Eradicate Barriers Lying Inside You

As great words said by great person, “All humans are born good”. And this belief has helped thousands of people to create happiness in their own as well as in their well-wishers lives and it works for all.

  1. Career difficulties

Career is achieving goals in life that makes an individual happy. It delivers chance for growth and assured sense of professionalism. It is a business that survives a lifetime. It should have prospects for development. A career should match your skills. Making wrong choices, having less self-confidence, stress and absence of achievement are the carrier difficulties.

Eradicate Barriers Lying Inside You

2. Dealing with depression

Depression is a situation when a person feels sad, worried, empty, hopeless, nervous, worthless, dejected, irritable, or impatient. It turns to repulsion from occupation. There could be loss of appetite, issues in concentrating, remembering and decision-making. It could also lead to insomnia, tiredness, hypersomnia and suicidal tendencies.

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3. Anger

Anger is an emotional reaction usually normal, human emotion. But when it gets uncontrolled, may cause anxiety, high blood pressure, headaches, leads to fights and abuse. It shows up in thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Chronic anger could create high levels of stress. Anger is shown in terms of a conflict or battle response.

4. Stress busters

Stress can be mild or severe. Some stressors can be controlled while others become bothersome. A partial degree of stress is considered motivating and called “eustress” while high levels of stress are nervousness aggravating. Nowadays a person faces competitive world, uneven sleep, work and food habits, high individual expectations and diminishing inter-personal levels of support have made stress irresistible.

Eradicate Barriers Lying Inside You

5. The creative personality

Very creative people value individuality highly. They choose complexity as their preference and reject the simple. As a protocol, the creative person is non conforming and unusual in approach.

6. Life work balance

Make healthy borders. This means conservation and suitable allocation of time, energy and resources to life and work. Do what you feel happy and love what you do. Remember name, money, fame and jobs are all temporary. But family and friends are the only things that remain constant in all these phases. Be passionate about your work and life, but not greedy.

How to grab happiness and well being

Connect with the people who are around you, family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Be active while walking, running or, realize a physical activity you enjoy that is suitable for your level of flexibility and fitness. Get enough rest to overcome depression. Set your motives in writing, this helps in healthier commitment.


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