Things to Do in Spain

Spain is a country that moves slowly, and it’s the land of the siesta. Everyone is enjoying life as it is, and this dynamic country has a lot to offer. If Spain is your next destination, get ready for a fun day of backpacking and traveling as there are many places to see and experiences to savor.

Spain is a fascinating country that offers variety and uniqueness. The cities of Barcelona and Madrid are for those who are go-getters and party-lovers. At the same time, the Basque Country in the North may find itself in contract with the South’s lifestyle.

Many Spaniards love hosting travelers, laughing at a good conversation, drinking excellent wines and people are not really in a rush here. This may not be a fast-paced city, but you may find a relaxing vacation that you deserve after months of work. Another bonus is that Spain is a beautiful country where the cost of living is super cheap. Everything is inexpensive, and you can always visit more restaurants and try other cuisines without breaking your bank account.

About Car Rentals in Spain

One of the best ways to go from one place to another in Spain is rent a car. With the help of Espagne –, you can choose companies that can provide you with a vehicle that will fit your needs. This way, you can go around various cities in a day, get into stunning beaches in Tenerife, and see the rugged mountains of Andalusia. 

What to do in Spain

1. Enjoy and Savor Barcelona

Barcelona is similar to Madrid, where the famous late-night parties, historic streets, and delicious cuisines are all present. There is a lot of history in the city, and you’ll learn to sleep until 10 pm. Eating with the locals means that you also have dinner at midnight and visit the museums in the early hours. This is definitely one of the best places to go in Europe.

2. Explore Granada and its History

Things to Do in Spain

Granada is one of the ancient Moorish cities, which is a definite favorite in Spain. You can find yourself relaxing in one of the old palaces in Alhambra. This place is located at the foot of Sierra Nevada’s mountains, and it offers many architectural elements and cultural attractions that many will appreciate.

3. Visit Madrid

Madrid is famous for its tapas, museums, and nightlife. You can know more about this city on this page here. Many people are awake and start their day at midnight for partying and having fun in general. You may want to see the Royal Palace and Prado, which are some of the largest museums in the country. When you want to have time to stroll with your significant other, you may want to take a visit to the Plaza, which is the city’s main square.

4. Go into the Islands

You may want to visit the Canaries or Ibiza, which have some of the most breath-taking beaches in the world. The islands sparkle with ocean water, and the beautiful atmosphere may make you want to live there forever.

Try to avoid the peak months, which are during July and August, because everything can become very expensive when there are many tourists. Ibiza is the best island for hiking, surfing, cycling, and beach in general, and you can become accustomed to the relaxed pace that life is offering you in these islands.

Other Things that You May Want to Do

1. Running of the Bulls

If you’re looking for exciting activities, you can always join the Running of the Bulls, which is held in July in the city of Pamplona. This is for people who are brave and stupid at the same time. While others may not want to know what it’s like being chased by the bulls, they can still enjoy the unlimited sangrias, wear red scarfs, and eat excellent meals in a way that only Spanish people can celebrate.

2. Costa Del Sol is a Good Way to Have a Laze

Take it easy with the beaches in Costa del Sol, where you get the serenity that nature has to offer. The laid-back life is popular in Spain, and the southern coast is famous for nightlife and a great way to refresh. Read more about costa del sol here:

Nowadays, it’s imperative to follow all the health and safety protocols when traveling, especially the ones established by the resorts. Fortunately, you can still find somewhere safe such as the ones in Malaga, to chill and be free from the everyday stresses of life.

3. Valencia is a Must-Visit Place

Valencia is a pretty fantastic town on its own. Many may not consider this as one of the cities to go to, but you may find that the tomato fights at Bunol and nearby towns can be fun to watch. Many have established their home bases in Valencia because of the paella, seafood, a good soccer team, and history. When you think further down the road, you may discover that this is somewhere you should belong if you decide to live in Spain.

4. Camino Walks

A walk at The Way of Saint James or El Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route for those who want to strengthen their faith. The path can start from the North-western part of Spain in Santiago de Compostela, all the way to France’s border. All in all, it can be more or less 800 km, and this can take a month to complete. But you’ll be seeing a lot of Spain in general and go to less-visited villages in the area and find hidden gems in your travels.

5. Shop in Seville

If you are looking for historic sites, palaces, and magnificent churches, then Seville is the city for you. You can also go shopping here as this is the UK’s overseas territory. You can find a mix of exciting cultures and people in Seville, like North Africans, Spanish, and British people. The hotel rates may fluctuate and book in advance. You can try the local wines and tapas trains plus desserts and drinks.

6. Hike up to the Sierra Nevada

When you’re in for a day of exercising, a hike in the Sierra Nevada can be a fantastic place. You can explore smaller towns underneath, ski during the winter, where you can see one of the most rugged and prettiest places in the Spanish regions. The trails’ difficulties may vary, but you can also get guided tours when you book in advance. All of these can be within your reach in Spain, and you’ll definitely have a good time when you plan everything well before the trip.


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