Fishing Tackle Guides

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or fisherwoman, or if you have never so much as caught tuna in a tin, knowing where to go to be able to get solid fishing advice if perhaps one of the best things that anyone can ever share with you.

Yes, even experienced people can learn new tricks, and few people would know everything about the variety of different types of fishing. So, whether you are wanting to break out of your comfort zone or you are just heading somewhere interesting on holiday and want to sneak a rod in your suitcase, checking out more information online like the Fishing Tackle Guides & Reviews before you go fishing can give you not only excellent advice about the type of fishing you can do, but also what is in season and how to catch it.

However, before you waste your time reading a whole lot of information that is useless, pointless or worst of all, completely wrong, what should a great guide or review site be able to tell you?

Generalist Or Specialist Sites

You will often find that websites dump lots of information together, particularly for “Hunting and Fishing” themes. If done well this can be great, particularly if you are actually into both types of activities. However, if fishing is your main interest then you may find that you need a specialist site that doesn’t mention anything about guns or deer stalking.

With the variety of options for sports that involving casting, lines and rods you can get sites that not only are specifically for those that enjoy to fish, but even sites that specialize in a particular type of the sport such as fly or deep-sea. There are currently estimated to be over 2.2 million different species of marine creatures living in the various bodies of water on earth (see here), and while you may not be able to catch them all, with the right equipment you’ll certainly be able to catch your fair share.

On a more general outdoor website you may find that you are looking more at a particular area than a particular sport, so if you have a family that wants to be more self-sufficient or is looking for an adventure holiday this may be the perfection option for you to find out about all the outdoor possibilities in an area.

Guides For Beginners

If you are an absolute beginner, look for a review site that explains in clear detail what you should be looking for in the way of tackle and technique. Yes, sites aimed at the experienced angler will also give tips and tricks, and these will be fantastic to look at once you’ve advanced a little, but initially you just need to know what you should be looking for when you buy a rod.

Generally, you should be looking for information on a separate rod, reel, line, hook and bait. However, the way that these components can be mixed and matched to suit different species and environments is often very confusion for a beginner. You should also be able to find good advice on what weight and length are ideal for different species and what should be released back into the water – with increasingly decreasing stock around the world this has become more of a concern and most sport anglers are conscious to catch and release if fishing for fun

What Is Fishing Tackle

Just to clear up any confusion for those new to the sport, tackle is simply the term used to all the equipment that you need to go fishing. Each species will require different items, and often the term is used in reference to a tackle box. However, a tackle box doesn’t generally include either reel or rod (or net for that matter) but is a great place to hold an assortment of lures, hooks, sinkers, floats and the various tools and pieces required to put them all together. If you are looking for a gift for someone who fishes, ask in your local store for any tackle. You don’t really need to know what sort of fishing they do, most fishermen/fisherwomen are actually quite happy to receive quite random lures or floats, even if they are unlikely to ever actually use them for the type of terrain they usually go to. If in doubt, just buy the lure that you think looks prettiest.

Finding Great Fishing Tackle Guides & Reviews

Guides For Experts

Beginners may look at you expertly casting your rod, or reeling in marlin without breaking a sweat, but you know that although you have been doing this for years now, there is still so much you want to master and so many new equipment on the market that you wouldn’t mind trying out.

Then there is when you get to step outside your comfort zone and swap a little deep-sea trawling for a spot of deep river angling, or try your hand at surf casting. Each as very unique techniques and a really great guide will be able to give you some pointers without making you relearn which end of the rod you should be holding, and which end should be pointed towards the fish.

What you should being able to easily find is information that builds on what you already know. This will often include product reviews for new gear that has just been released, and what is really helpful is if the reviews are able to compare to not just previous models but to similar equipment released by other brands.

When you are talking reels and rods this is one of the main reason why experts will frequent a tackle guide and review site, because although learning a better technique for gutting a fish is always handy, what you really want to know is if that new carbon fiber rod is as good as your neighbor is making out, or if you should stick with your old trusty bamboo rod – and that’s without even looking at spool or reels. 


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