Making Camping Fun for Everyone

Camping is one of the best activities that anyone can participate in. You only need to be physically fit and not have a condition that discourages strenuous exercise to camp. Get together with your friends and organize a camping experience on holiday, or a typical weekend.

One fun thing you should consider is a private camping experience. This is camping done on a parcel of land that is owned by a private individual. It is the opposite of going to a camping site that everyone knows about.

This option is certainly more advantageous if you are looking for seclusion because landowners typically limit campers to one group or two at a time. Of course, to have an unforgettable camping experience, you have to plan things and make sure that camping is fun for all participants.

Here are a few tips that you should bear in mind:

Making Camping Fun for Everyone

Temporarily Ban Mobile Devices

Mobile devices provide a distraction for a few minutes in a hectic society. You can play games on it or watch videos while waiting for somebody at the bus stop, or the airport. However, these distractions can be detrimental to any outdoor activity.

Camping is an activity through which you can rest and unwind from everything, and these include electronic devices. Use this time to experience the natural world. Forget about Facebook, Youtube, and other websites you visit through your mobile device for one or two days.

Give Everyone Physical Activities

In today’s busy world, finding time for exercising is a chore. Much of everyone’s waking hours are spent at work or school. By the time night falls, everyone is too exhausted to even exercise for just 15 minutes.

Camping outdoors is the perfect opportunity for some physical exercise. Take a hike into the woods and gather firewood. Use an axe to break firewood into usable fragments that you can toss later into the bonfire in the evening.

There are many kinds of physical activities that you can pursue outdoors. If there’s a wooded area next to your campsite, you can organize a trail hike for a certain distance. If there are hills nearby, that’s even better – the inclined ascent does wonders for the heart!

Make Sure Everyone Will Participate

Camping is a group activity. Everyone on the site should participate in the activities. There shouldn’t be anybody left inside the tents while everyone is working unless someone falls suddenly ill.

Everyone needs to do their part. Delegate tasks to everyone to encourage participation. Make it clear as well during the planning stage that no one is to slack off during the activities. It’s not healthy to do so.

No Alarm Clocks, Period

Private camping gives you the entire place to yourself, which means that nobody should disturb you. Nobody and nothing should disrupt you from a good night’s sleep, even just for one day.

When camping, you should not allow anyone to use any form of alarm for the duration of the activity. If they insist, ask them to keep the level of the alarm low. You don’t want to disturb the sleep of others who want to make the most out of the weekend.

Why would you want to force yourself to wake up at a specific time? Camping is a holiday. You should feel free to wake up anytime you want, at least for a couple of days.

Just follow these tips to the letter, and you can be sure that your next camping experience will be a positive experience for everyone involved.


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