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Manage Your Trip

Let’s face it – travel is one of the industries that has been completely redesigned and changed with the rise of technology and the Internet. The truth is, this growth has been achieved mainly by tools and platforms that revolutionized the way people book, travel and organize their tours.

Manage Your Trip is the perfect example of such platform – and according to many – is the leading cloud platform for tour operators that are running groups and private tours. Basically, the platform makes creating, marketing and managing trips way better in an online experience that can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Manage Your Trip

Interaction, Back-Office And Marketing Made Easier

Long gone are the days when back-office and interaction was made to be part of computers and part of offices. Nowadays, travel agencies are more mobile and organized than ever before. As such, they certainly need a more mobile and adaptive presence.

Thanks to Manage Your Trip and its interface, you can now simplify your accounting, access your back-office in an easy way and interact with your travel agency suppliers in real-time. This makes getting feedback on tours easier and simpler than ever before.

Manage Your Trip

So, How Can You Take Advantage Of Manage Your Trip

As we said earlier, the ideal users are travel agency owners looking for a more customized, more decentralized and a tailor-fit solution that lets them organize their travel tours in a better way. You can either get in touch via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or directly on our website to see how Manage Your Trip can work for you.

According to many, the platform is initially great for servicing your bookings easier and managing your travel in a more effective way. For travel agency owners and managers with groups of 10+ people in a tour, it is a perfect way to simplify your operations and change the in-house booking systems (and even GDS systems) for a more advanced platform.






If you are a traveller who likes to connect, chat and experience the local life, then you definitely need to meet and talk with locals of the travel destination. Instead of finding locals once you reached the destination who can guide you, it is really convenient to talk with them before you visit there. If you can chat with them and exchange your interests and find a way to join with locals once you reach the destination, that will surely make your trip memorable and exciting.

Connect Share inspire with idargo

Connect Share inspire with idargo

Idargo is such an App which you can connect with locals around the world. Idargo provides the platform for travellers to connect with local guides who act as tour guides during their spare time. Main feature of this app is that you can find locals from the destination you travel who are well known of the area, culture and attractions.

If you are a backpacker, elderly, first time traveller or even if you travel as a family, you can find local guides as you wish and with your interests. If you are interested in only visiting the places which are good for kids, you can find local guides who are well known of the kids’ friendly locations and attractions of the destination. That is really easy and you will have a great holiday with more memories.

How to use idargo?

If you are a traveller,

Then here are the steps.

Visit www.idargo.com and create your own profile. When you are ready for a holiday, check for local buddies and chat with those whom you think are suitable to guide you. Finally book your unique travel experience with the local travel guide and enjoy your holiday. Don’t forget to leave a review once you return from the holiday that will really helpful for others.

If you are a local guide,

Create your unique profile by visiting www.idargo.com and share your local experience. Chat with the travellers who contact you and offer your local guiding service for them.

Isn’t this sound really interesting? Similar to other companies such as Airbnb, you can choose how you travel.In return you will have amazing unique experiences with your local buddies. So, visit www.idargo.com and create your profile and start chatting with the local buddies!


Just imagine that you visit any country around the world and you are able to talk with the locals of the country! You can meet & greet them. You don’t face any language problem or you don’t want to use sign language with English words. I know it is more common with travellers which they try to talk with the locals using sign language but pronouncing English words.

With Familiar, it is not a matter at all! You will not have any language barrier to communicate with the locals of the country you travel. Whether it is Thailand or India or even in China, you can communicate with the locals using their language.

With Familiar now you can talk to anyone in any language

Wait! Now I am talking so much, right! Well, before going further chit chat, I’d like to introduce this new concept with you all.

It is Familiar.With Familiar interpreters, you can easily communicate with the people in any country, learn the culture and spend time with locals.

What is Familiar?

Familiar is a unique concept of connecting travellers with language interpreters. When you are in a foreign country and when you want to speak the local language, it is just a phone call away. This app will connect you to an interpreter over the phone and you can speak the language with the help of the interpreter.

How to use Familiar?

