How to Plan a Round-the-World Trip

Traveling to new destinations is always fun and exciting, one of the many reasons why millions of people travel each year. One of the most exciting trips you can be on is one that takes you around the world, bringing you through dozens of different countries. As you might expect, preparing and planning for this trip is quite difficult. So where do you even begin when it comes to a trip of this magnitude? Here’s how to plan a round-the-world-trip.

Choose Destinations

The first thing you need to do when planning a round-the-world trip is picking out which countries and destinations you actually want to visit. Do you want to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower? Will you want to fly into China and see the country’s great sights? Do you want to do something more practical, like fly into Canada and look at Calgary homes for sale? Choosing your destinations is extremely important, as you won’t be able to move onto the next phases of planning until they are set in stone. So, before you do anything else, you need to sit down and choose where you want or need to visit and build the foundation of your trip before you can continue.

Set a Budget and Save

How to Plan a Round-the-World Trip

Everyone knows that traveling is something that can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re traveling around the world. The trip is going to be a huge financial burden, as you’ll have several flights, many different hotel stays, and dozens of restaurant bills. You’re looking at having to spend thousands of dollars on a trip like this, so it’s best to start budgeting and saving immediately. You need to set a realistic budget for your trip, basing it off of how much income you have and how much you can save. Once you have a figure set in stone, it’s time to start putting money away in order to save up. A trip like this is a once in a lifetime experience, but you’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of cash on hand in order to afford it and not have it ruin you financially.

Get Travel Documents

How to Plan a Round-the-World Trip

Once you have your destinations set and your money saved up, it’s time to start securing the necessary travel documents that you’ll need for your trip. First, you’ll need a passport in order to travel abroad and get back into the U.S. In addition, different countries have different travel laws, meaning that some countries may require you to have a visa. It’s extremely important that you research the documentation requirements of each country you are visiting and ensure that you have everything you need for entry. If you don’t have proper documentation or don’t do the required research, your entire trip could be thrown into chaos and you’ll have a major headache to deal with.

Pack for Your Trip

If you’re someone who’s comfortable enough with doing a round-the-world trip, then you’ve likely already done plenty of traveling throughout your life. As a result, you’re likely already familiar with the importance of packing and how it could make or break your trip. There’s nothing worse than getting your trip started and realizing that you forgot to pack a necessity or something that you absolutely would have loved to have. With a long trip like this one, packing becomes even more important, as you’ll be away from home for a longer period of time and in even stranger locations. Due to this, you should be extra careful when packing your belongings, and be sure to double-check that you have everything that you might need before you start your trip.


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