Eden Project, mainly of the main attraction
of the tropical biome. This is a fantastic and interesting place to visit in
#5: Looe Island 
Once owned and occupied by the two Atkins sisters, Looe
Island, also known as St George’s Island is located about a mile away from the
coast. If you prefer to visit and enjoy wildlife, this is the place to visit. This
island is open to the public and boat rides are available to get you there. You
can enjoy a day in this Looe Island having a safe bathing in a natural rock
swimming pool and also experiencing a plenty of woodland walks.
As there are many attractions and places to visit, definitely
you may need to stay there few days. The best thing to do for a wonderful and
memorable holiday is, to stay in a beautiful place. Finding accommodation in
Looe & Polperro is not that difficult as there are lots of accommodation options
available. These towns are poplar for family resort holidays and you’ll find
beautiful and attractive cottages there.
There is plenty of Holiday cottages in Looe and Polperro which
are also dog friendly accommodation making it easier for those who love to
bring their dog to with them. Stay in a comfortable and fuss free holiday
cottage such as Wilton Mill and have fantastic and unforgettable time there.

Whether it is your first trip to London or you have been there many times, the city of London has lot of attractions to offer you. On the other hand, the greater London area covers about 600 square miles! So it’s worth to spend some time and plan your trip before you reach there. You can have an idea of which London attractions you’d like to see and this will avoid wasting your time unnecessarily there.
The city of London is full of an exciting places to go and things to do for people of all cultures and ages despite where they are from. Here are the 6 best things to do in London to make your visit to this amazing city a memorable one! When you visit these attractions in London you will sure know why UK is a great destination to visit.
#1: Spend a day at The British Museum
6 Best Things to do in London
Having a collection of over 71,000 unique items the British Museum declares that it should be open free of charge to all the curious people. This museum was founded in the year 1753, with items contributed by Sir Hans Sloane. In 1800s, this museum gained in popularity and started to attract more interested people who love to learn more. So, spend a day exploring and discovering some of the greatest works of great people and make your visit to London a remarkable one with great memories. Also if you look for free things to do in London, doesn’t this sound a great activity for your stay there?
#2: Visit The Tower of London
 6 Best Things to do in London


Being one of the city’s most noticeable landmarks, the Tower of London is popular as a castle of imprisonment. Also known as the Bloody Tower, the Tower of London was a place for offenders in the past. But it’s also been a Royal Palace and a fortress once and this remarkable tower is constructed with white stone which was imported from France. Presently the Tower of London is popular as one of the places to visit in London.
#3: Experience a Free guided Walk
 6 Best Things to do in London
Although it is the cheapest way to see London, I believe it is the most excited way to see London. If you are a visitor to London, it is better to have a guided tour and you will be able to see most of the attractions while listening to the guides who explains the place, it’s history and other details. These guided tours are always full of fun as you visit the places as a team. I bet these tours cannot be boring typical tours. It is another great way to mingle with travelers from around the place. Find a tour with Free Tours Of London and visit most of the places within a short period of time.
 #4: Have a visit to Windsor Castle
 6 Best Things to do in London
The home of Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle has been the family home of Kings and Queens for almost 1000 years. Windsor Castle is the oldest continually occupied castle in the world. Have a visit to this Castle and have a look into truly amazing exhibits and get yourself ‘wow’! You can get more information and details of how to book from http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/
 #5: Saint Paul’s Cathedral
 6 Best Things to do in London
Saint Paul’s Cathedral is the cathedral of the Anglican bishop which offers a fascinating picture of the British Empire of the past’s .It is also reconstructed after the great London fire of 1666. This Cathedral is famous for hosting royal birthdays, weddings and celebrations. This Cathedral is even use for funerals of some of the greatest leaders in Britain. Each year, this Cathedral attracts millions of tourists every year.
#6: View from The London Eye
 6 Best Things to do in London
Attracting almost over four million visitors each year, the London Eye has become one of the most popular and must visit attractions of London. It is also popular as a must visit sightseeing attraction of the world.
This wonderful creation of modern engineering allows visitors to view all of London with an entirely new angle that are not visible from the ground. The London Eye, the gigantic wheel stands almost 135 meters over the entire city of London and presently this is considered as one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. So, why don’t you have an amazing experience during your London tour?

Have you been to London? If so, what is your favourite attraction there? Please share as a comment.

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