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Last weekend we visited Johor Bahru ,Malaysia and noticed that shopping malls are ready for the Chinese New
Year 2015.These are some photos from City Square mall. Did you check my other post on Chinese New Year decorations of KOMTAR JBCC?

After visiting KOMTAR, we straight entered into City Square Mall for having lunch and to shop some more

items. As always this time also City Square Mall decorations are so colourful and joyful.

Beautiful flowers are the main theme for  these decorations .Those roses were hanged on the roof giving joy for each shopper there at City Square Mall.

Anyway, I am not sure why, but the captures are not so colourful as the decorations. Lighting could be a reason

There was a stage too decorated with beautiful flowers. I am sure there will be live performance on

this stage to entertain people. I’ve seen such performances during our previous visits.



Last weekend we visited Johor Bahru for food and shopping. As of many others live in Singapore, we also escape to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a change and relax. Usually our Johor Bahru trips are one day trips aiming food and shopping although we spent one night during our previous trip.This is after few months from our previous visit we could see some changes in Johor Bahru.

KOMTAR JBCC-The newest shopping mall in Johor Bahru

This time We could visit the newest shopping mall in Johor Bahru – Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre ( JBCC ).

Usually we visit the City Square Mall straight after custom clearances at CIQ(Customs and Immigration).However this time we were attracted to this new shopping mall which is conveniently located next to City Square Mall. 
KOMTAR JBCC-A Spring to Remember

It was nicely decorated for the spring festival and reminded us that Chinese New Year  2015 is arriving soon!They named/themed it as ‘A Spring to Remember’. We could see all the beautiful flowers and lanterns when we arrived from the CIQ. Instead of going to City Square Mall, we decided to visit this new shopping mall first.

Although there were so many things to capture, I mean the decorations in link Way Bridge towards the entrance and decorations at the entrance; we entered to the shopping mall straight!
Inside the shopping mall, there are many stores open for business including Padini. 

We spent few hours inside and I could take some captures of the decorations. The decorations are colorful and joyful with mix of red and pink. We could see some beautiful huge lanterns hanging from the ceiling and those were the main attraction inside the shopping mall.
KOMTAR JBCC-A Spring to Remember
KOMTAR JBCC-A Spring to Remember

Hope you’ll enjoy these photos.

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Malacca Sultanate Palace is one of the best places we visited in our Melaka Malaysia tour.Malacca is a must visit attraction in Malaysia and in our previous visit we found that 2 days are not enough to see all the attractions,to try food and to do some shopping. However we managed to visit the historical places around the Malacca UNESCO heritage site. Though these photos are from our trip in 2012,I thought of sharing those as still the story behind is helpful for anyone who wants to visit Malacca.

Malacca Sultanate Palace-Malaysia
Malacca Sultanate Palace-Malaysia

Our day 2 started from walk along the Melaka River and then we reached the Famosa Fort.After spending some time in Famosa Fort, we saw this wooden building. The building was really attractive and thought it was another historical attraction of Melaka. It was the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum.

At first, I thought it was the actual palace where the sultans lived. But it is not true. it’s a replica of the Sultanate Palace .But,I wanted to say that it is done brilliantly!


The entire replica/Sultanate palace was made of wood. Windows were with colourful glasses making the palace more attractive.

As per the information board in front of the palace, this replica is built based entirely on original 15th century palace of sultanate.

We have to climb stairs to enter into this palace. At the front entrance you’ll find two warriors standing to represent how this palace was during the time it was the actual palace of sultanate.

Malacca Sultanate Palace-Malaysia
Malacca Sultanate Palace-Malaysia

I didn’t forget to take a photo of me with one of the guards at the entrance. Actually the entrance was with a beautiful doorway. We spent some time looking around those artistic details.

Inside the museum is like a living and active palace! Visitors are able to see the Palace atmosphere inside the halls. We could experience a day of the Malay Sultans during the Malay Sultanate era in Malacca.

Inside was a replica of the main hall. We could see life size figurines representing the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah. They look so strange and I actually had a feeling that I was in front of the sultanate. Actually, a little bit scary as I am in front of the sultanate! Yes, those look like actual! 🙂


Below is a capture of the replica about famous fighting between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat.


There was another section that displays traditional costumes for each state in Malaysia.

Other than that, We could see figurines of traders from different countries who visited Malaysia too during  that time.

When we entered into this palace it was almost noon. We were bit tired by walking under the hot sun to see other attractions. But, this palace was very cool and relaxing. We walked around and had a good time by reading details of each displays.
Below are some captures from the Royal Chamber.



Inside the palace we could see Exhibits including brassware and other porcelain stuffs used at that time.

Below is another replica of a palace which we could find inside the museum.

The second floor houses the antique jewelries and ornaments use by the Malay women during that era. I found those are interesting and bit similar to some of those ancient jewelries of Sri Lanka. Specially some of those hair pins.


We could also find mannequin of Malay couples dressed with their costumes and jewelries.

We had a great time visiting this place. It was a remarkable tour in our life and still we need to visit Malacca again to see some other historical places we missed during this tour.


