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Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Gorilla Trekking is ranked among the best adventure activities that wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy in the world. On planet earth, there are only three countries that host the mountain gorillas. These three countries have become popular destinations and thousands of adventure seekers visit these countries all year round.

Would you like to do something different this summer? Why not take a gorilla safari in Africa with your family. Going on a gorilla trek will get you off the beaten trail. Break your usual kind of life and try out something different. In the long run, holidaying with the gorillas will bring together tour good family and also get you off the stressful moments. Do you realize that spending time with your kids, spouse and grannies is a natural rehab!

Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Choosing Gorilla Trekking as a Family Trip

As many may think of taking kids for swimming, recreation centers and zoos one would opt for a another lucrative adventure. Though many would like to take a traditional African safari within the national parks, gorilla trekking is a life time family experience! Gorilla Trekking in Africa is one of its own in the jungle – in other words planning for a gorilla safari trek is the best family holiday choice.

Like other vacations, planning a gorilla trek is not all that easy! It involves a lot of logistics and takes you different steps to choose the best trip for your family trip. Below are some of the important things to consider when making prior preparations;

The best tour operator and company

For you to enjoy a stress free family holiday, it requires you dealing with genuine tour operators who will take care of all the logistics involved. They will handle all your travel arrangements, answer your queries and it is advised to choose a tour operator who is flexible for any tailor made request in the course of preparations.

Time of Travel

All the three countries that host the mountain gorillas i.e Uganda Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are located in the tropics. Tropical countries are much known for good weather. These destinations receive tourists throughout the year. However caution should be taken about the weather of some months that receive heavy rains. When you travel from December to March and June to September you stand higher chances of enjoying a spectacular trip because here it’s known as a dry season where little rains are experienced than in the wet season in April to May and October to November.

Know the Age Limit

Before you set off for your gorilla family vacation you need to pay attention to the age of your family members. Because the conservation gorilla trekking age limit is from 15years and above. Also take note of the birth certificates and passport numbers otherwise schedule for a gorilla trek after the last bone’s 15th birth day.

Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

What to Pack for your safari holiday

It’s now a family thing remember to pay attention to the details. Pack all the necessary medical gadget like malaria pills, insect repellants and everything required in your medical kit otherwise it will be a mess if you fall sick on your gorilla trip. Still with what to pack it’s a family moment with long lasting memories. Please endeavor to secure fabulous lenses for your cameras to take clear pictures for future adoration.

On the same note each family member is reminded to pack the best terrain boot as the jungle seems having slippery routes and most especially penetrating through Bwindi Impenetrable forest and hiking to a high Elevation.

Also take note of what to pack. Pay attention to the destination where you will track the mountain gorillas. Pack long sleeved outfits wears, rain jackets, garden gloves from red ants and stinging nettles.

Body fitness

Each family member is urged to keep a reasonable degree of fitness prior to the tracking day. This is because it requires you enough energy during the activity otherwise you may end paying extra charges. Once you fail during the trek, potters will have to carry on the stretcher commonly known as the Jungle ambulance.

Gorilla trackers go tracing through the forest, looking out for the trails of gorillas very early morning. Read about the dos and don’ts even before reporting for the briefing about the activity of the day.

During the trek, trackers keep following the gorillas as they keep precautions given by the park rangers. These guides will brief tourists and direct them to which sections in the jungle to use once the activity starts and this is done to try ease the process! Please take note that the gorillas are wild animals that live by themselves and they can determine their destinations with no bounds.

The families that you will visit are habituated and used to human presence. These families are safe for tracking and after briefing everyone knows what to in the gorilla zone

Precautions and Valid Travel Documents

Endeavor to validate all passports and driving Licenses if you detect any approaching expiry dates as this will keep the family calm and settled.

With no excuse you are recommended to take Yellow Fever Vaccinations as its pre-requisite to all immigration points especially in Africa so take note of visiting the family Doctor before boarding your plane to the virgin land.

Securing a Gorilla Permit

A gorilla Permit is like a passport or a password to access the jungle for the rare mountain gorillas for both Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.  Volcanoes national park, Virunga National Park Mgahinga and Bwindi National Park. Gorilla permits are booked on first come first serve where by you are recommended for earlier booking before your travel dates to avoid last minute panic.  There are only 8 gorilla permits available per day per gorilla group which means only 8 members are entitled to go gorilla trekking per day.
On this note Rwanda has 12 gorilla groups; Uganda which has 15 gorilla groups and DR Congo has only 8 habituated gorilla groups.

Lodges and Location

Consult your tour operator for best accommodation especially for a family. Also mind about the location of the lodge you are looking at staying in – This is due that this will be your base for all the activities you will engage in during your safari.

Beyond the gorilla trekking experience

African SafariYou may go extra mile as it extends beyond your gorilla trekking experience! Don’t miss other awesome and spectacular activities that make a family smiling till the last point. There are many other attractions in the visited destinations. Interesting wildlife in some nearby national parks include Antelopes, Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, giraffes in the savanna land. You will only need a safari jeep to explore the region.

