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Sri Lanka Flowers

Sri Lanka Flowers
Wathusudda flowers

Having a holiday in Sri Lanka is always enjoyable. This is the time of the year that we enjoy time with our family members and friends. Other than spending time with family members, I also get time to spend among natural views of Sri Lanka.

I just started my Sri Lanka holiday. It is raining here. However I have enough flowers captures to share. As always this is the time I spend among flowers and flower photography.

Below are some white flowers I captured during these days. While sharing travel experiences and travel tips through this blog, I also like to document the flowers I find in Sri Lanka.

Wathusudda (Tabernaemontana divaricata,pinwheel flower) is a common flower find in Sri Lankan home gardens.These flowers can be found easily throughout the year.

Sri Lanka Flowers
White Flowers from Sri Lanka : Wathusudda flowers

With beautiful blooms and fresh flowers that cover the wathusudda plant,these flowers make pleasant views for any home.In Sri Lanka it is also used for offerings for Buddha.Also it is good for simple decorations.

pinwheel flowers
wathusudda flowers are good for simple home decorations with flowers.

Below is another type of wathusudda that is easy to find in Sri Lanka.The petals of these flowers are thicker than the common type of wathusudda which I shared above.

Sri Lanka Flowers
A type of wathusudda

Below is a bloom of the above wathusudda type.As the petals are thick,these flowers can remain a day or two without wilting.

Sri Lanka Flowers
Wathusudda blooms

A tour to Sri Lanka may not complete if you don’t have a look into the flora and fauna as Sri Lanka is a country blessed with nature’s beauty.Among the many flowers,wathusudda is popular simply because it is easy to grow and there are also different types.Below is another type of wathusudda easily find in Sri Lanka.

White Flowers from Sri Lanka
White Flowers from Sri Lanka : A kind of wathusudda flower

All above are different types of white flowers found in Sri Lanka.Among the white flowers,we cannot forget jasmine flowers (pichcha flowers) which also with good fragrance.Earlier I shared some posts about gata pichcha flowers and wild jasmine flowers.Below is a capture of Saman Pichcha flowers which is another type of Jasmine that emits good fragrance.

White Flowers from Sri Lanka
White Flowers from Sri Lanka : Saman Pichcha flower

If you like to know about the flowers of Sri Lanka,please check this post about Kadupul flower.This beautiful flower will make you surprised with its unique details!

Do you like to capture flowers?Do you like these beautiful white flowers from Sri Lanka?

Kadupul flower

Popular as one of the most expensive flowers in the world, Kadupul Flower is a rare flower which perishes after few hours of blooming. These flowers perish before the dawn, making it more precious too see in natural!

Kadupul Flower captures from Sri Lanka

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower with a bloom

As I love gardening and flower photography, I never missed my chance of capturing these kadupul flowers during my recent Sri Lanka holiday! For me Travelling is all about experiencing new things including flora and fauna in different destinations. This is why I have many flower captures in this blog. So, this time I am all in for writing this post about one of the rare flowers in the world!

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower – side look

Kadupul flower is a legendary flower native to Sri Lanka which is also popular as the Queen of the night! It is not easy to watch these flowers, reason is simple. Kadupul flowers are with really short lifespan. Other than the short lifespan, these flowers bloom during the night time. So, you need to wait till midnight to see the flowers if you see some blooms on the plant.

In my parents’ home garden there are some Kadupul flower plants. But, until recent I was not lucky enough to see a kadupul flower in real. Whenever it was blooming, I was not in Sri Lanka.

During my recent holiday to Sri Lanka, I was lucky enough to see these beautiful and priceless flowers in real. It was timely. I saw some blooms in our Kadupul plant, so I was waiting everyday till mid night to see the flowers blooming. Not only me; we all were waiting to see the kadupul flowers!

Bit from legendry stories about Kadupul flowers:

As per legends, Kadupul is the legendary flower of the Nagas. In Sri Lanka It is believed when the Kadupul flowers bloom the Celestial Nagas come and offer these flowers to the Lord Buddha. I read about different believes in India and China with the same plant and flowers.