Located in the heart of Johor Bahru City and with walking distance to most of shopping malls and attractions, Amansari Hotel City Centre is an ideal place if you want spend a night after a tiresome day.

We spent a night in Johor Bahru,Malaysia during last July. It was a quick decision to visit Johor Bahru. As most of people live in Singapore, we visited for the purpose of shopping and food. It was a long weekend. Same time, it was the first time we visited Malaysia with our son who was 9 months old at that time. So, we decided not to travel any other place instead we wanted to stay close to Singapore.Finally,Johor Bahru was our destination!

After checking few hotels near Singapore and with disappointment because all rooms were fully booked, we found this Amansari Hotel City Centre through Agoda.com. It was a pleasant and decent hotel very near to Johor Bahru City Centre.

We booked a Deluxe King room and room rate included breakfast for the next day.

Amansari Hotel City Centre - Review

Amansari Hotel City Centre

Deluxe King room-Amansari Hotel City Centre

The room we stayed was bit small but it was not a problem for us. It was pleasant and clean. Hotel interior is also attractive, but I couldn’t capture much photos.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru

Room was provided with TV ,free WiFi and also with complementary tea coffee making facilities.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru


Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru

Bathroom was clean & looked  new.This is one of our big concern when we book hotels through online.Because Until we reach the place,we have to depend on photos and other reviews shared by travelers.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
complimentary toiletries
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
complimentary toiletries


Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Seating Area and Free wiFi in the lobby

Reasons why we like this hotel,
-Very near to Customs Immigration Complex and thus easy travel to Singapore
-Walking distance to most shopping malls including City Square
-Easy to hire a taxi and it’s a few minutes’ drive to KSL shopping mall
-Helpful and friendly staff.

Room was provided with Breakfast.However there was no much selections instead it was a standard breakfast with few food items.

Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru
Breakfast : Amansari Hotel City Centre Johor Bahru

However,overall we satisfied with our stay and had a good shopping experience in KSL mall.It is 10 minutes drive to KSL City Mall.We asked the front desk to help us to book a taxi.They were friendly and helpful.It was around Ringgit 10 for the taxi to KSL Mall.

Update:As this hotel is decent and very close to Johor Bahru City Customs Immigration Complex ,we stayed again in our another trip to JB.Check more about Amansari Hotel City Centre

Update: I found that the name of this hotel is changed as Baguss City Hotel.




The Emperor Hotel, Malacca-Review


View from our room at The Emperor Hotel Malacca


While planning another trip to Malaysia during this weekend, I just thought of sharing some thoughts and review on The Emperor Hotel Malacca where we stayed 2 nights in November 2012.Though it is sometimes ago, I still have good memories with this place including food we had there in Malacca.
At that time, I didn’t capture much photos of this hotel, however it was a pleasant stay and we enjoyed the facilities without complains. It was worth for the money we paid. The most important thing for us was that this hotel is situated in a place where we could walk to the attractions of Melaka including the UNESCO world heritage site. Our package included breakfast, other than that we received a free voucher at that time for dine at their restaurant.
Below are some captures from the breakfast buffet which we enjoyed.
Food at The Emperor Hotel, Malacca
This hotel is nestled in the heart of Melaka and most of the attractions are in a walking distance.
Attractions near The Emperor Hotel, Malacca
Below are some of the captures of room interior though I don’t have good interior pictures from the hotel.
The Emperor Hotel, Malacca-Review
This framed picture was really matching with the empty wall
The staff was very friendly,polite and helpful.We don’t have any complains regarding the customer service. Room was very spacious and had a relaxed feeling when we first entered there. Other than that,we could access free Wi-Fi in lobby area.
If you don’t want to dine in the hotel restaurant, there are lot of places around the place to try lot of different signature food of Malacca.
Eating places near The Emperor Hotel, Malacca
As always, we arranged this trip in last minute. So, we didn’t have much time to check reviews of what others say about hotels in Malacca. Even,most of the hotels near the Malacca heritage sites were fully booked as that was a long weekend in Singapore. Therefore, we booked this hotel for one day thinking of finding another place if we are not satisfied. However, we finally extended to another day and stayed there 2 nights while exploring the attractions of Melaka city including some shopping.
 Hotel Details:

The Emperor Hotel Malacca

123, Jalan
Munshi Abdullah 75100 Malacca, Malaysia



KL Tower-Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


These are few images we captured during our visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia few years ago. The KL tower is one of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur (KL).This is a 421m high telecommunications and broadcasting tower and it is built on a hill. We actually couldn’t visit the tower; instead we could view it almost everywhere we visited in KL.

Inside the tower, there is an observation desk, where people can have a bird’s eye view of the city.
This is one of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which started its construction in 1991.
Inside the tower, you will find dining places, shopping and a glance to cultural exhibits.
For more information: Visit official website
KL Tower-Kuala Lumpur
KL Tower-Kuala Lumpur



Melaka/Malacca is a historical site in Malaysia & it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage since 2008.
Here are some captures of our last year visit to Melaka.It is worth visiting this historical site.We had a great holiday there.

A view of Melaka River

The windmill

The water wheel

Part of the defense wall of old fort near the river

The replica at Maritime museum

The Famosa

Some captures around Melaka


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