How to Add That Extra Element of Luxury to Your Next Trip to the Twin Cities

Whether on a business trip or family vacation to the Twin Cities, you may want to travel in style like you’ve never done before. There are actually several very affordable ways to add that extra element of luxury on your next trip to Minneapolis/St Paul, and here are a few suggestions you may wish to consider.

Go First Class All the Way

Sometimes if you book your flight far enough in advance, you can get real deals on booking seats in first class. Air tickets, like anything else, operate largely on the rule of ‘supply and demand’ and so the best way to get tickets in first class is to book them before they are in great demand. The further out you book, the lower the cost might be! Check with your travel agent for the best deals during the time when you intend to travel.

Forget the Taxi – Hire a Limo!

If you compare the cost of taxi service to and from the airport, you will see that the cost is comparable to traveling in the luxury of a hired limo. Twin Cities Car Service offers transportation from the airport to your 5-star hotel and back again when it’s time to return home after a luxury vacation you’ve treated yourself to perhaps for the first time ever. Why take a taxi when you can travel literally in the lap of luxury?

Discounted Accommodations at 5-Star Hotels

Speaking of 5-star hotels, why not talk to your travel agent about the possibility of getting discounted rates at some of the most luxurious hotels in the Twin Cities? Again, if you book early enough, you just might find that your agent can get you deals and savings on top of the travel tickets you booked and as part of a package deal, you just might find that staying in luxury isn’t all that expensive! Yes, it will undoubtedly cost more than staying in a Motel 6, but you can find deals that cost only a little more with so many more amenities to enjoy.

Make Every Dinner a Special Occasion

One of the costliest aspects of traveling in luxury is the cost of dining out. Eating every meal out can run up quite a tab, so why not make every dinner a special occasion and eat in for breakfast and lunch. In fact, some travelers to the Twin Cities who opt to stay in 5-star hotels choose those that offer a complimentary continental breakfast and if timed right, this can suffice as both breakfast and lunch! Most offer breakfast until at least 9 or 10 o’clock and so if you eat a late breakfast and an early dinner, you will be able to afford that 5-star restaurant to finish each day in luxury.

There are so many ways to travel to the Twin Cities in luxury and if you are creative, you can find places to go and things to see that will top off your trip with photo ops to cherish for years to come. Traveling in luxury isn’t only for the rich and famous if you know how to plan your trip far enough in advance.


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