With authentic and delicious food, historical architecture, beautiful beaches and lot of fun activities make Thailand a popular destination among travelers. People in Thailand are friendly and helpful. You will find a relaxing holiday there with many attractions and activities.

Phuket,also known as the pearl of the Andaman Sea, offers the best of nature’s beauty and luxury vacations for its visitors. With numerous luxury resorts and adventurous activities, Phuket makes this land an attractive place for those who seek unforgettable holiday in Thailand.

If you visit Thailand, Phuket is an ideal destination for you with many activities and attractions. Among other activities like experiencing food, having spa, sightseeing; elephant trekking tours are becoming popular among travelers.So,if you visit Thailand,don’t forget to add elephant riding on Phuket to your travel plan!

Why you should ride Elephants in Phuket?

Phuket Elephant Trekking

Simply,elephant riding is fun,enjoyable and memorable.Ride on an elephant is an exciting way to spend your time together with lot of beautiful moments. In Phuket,you can enjoy an elephant ride with an experienced mahout driven elephant. Once you booked an elephant trekking tour with a reputed company, you will be picked up from your hotel. You are also able to choose a package among different options available. This is great because you are able to choose the best option according to your preferences and style.

phuket elephant trekking.

How to book Phuket Elephant Tours?

It is really easy to find elephant trekking tours in Phuket. However, choose a reputed company which has experience on elephant trekking.

With phuketelephanttrails.com, you can easily book Phuket elephant tours and you have options to select your preferred package. They offer packages which include different activities to make their tours attractive and enjoyable. For example, if you select a half day elephant trekking tour, you will enjoy jungle elephant trekking, monkey show and snake show. Not only these. You also get the opportunity to see baby elephants and even you get the chance to feed them. If you are travelling with kids, this will be a great experience for them.

Phuket Elephant Trekking

Depending on your elephant trekking tour package, you will get the benefits of accident insurance, round transfer from hotel and even the opportunity of tasting delicious Thai meal.

With all these enjoyable experiences, elephant trekking has become a must do activity in Thailand. So, don’t forget to include this into your next Thailand tour. Phuket Elephant trekking will add unforgettable moments and memories for your life.


  1. This looks like an amazing journey. We have not traveled to Asia, but I am sure that when we go to Thailand, we would love to experience this type of adventure!


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