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Ways to Handle a Long Airport Layover with Kids

Traveling with your kids can be a fun and exciting experience for the whole family, but flight delays and long airport layovers can make getting to your destination an experience that you’d rather forget. Airport layovers can be a drag at the best of times; factor in bored kids and delayed flights and most people would agree that you have a recipe for disaster. But, don’t worry! If your flight has been delayed and you’ve got a long airport layover to look forward to with your little ones in tow, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you might be expecting. Here are some of the best ways to deal with a long layover when flying with kids.

Ways to Handle a Long Airport Layover with Kids
At Changi Airport,Singapore

Tip #1. Have a Movie Marathon:

Although most families make the sensible decision to avoid spending too much time in front of a screen, making an exception can definitely be worth it if it’s to help make the travel experience a little easier for your family. Most airports now offer free Wi-fi, and once you’re connected, streaming sites are perfect for finding all their favorite movies and kids’ TV shows. Don’t forget to take along your iPad or tablet, headphone splitters, and a charger!

Tip #2. Have a Day Out:

If you’ve got an airport layover that’s going to be longer than a few hours, then it might be worth getting out of the airport and having a fun day out in another country. For example, if you are traveling to Dubai and want to connect in India, you can book Pune to Dubai ticket at low cost here and then spend your layover in Pune exploring attractions such as the Aga Khan Palace, Hindu temples, and Shaniwar Wada, an 18th-century fort with huge gates.

Tip #3. Choose a Kid-Friendly Airport:

Ways to Handle a Long Airport Layover with Kids
Our kid at the Singapore, Changi Airport play area

If you have a choice of airports when it comes to where you’re getting on your connecting flight, then it’s worth looking into your options and doing some research to find out which is the child-friendliest option. For example, some airports will offer a crèche or supervised child’s play area where you can leave your little ones to enjoy having fun and spending some time with other young travelers.

Tip #4. Nap Time:

Even if you’re not traveling during the night, airline travel can be exhausting, so a layover can be the perfect opportunity to get your little ones down for a nap. Ideally, your little one will sleep on the plane, but don’t be too surprised if this doesn’t happen thanks to the cramped environment and noisy atmosphere that comes with flying. If you have a couple of hours to spare, it might be worth thinking about packing a couple of sleeping bags or blankets. Find a quiet part of the airport with a row of seats and let your child catch some z’s.

Traveling long-distance with kids can be a very rewarding and hugely memorable experience, but long layovers can make getting there exhausting for the whole family. If these tips helped, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Kids City Asia –review

Travelling with kids always need lots of preparation including activities to keep them happy during the stay. This was same with us when we plan our trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We wanted to know kids friendly attractions in Phnom Penh before we travel. Do you know that we could find many kids friendly activities and memories there?My kids favourite time was at the Toddler Town which is a designated play area for children under 4.

Phnom Penh,Kids City Asia
Kids City Asia ,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

So, here is our experience with our visit to Kids City Asia. As I mentioned in our Phnom Penh itinerary, we visited Kids City Asia after visiting the Royal Palace. Kids City Asia is not just another indoor playground, but it is an edutainment center for kids of different age groups. And how about grown-ups and adults? There are activities for grown-ups and adults too. 🙂

Here are details of activities which anyone can enjoy from the time you enter in to Kids City Asia.



Located at the 1st floor, playground is suitable for the kids who are in age range of 4-12.

Kids City Asia ,Phnom Penh,Cambodia


This playground is with activities which are suitable for kids over 4 years old, but outside the playground, there are some activities which are suitable for toddlers.

Kids City Asia ,Phnom Penh,Cambodia
Seating area outside the Playground.Parents can wait here while kids are playing.
Some activity areas from the Playground of Kids City Asia -Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Parents can comfortably wait in this area while their kids are playing.

At the entrance of Playground area…Toddlers and babies can play in this area with parents while other kids are playing in the playground area.You can also buy snacks and drinks at the counter.

Although we didn’t enter into the playground as our kid is below 4 years old, he could spend time among other activities at the entrance area.

Phnom Penh,Kids City Asia ,Activities for kids
My kid loved to play this Maze while we were there.
Toddler Town

Toddler Town is the best place for our kid. He couldn’t wait till he enters into the play area once we reached the 6th floor.

Phnom Penh with kids
Toddler Town of Kids City Asia,Phnom Penh,Cambodia
    Toddler Town of Kids City Asia,Phnom Penh,Cambodia
Our kid was really happy there with different activities.

The Toddler Town is designated for kids under 4 years old and is full of toddler friendly activities. Ball pool is one of the best places for the kids to spend active hours.

The slides and ball pool of the Toddler Town,Kids City Asia,Phnom Penh,Cambodia
The slides and ball pool of the Toddler Town,Kids City Asia,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

We spent more time in this play area until our kid wanted to have a rest. He enjoyed his time with all the activities and that’s what we wanted in our holiday. When he is in good mood, we have good moments too. You parents know it how it is when travel with small kids, isn’t it?

Go Karts
Cambodia-Phnom Penh with kids
Riding Go Karts with his father was the best part of the day for our son.

Go Karts are for those who are above 5 years old including adults. Both  father and son had great time with Go Karts and it was so much fun.

Well,it is my turn to ride go karts 🙂 Thats a great fun activity for the entire family in our Phnom Penh holiday!

Why only father and son? I could ride too! 🙂  Never miss this activity if you visit Phnom Penh, Cambodia. That was a great family moment for all of us!

Science Discovery



Located at 9th floor, Science Gallery is a perfect place for young kids to explore and learn about science concepts. This area is suitable for kids who are 7 years old or above.