Guide to Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Family Friendly African Destinations

Africa is a vast and ecologically diverse continent so it can be a bit daunting to plan a safari holiday for the first, or even fifth time. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. Choosing your destination

Every destination is unique and safaris come in different shapes and sizes. Some are great for first time visitors, while others are better suited for people with particular interests or families. Whichever destination you choose ensure that you receive all the proper vaccinations.

There are many factors dictating your choice. The important things to consider are the reserve size, wildlife diversity and density, seasonality, accessibility and lodging. So think about what you would love to see. Is it the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania? How about touring the breathtaking semi-desert wilderness of Damaraland to see the world’s largest black rhino population or the famous free roaming desert elephants? In stark contrast we have the lush waterways of the Okavanga Delta in Botswana just teeming with life. What if it’s your first time? Then South Africa, famous for its wildlife diversity, would be a good choice. South Africa offers a little bit of everything and ideal for family vacations. It is home to the world famous Kruger National Park, where you can see the Big 5, hippos, cheetahs, crocodiles, giraffes and many wonderful and unique birds.

There is not one perfect safari experience. It is up to you. But asking the right questions and doing the right research could lead to the start of an unforgettable journey.

Turn Your African Safari Into An Unforgettable Experience

  1. What do you need to pack?

So everything is planned and booked. Your dream vacation awaits, but before you can get there you need to decide what to take along. Most internal flights in Africa have a 12 – 15kg luggage allowance so the key is to find the middle ground.

First and foremost is choosing the right clothes. Here’s where all that handy research comes in handy. The region and season are huge factors, but prepare for the unexpected by packing a lightweight waterproof jacket (preferably one that folds into a small bag. A long sleeve collared shirt is perfect to protect your arms and neck from the sun, while keeping you cool. Fast drying materials (like lightweight cotton and wool socks) are a must. You don’t want to have to deal with wet clothes that couldn’t dry overnight.

You might be under the African sun, but come sundown the temperatures can drop suddenly. So take care to bring some thermal layering for the evening or for early morning game drives.

Choose neutral colors to help keep cool and blend in to the environment. Bright tones tend to frighten the wildlife and dark blue is known to attract Tsetse flies. Don’t over pack since most lodges and camps provide 24hr laundry services.

Accessories are next on the list. A sun hat, small bag and sunglasses are essential. Toiletries are personal choice, but do remember your prescription medication, sunscreen and insect repellent/afterbite. Most important is your choice of shoes. You always want to be comfortable. For most cases a pair of light trail shoes are more than enough, but some activities will require hiking boots with proper ankle support. And don’t forget your flip-flops for the end of the day!

  1. Self Drive vs Guided Tours

There are many options when it comes to African safaris. Do you get down and dirty at a bush camp or mix in a little luxury at a lodge. First time visitors and families might want to opt for guided tours. Being under the experienced supervision of an educated guide means you get to sit back, relax and get the most out of your wildlife experience. For the luxury option there are lodge-to-lodge migration safaris, which allows you to stay a variety of lodges or camps. Most lodges offer both private and group guided tours.

For those who are a little more experienced there are self-drive safaris. If you wish to get away from it all then this is for you. You are able to move at your own pace and truly immerse yourself in the African wilderness. But this independence comes with greater risk and responsibility. So be well prepared. Remember this isn’t a zoo. You’re in the wild where anything can and will happen.

If you want the self-drive experience without the responsibility of all the planning then why not try a group self-drive. You still drive your own vehicle, but you are part of a convoy headed by a guide. This gives you the safety of a group and allows you to take advantage of the guide’s knowledge of the area, weather and wildlife.

  1. A day in the sun…

Your guide will be key to a successful wildlife experience so follow their advice. You may drive for hours without seeing any animals so be patient and don’t rush the guide. Events are often spontaneous and you will have to rely on your guide to spot them. If you have something you’d really love to see then let the guide know early on. If you want to see some truly awe inspiring moments, like the lions at sunrise, then early game drives are not to be missed. Listening to your guide’s stories, tips and facts allows you to fully appreciate the experience. And don’t forget to put on sunscreen!


  1. Capturing your precious memories

We all want to try and capture those memorable, life changing experiences in our lives forever. We want to share it with our families and friends. Take pictures, but remember to listen, to feel the bush surrounding you. Take it slow. Be patient and allow yourself to be immersed in the experience. It’s not always about spotting animals; it’s about becoming a part of the wild.

You guide will tell you when it’s acceptable to take pictures and when to remain still. Make sure to bring a good camera with a zoom lens if you want to take great pictures. Keep your camera ready. Listen to your guide. Things happen very fast on safari so make sure you understand your camera and it’s settings. You will end up taking thousands of pictures so be sure to bring additional memory and batteries. Also try and back up your photos when you have the chance. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing all your vacation pictures.

African bush life is slow and beautiful; so forget the hustle and bustle of your city life. It’s time to relax under the African sun.