It is really easy to use Familiar. Simply download the Familiar app to your smart phone. Then let the Familiar know which language you want to talk. That’s it. Familiar will connect you with an interpreter who speaks the local language which you were looking for. Speaker on and you will have a conversation with the local including the third person over the phone.

This sounds interesting, right? Then head on to www.heyfamiliar.com and see more details on how to use Familiar App on your next travel destination.


TrackR for travel safety

How many times have you forgotten your phone? How about the keys? It is common that we misplace these small items such as keys and even the phone at least once a day. How about missing your phone while traveling? Or if you misplace your room keys before checkout? These are the situations that we need some smart way to find the lost items without wasting time. Specially, in a holiday, time is very valuable. Just by losing a small item, our whole day can be ruined. I don’t want to say how stressful it is to find small objects on the tables, inside the pockets, bags, on the bed etc etc. TrackR comes handy in such situations by guaranteeing to find lost objects in short period of time.

What is TrackR?

Simply, TrackR is a way to find your lost and misplaced belongings in a short period of time. It comes as a small, coin-sized device. You can easily attach this coin sized device into your valuable items. Then download TrackR app to your iPhone or android and locate any of your lost items in few seconds.
Don’t you think this is a simple and easy way to find items, specially when you travel?

TrackR for travel safety

Features of TrackR

TrackR comes with different features which help you to locate your belongings before you lost it.

  • With the feature of Distance Indicator, TrackR app displays the distance between you and your belongings. So don’t worry even if you lost your keys on the beach. You can easily track it and collect it.
  • Think of losing your keys inside a cinema or theater. Don’t worry. Item Ringer feature is there. With a quick tap, TrackR can ring the misplaced item.
  • Lost your phone while spending time in an amusement park or somewhere you were busy with sightseeing? There is a button in TrackR device which makes it ring the phone. Surprisingly, this phone finder feature works even if the phone is in silent mode.

Seems interesting,right?Then just CLICK HERE to visit their site to buy TrackR and for more details.

With the advancement in technology GPS tracking is used to keep track on objects and possessions. Usually they come with apps or integrated with computer programs which easily allow seeing it on a map. Although GPS trackers come in several forms;smart phones and GPS apps are more popular among most of us who use these devices.

GPSWOX -Free GPS Tracking System

GPSWOX is a FREE GPS tracking system which is popular among many companies. Other than that this tracking system is used by most public sectors and in personal households worldwide to track objects and also used for fleet management. With GPSWOX, it is easier to track objects in real time and to generate notifications and reports in few minutes.

With GPS Tracking Software, you can easily track objects online. More importantly with GPSWOX,the GPS server use powerful GPS tracking system and it is compatible with any GPS tracker and mobile. If you use this service, you can also expect 24/7 technical support worldwide.

GPS Tracking for travelers

Once you register using your email address, you can start tracking within few minutes. Only you need to do is to add your device. Then it is ready to go! This GPS tracking system is user friendly and simple to use by anyone. Once you registered, you will get one device tracking free which comes with unlimited features.

GPS Tracking for Travellers

GPSWOX Mobile Tracking Apps is ideal for travelers or personal use as it is easier to track the objects on real time. Once you sign up on gpswox.com, visit Google Play, App Store or Windows Store and download the gps tracking app.


With this mobile tracking App, you can easily convert your iPhone, Android or Windows mobile into a GPS Tracker and start tracking your device online. Things you can expect by using this GPS Apps are recovery of a lost phone, track your loved ones and over speed alerts. These are really beneficial features specially when you are away from home or if you are a frequent traveler.


Have a look into gpswox.com and find more information about this GPS tracking Apps and GPS server.You will see how beneficial this App is for you to track your family when you are away from home.