Other Attractions in Kids City Asia



I only listed few kids friendly activities above. However, there are many other activities which both kids and adults can enjoy together. Bumper Cars, Laser Tag and Clip ‘N Climb are some of other activities which you can find in the Kids City Asia, Phnom Penh. If you are in Phnom Penh or if you plan a visit to Phnom Penh, don’t forget to visit this edutainment center. I am sure you will be happy for the few hours which you spent with the kids!


Useful information about Kids City Asia

You need to wear socks when you use the play area. There are shoe racks and cupboards at the entrance which you can keep your belongings.

In each floor we found soft drinks and some other items which you can buy while playing or waiting for kids.

At the entrance of Kids City Asia
At the entrance of Kids City Asia

At the entrance of the Kids City Asia, you can buy items such as toys,drinks and snacks.

Location of Kids City Asia:

162 A,Preah Sihanouk Blvd,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Opening Hours:

10 am -8 pm (Weekday)

9am – 8pm (Weekend & Holiday)

How to get there:

We used a tuk tuk to reach there which is the popular transport mode in Phnom Penh among the tourists.

It was $3 cost for us to reach Kids City Asia from the Royal Palace.During the time we travel,we could see the other major attractions of phnom Penh such as Independence Monument and Wat Langka.So,you can plan your Phnom Penh Itinerary including these attractions.

Please visit  www.kidscityasia.com for more details about all these kids friendly activities you can find in Phnom penh,Cambodia!We had great time with our kid!


Disclosure: We received complementary special passes to visit Kids City Asia.However,as always all the opinions are mine.

Also sharing with #wkendtravelinspiration at Reflections Enroute and other travel blogs.


Rainforest Kidzworld

We had a great time on last Saturday at Singapore Zoo. Now, at his age of 20 months, my son knows most of the words of animals and he has a good attraction to the animals. So, we decided to visit the zoo. Actually it was a good decision and he was excited all the day by seen his animal friends.

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-zoo
After watching the animals, we found this kids area, Rainforest Kidzworld and it is a fun place for kids. Usually I read about the place before we visit, however this time I couldn’t and we really didn’t know about the kids’ area until we reached the zoo.With our experience,Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo is a must visit attraction of Singapore,if you are with kids.

Rainforest Kidzworld
Rainforest Kidzworld

There are some paid and free activities there. Most of them are free. It seems for almost all kids, water playing is the most interesting activity.

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-zoo-2

Read some safety rules before playing. 🙂

Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-Zoo-2

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-Zoo-3

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-Zoo-4

Other than the water play, there are other play equipments behind the water play area. There are also some goats, rabbits and horses in one side. We spent most of the time in the water play area and my son had a really great time.He enjoyed his time by giving a bath to his friends,lion & zebra! 🙂

Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

Finally,have you noticed any changes to the blog?We migrated to WordPress from Blogger.Still,we have a lot to do with the design.However,I am having a great experience with WordPress. 🙂

How about your week?Please share your photo stories with me.I’d like to read those.

Tips to Make Traveling With Your Kids Easier
Are you planning a family vacation? It is always great to get away and
spend a quality time together, but a family trip can be a complete terrible
experience for parents or adults if children become so restless and bored. I
recently had that experience in our holiday in Sri Lanka, and until about a week
my son was tired and restless and hanged on me. Even I was tired and as it was
our first long trip with my son as a toddler, I found that I was not much prepared
for travelling with him.

After that holiday, I learned from experience and here are some of the
tips for you if you are traveling with kids.
#1: Plan your trip ahead of time
Plan ahead your trip. Definitely you require more planning if you travel
with kids. If you drive, check the routes that you can have plenty of rest
stops along the way. You definitely need to stop time to time to give your kids
a break. Kids need to get out of the car time to time to stretch their limbs.
If they are young kids, be prepare for frequent bathroom breaks. If you
travel with toddlers, then you need to consider changing the diapers frequently
and make them comfortable.

#2: Bring along some entertainment
The best way to keep your child calm during a road trip is to make him
busy. Bring along some entertainment items. It can be a game for young kids or
some toys which require engaging for a toddler. These will keep your kids pre-occupied
for a long time. However, make sure to bring a variety of collection with you. You
should have experience. Usually kids get bored easily. So, one toy or one game
will not be enough to keep them calm.
#3: Pack some snacks
Make sure to pack snacks and bring them along with you. Remember to pack
plenty of snacks which include different varieties. So you can give those
snacks to the kids time to time when they are hungry. 
You can pack your own snack bags with trial mix, raisins, nuts, dried
fruit, etc. A box of fresh fruits is also a great idea. Don’t forget to add
some sandwiches cut into small portions as these can be used for a main meal
time too.Also please remember,if you travel with toddlers,nuts are not a good option as those are with chocking hazards.
Prepare with some juice packs and water bottles as these are perfect for
a road trip if it takes few hours to reach the destination. Kids get thirst
more often. For toddlers, pack their formula or milk including sterilized bottles
and cups.
Include some ‘surprise snack’ for them. The easiest way to prepare with
surprise snacks are, use some colourful candies which kids never expect to
have. It is easy to buy different colour candies in different shapes. These
varieties of candies will sure keep your kids busy. Retro sweets are great as a
surprise candy to give your kids as you can find these candies in different
shapes, tastes and colours. You can easily check for different types of Retro sweets to buy online from Sweet Memory Lane.
#4: Take it Easy
Finally, whatever the behavior of your kids, be prepared for it and
expect it. Try to sooth your kids during the travel and take it easy on the activities
you want to do once you’ve arrived at your destination. You may need to skip
some of your favorite and planned activity in your destination. Also it is exciting
to try and plan your schedule at the destination with full of activities. However
finally what you want is to make your kids happy and have good memories.
Do you travel with kids? If so, do you have unforgettable experiences with
them? Please share as a comment.

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