Planning a Gorilla Safari Trek

Are you getting ready for a safari tour? Have you decided on what to take on an African safari for better holiday experience? In order to have better holiday and watch animals in the best way don’t forget to add a pair of safari binoculars for your packing list. But if you don’t own a pair of safari binoculars, now it is time to search and buy new one.

That is why in this post I want to share some important tips to help you to buy the best Safari Binoculars. Here are the tips!

How to Choose the Best Safari Binoculars?

Check Quality

You want to check the quality of the safari binoculars which you are going to buy before you confirm any brand or any item. You are going to use it for tough use. Safari binoculars which have thin lenses are not suitable for your safari trip as it can easily get damaged. To confirm the quality of your safari binoculars, read the given product details before you buy.

How to choose the best safari binoculars

Check the features

In order to purchase Best Safari Binoculars, simply check its features and compare few items for quality, features and the price before you buy. Magnification Power is one of the features which you want to check in your Binoculars. If you want it especially for bird watching or specially for animal watching, check the magnification power accordingly and select the Binoculars accordingly.

How to choose the best safari binoculars

Consider the Cost

Cost is also a considering point if you are in a budget. If you purchase for a single use just for your next safari trip, then you can go with a low priced item. However, try to go with a popular recommended brand for high quality within the budget you have.

Check Reviews and recommendations

Before you confirm on the best Binoculars, you can also get the help of reviews and recommendations shared by others on same products. you can easily find helpful tips and features to confirm your preferred Binoculars or to reject it. If you search online, it is easy to find recommendations and reviews for different brands.

With these tips, I hope you will be able to buy pair of Binoculars to include in your safari packing list.

Desert safari in Dubai

Planning a holiday in Dubai? Dubai is one of the exciting destinations in Asia with lot of interesting attractions and activities. If you plan a holiday in Dubai, then it must be one of the awesome decisions you took this year. There are so many things to do in Dubai including luxury shopping.

Dubai Desert Safari is one of the popular activities which most travellers around the world enjoy during their time in Dubai. If you plan your holiday in Dubai, then don’t forget to add this adventurous and exciting activity to your list of things to do in Dubai.

Here is why!

Desert safari in Dubai-What to Expect

You will explore the sand dunes during your thrilling desert safari tour including other excitements such as belly dance show and Tanura show.

Desert safari in Dubai
Belly Dance Show is one of the popular activities.

You will not forget the excitement of camel riding tour while sand boarding is another great experience.

Desert safari in Dubai
Camel Riding is so exciting!

Other than these exciting activities, you can enjoy delicious food and beverages while you are on desert safari. BBQ dinner is always a choice for anyone. Taste a cup of traditional Arabian Tea or coffee as you preferred! Admire the views and scenery of desert including watching sunset over the sand dunes. There are so many adventures and activities. You will enjoy every minute of your desert safari in Dubai!

Desert safari in Dubai
Sunset over the sand dunes is always amazing and picture perfect!
Desert safari in Dubai-How to Book

Well, now you are excited with your Dubai trip and want to know how to book Dubai desert safari .It is not difficult to book a tour package. You can simply select a preferred package of Desert safari in Dubai by visiting dubaisafarispecialoffer.com. They offer few different packages with different facilities and different rates. You can easily find the rates for desert safari in Dubai just by checking each package including the activities and facilities they provide.Select the most suitable Dubai Desert Safari package for you and it is few clicks away to confirm your booking.

Finally, you will have lot of memories and excitement in Dubai making your holiday in Dubai most memorable.

The Best Countries To Visit In Africa

Popular among nature lovers for its enormous creatures of wildlife and beautiful sceneries, Tanzania Safari is the perfect way to enjoy an adventurous holiday. However if you plan a trip to Tanzania, it is better to have some idea on Tanzania Safari tours in order to have an unforgettable holiday with full of memories.

Tips for a successful Tanzania Safari

Tips for a successful Tanzania Safari

Select the right season

What is the right season for a Tanzania Safari holiday? Usually dry season is the most suitable season to see animals. Do you know the reason? Water holes around attract lot of animals and it is really easier to view animals at these times. With small shelters near water holes, you’ll find it is interesting to see a wide range of wildlife in your safari trip.

Plan your Safari at the right time of day

Pick the right time of the day for a successful experience. If you select the mid of the day, then it is very hot and you will not be able to see most of the animals. This is because most of the animals prefer to stay under a tree and enjoy the comfort of the shade. Therefore pick the time at dawn and dusk to watch more animals.

Tips for a successful Tanzania Safari

Choose the best Safari Operator

Planning your holiday to Tanzania with a tour operator is the best way to have a great experience as they understand the situations there. At the same time, these operators arrange your trips including accommodations. So, you are able to plan your trip as a package.

At the same time, always go with a guide. Guides know the wildlife and surrounding well and at the same time they are helpful for you to identify different species.

To find tour operators and guides, you can check other travellers’ reviews and actual experiences. At the same time check reputed travel sites which have safari resources.
Hope above tips are helpful for you to arrange your holiday in Tanzania holiday without any hassle.

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