4 Best Tips to Find a Hotel for your Next Holiday
So you are planning your
next vacation. It involves lot of planning including accommodation. You want to
find the best accommodation which gives you a comfortable stay during the
vacation even without breaking the bank. But, how to find a good accommodation
if the destination is a totally new place and you don’t know about the place
much? That’s a big concern for anyone when finding a hotel for stay during a

Here I gathered few tips you
can use when search for a hotel. Hope these tips are helpful for you when you
look for a hotel next time.
#1: Ask friends and family members

I hope you’ve already selected
a destination for your holiday. Now the next to do is to find a hotel. If you
know someone among your family members and friends who have been to the same vacation
destination, ask them. Ask them about the hotel they stayed. May be they say
that the place they stayed was not worth the money spent or they may even say
they don’t want to visit the place again. But they will also give you some
suggestion of the hotels they found during their visit which they think that
those hotels are worth for a stay. Whatever they say, you’ll find good
information about the destination and the hotels nearby and it may ease your

#2: Use the internet to look
for hotel reviews. 

If you check for hotel reviews online, you’ll find tons of reviews. Nowadays there are many websites
that share actual reviews from travelers who have already stayed in the hotel. Some
of these reviews are also included photos of the hotel and hotel room they
stayed. These reviews will give you a clear picture and idea of hotels near any
travel destination which you are looking for. Comparing few hotel suggestions
and reviews, you can select a hotel to stay.

#3: Talk to a Travel agent

Travel agents most probably know
the best hotels to stay and even you will be able to get a discount if you book
through them. Therefore talking with a travel agent is always a good idea and
you’ll able to get some clear idea of the vacation destination too. Make sure
to ask lots of questions and get your all doubts cleared before making the

#4: Use Travel Apps and Tools

4 Best Tips to Find a Hotel for your Next Holiday

Now, if you don’t like all
above methods and which some are like old school methods that you spend time to
find a place and call for a friend and get the details, then find the hotel
then call the hotel etc etc, why don’t you get the help of a travel tool or a
travel App ? 

Usually these travel apps and tools are a great way to reduce time
consuming for a simple task. Using a travel tool, you can save lot of time and
use that saved time to find the attractions and things to do during your stay.Among other tools and Apps,check ‘Near Me’ to find Hotels Nearby, which is a great tool for travelers.It is developed to assist people to locate
any service in a given location. You only need to enter the location you plan
to visit and then you will get the results almost immediately.

Finally, you will find some
pretty amazing hotels in your searches. Next, you will have to do is a little
research and find if you really want to stay there. Shortlist few hotels and
find the best hotel around to stay during the vacation. Though these processes
need some time to spend, it will worth the time. 

Using above tips and
techniques with a little research within the hotel website, you’ll find the
best hotel to stay. Even you’ll find the perfect hotel at the rate you expect. 

Now, start your search and
have fun in your next holiday!

Here is good news for all the travel enthusiasts! With the revolution of smart phones, now most of our day to day tasks are convenient with mobile Apps.I am sure you also use lot of Apps in your smart phone for different tasks. Sure, this App will be another great App for those who love to travel and share the moments with family and friends. It is Track-Kit App.
Track Kit Pro-A GPS Tracking App for Travelers
Track Kit is an App developed by Lifeware Solutions which helps anyone to record their tracks, edit if need and keep their tracks. It is basically developed for those who look for a convenient GPS tracker.
Here are some of the features of this Track-Kit App
  • You are able to Record your tracks by adding way points. You can also add
    pictures to keep your traveling logs which I think is a great way to keep
  • Track Kit Pro-A GPS Tracking App for Travelers
  •  Any user of this App is able to add images and Google street views to their tracks to demonstrate their experience with the new place with the others.

Track Kit Pro-A GPS Tracking App for Travelers

  • Users can easily create wonderful presentations using the details of the places they traveled. To make the presentation more attractive, this App allows inserting street view videos.


  •  Do you know, you can share your tracks and photos with friends via Gmail,Facebook or Twitter. I guess this is an interesting feature which allows keeping contact with friends while on travel. Who doesn’t like to update the travel details while on a trip?


  • This Track-Kit App allows its users to publish tracks on Track Kit Website . Users can use this feature to organize their routes and compare multiple tracks.


  • And many more. ..


Please check the site for more details and features of this App. Among all the features of this App, I prefer the fact that it allows users to share their travel information with family and friends. This is something exciting for any traveller as they can stay in touch with more details of the location with their loved ones.

Have a look into this App and download it. Without any doubt, this is one of the useful Apps for any traveler.


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