I found my son’s interest in grabbing things, opening drawers at his age of 7 months. Now he is 8 months old and I arranged few treasure baskets for him to play. Simply, treasure baskets are to include any natural materials and allow babies to explore it.A treasure basket will help a baby to develop skills in many ways.


Baby Treasure Basket-Noisy
Baby Treasure Basket-Noisy
In this basket I gathered items which make different sounds. I named it as a noisy basket. Though items should be natural, I included few rattles which give different sounds.
I included,
-wooden ladles
-wooden pastry roller
-metal spoons
-A baking tray
-A whisk
-A bottle filled with some sewing thread/yarn
-Few rattles of different sound
He enjoyed a lot exploring the basket, throwing the items, putting them back to the basket and pulling it back again.
See,how he played with noise!When trowing the baking dish,it was really noisy! 🙂
  Thinking,what is next! 🙂

Oh!this bottle sounds different! 🙂