Diving Destinations

Located on the western coast of Thailand, Khao Lak Beach is one of the popular beaches among the tourists to Thailand. Rich with natural and scenic beauty, Khao Lak attracts the attention of travellers who loves beaches and water sports. If you love diving experiences or Scuba and snorkeling adventures in Thailand, Similan Island is another attraction which lies opposite to Khao Lak. If you are planning an adventurous holiday in Thailand, definitely Khao Lak or Similan Islands are the best decisions and similan diving experience will be remarkable.

Why Similan Islands and Khao Lak are the best destinations for diving adventure daytrips?

If you plan to spend a holiday in Similan Islands or in Khao Lak during the dive season, without any doubt, the best thing to do there is diving. Diving in the Similan islands on holiday liveaboards is the best unforgettable way to explore Similan Islands and of course, to have a wonderful experience in Thailand. With a reputed tour arranging company, you can easily join with a Similan Island diving adventure daytrip and explore the best dive sites in Similan

Experience Khao Lak Liveaboards to Similan Islands in Thailand

Similan Islands Holiday liveaboards

If you wonder thinking how to find an experienced team for your Similan islands liveaboard adventure, then don’t worry. Just check khaolakexplorer.com for your similan islands liveaboard khao lak diving trip. If you check Similan islands liveaboard reviews, you’ll find that this company, Khao Lak explorer is equipped with a large fleet of liveboards and ready to offer its customers unforgettable liveboard experiences including best price guarantee.

Khao Lak Liveaboards to Similan islands

With Khao Lak Explorer Dive Center, you will find a range of Khao Lak liveaboards to Similan islands which will depart from Khao Lak or even from Phuket. So, even if your accommodation is in Phuket, you don’t have to worry too much about catching your liveboard to Similan. You will receive free pickup if you book your diving trip with khaolakexplorer.com.

Other than that, you will enjoy a comfortable liveaboards tour from Khao Lak to Similan islands which includes best dive equipment. Professional and friendly service is their guarantee including responding to your questions within 24h.

So why wait? Have a look into khaolakexplorer.com and book your liveboard and experience Khao Lak Liveaboards to Similan islands in Thailand.Your Similan diving experience will be unforgettable. It is guaranteed!


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