Reasons to Spend St. Paddy's Day in Ireland

How many people of Irish descent are there all over the world? It would be hard to count because everyone and their brother is Irish on St Paddy’s Day! However, even those without Irish blood, even a drop from centuries back, love to celebrate the day. Statistically, even lotteries and scratch cards break records every 17 March when even the unluckiest of people shoot for the pot of gold. Have you ever dreamed of spending St Paddy’s Day in Ireland? Here are at least three very good reasons why you should – at least once in a lifetime.

1. The Festival in Dublin

Imagine spending time in the city where the festivities all began? Why not book a Lucky Charm Tour on the Go Irish Tours website to fall on, or very near, St Patrick’s Day? Not only will you get a guided tour of Dublin City but you will be in the heart of festivities during a time when the country is about everything Irish and everything green. Enjoy a glass of ale and sing the old Irish songs as you lift your pint in salute to a fun-loving people who know how to party.

2. A Pint or Two of Traditional Irish Beer

Speaking of a pint of Irish beer, this is the time of year to visit the local pubs anywhere in the country. This is where you’ll get a taste of culture and ale all wrapped up into one exciting experience and there is nothing quite like traditional Irish beer enjoyed in it’s element. While the world knows of Guinness, there are other beers and ales which you may only find in import stores. Make sure to sample the local brews!

3. A Day When the World Turns Green – Or So It Seems!

Never again will you meet a people as proud of their heritage than the Irish. St Paddy’s Day is a day when everything in the country turns green – literally; from the costumes worn by the locals to the decorations in shops and businesses to the lights outside replaced with green lamps for this very special occasion. If you intend to party with the masses, make sure you’ve brought or bought something green and don’t forget to keep your digital camera or mobile phone charged. You’ll surely want pictures to take home to remember this day by for the rest of your life. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Yes, you can visit Ireland any time of year and the Emerald Isle is always green, except of course when it’s buried under mounds of snow. But there is something so awe-inspiring about the way the Irish celebrate the feast day of their patron saint that touches the heart of even the staunchest of non-believers. Why not join the revelry? There’s plenty of fun, food and ale to go around and that’s something anyone from any walk of life can enjoy. Looking to meet a people on the one day of the year that best exemplifies their history and culture? That would be St Paddy’s Day in Ireland, a party you’ll never forget.


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