Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS)


Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS) is a search engine which offers a detailed database for global property listings. If you use this comprehensive search engine for property search, you only need to use keywords instead of zip codes of the location or area which you are looking for. GRELIS were the first to offer this facility of searching property listings using the keywords.

Recently Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS) did another remarkable thing in the field of real estate listings. That is, now you can easily price properties in US Dollar. As the globally accepted currency, it is really easier for both sellers and buyers if the properties are priced in US dollar and GRELIS is the first to offer this facility.

With the popularity of social media sites, nowadays it is common that most of the updates we read from social media sites. So, with GRELIS you can expect your listings to share in social media. They have added social networking to feature the listings.

With the feature of universal pricing system, you can transform your listings in to US Dollars. A buyer can easily search listings and browse properties under same currency of US Dollar. It is a convenient feature for buyers because a buyer can value the property using the given amount in USD. With social elements provided for each listing, it is easier to validate its relative popularity.

GRELIS is also a timely search engine. Most of the Americans are still having effects of 2008-2009 recession and wage stagnation. However, GRELIS provides search results which matches with any budget. Other than the feature of searching property listings according to budget, you can also search properties as per lifestyle choices such as beach houses, villas or mountain retreats. This feature is really helpful for anyone to find their preferred properties in preferred location.
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