Kadupul flower

The plant:

Botanically named as Epiphyllum oxypetalum, kadupul plants are kind of cactus which is easy to cultivate.

Anyway, these flowers are with really strange but really attractive fragrance. It is difficult to explain. With the pure white appearance this is really a miracle at the mid night!

I’d love to see these flowers again in real experience the fragrance! Have you seen these flowers?

If you love gardening you can also check these flower plants here.



Smiling Gandapana Flowers

Today I spent more time thinking what to post for Tuesday photo story post. I have lot of photos to share from my recent Sri Lanka holiday and recent Singapore visits. But, last week I had a break from blogging. I wrote some posts, but actually I had a break and spent on organizing my other stuffs and connecting with other bloggers. So, it is almost Tuesday, but I don’t have any post or any idea ready with me to share.

Smiling Gandapana Flowers

Do you know, Tuesday post is the favorite post of mine? I get the opportunity to talk with other like minded bloggers with this post. I receive many sweet comments for my posts and I really don’t like to miss the Tuesday post. So, finally I got an idea to write! It is again a poor flower capture of me.

Smiling Gandapana Flowers

Whenever I feel lazy to write a detailed Tuesday travelogue post, flower captures are there to help me to write a post. It happened today too.

These flowers are called as ‘Gandapana’ in Sri Lanka and considered as a wild plant /weed. But, there is another variety that can be seen in home gardens too. I captured these flowers from our home in Sri Lanka and this is not from the garden. It is a wild plant or unwanted for my parents. So, they should have removed the plant by now. But, the flowers are beautiful and I could capture few moments with the flowers.

Smiling Gandapana Flowers

In Sri Lanka we can see different varieties of ‘Gandapana flowers’ including different colors such as red and yellow other than this pink color flowers.

Lantana is the English word I found for these flowers.Do you have Lantana flowers in your country?If so,is it a weed or garden plant?

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Flowers from Sri Lanka

This is another beautiful flower which we find commonly in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately I am not sure about its English name or botanical name. In Sri Lanka we call these flowers as ‘Gini Kuuru Mal’. Usually these are grown as small vines and we can see lot of tiny single flowers in the plant. Bright red colour is so attractive and these flowers can create any garden so beautiful.

Gini Kuuru Mal
Sri Lanka Flowers – Gini Kuuru Mal

I usually like to feature Sri Lanka flowers in this blog.Each of my holiday in Sri Lanka give me the opportunity capture lot of common Sri Lanka flowers,but some times it is difficult to find the English name or botanical name.

Sri Lanka Flowers- Gini Kuuru Mal
Sri Lanka Flowers

Do you know the name of this flower? If so please share.

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Photo Friday

With my craziness on capturing flowers,I have lot of flower captures in my computer.Whenever,we visit a place,I like to take few flower photography if I see flowers.Simply,flowers are beautiful,colourful and they give their best capture for any beginner who loves to take flower photographs.

So,don’t look mad at me. 🙂 Most of the Photo Friday posts will be on my flower captures because I like to share a travel story on each Tuesday.Is it a less attention to Friday post?Sometimes I feel so.Because I spend more time thinking on the next travel story for Tuesday posts and most of the time,I write it before Tuesday.But,it seems I don’t pay much attention to Photo Friday post.

Anyway,I still assume that you all like to see my Flower captures.I want to share the most joyful moments which I spent with flowers with all of you.

So,here is another flower photo which I captured few weeks ago in Sri Lanka.These Pretty Blue Flowers are common in Sri Lanka and each time when I visit home,I have a capture! 🙂

Photo Friday-Pretty Blue Flowers

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Jasmine Flowers (Pichcha Flowers)
Jasmine Flowers (Pichcha Flowers)
Jasmine flowers are another commonly found flower in Sri Lanka.Also called as ‘Gata Pichcha‘ these flowers emit aroma and it is a beautiful scenery to see a bush of these flowers in the morning.

Jasmine Flowers (Pichcha Flowers)
Pichcha Flowers
Half opened bud of Jasmine Flower (Pichcha Flowers)
Jasmine Flowers (Pichcha Flowers)
Jasmine Flowers Buds (Pichcha Flowers)

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