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Set Master

Just imagine wearing completely matching accessories when you dress for any function or even for a casual trip. This sounds exciting, isn’t it? For example, a set of accessories like a tie, bow tie, tissue, cufflink and socks which are made of the exactly same color and fabric will make you a great outfit for any function. You don’t want to spend more time shopping for item by item which is matching each other when there is a complete set to buy.

Set Master Elegant and Eco-friendly Products

Now, you can easily buy product sets which are in same materials and same color in a box. Set Master is a brand that you should try when you need exact matching items. Just imagine wearing wooden sunglass and a wooden color leather belt with the same outfit. This sounds unique and exciting, am I correct?

Features of Set Master Products

You can easily buy Set Master brand products as a bundle. It can be a set of travel items or a set of party supplies. Whichever theme you want, you’ll find it is very convenient to buy the items in a box as a bundle.

Here are some of the features of these products.

  • You will receive it as a set; therefore you will also save shipping cost as you do not need to pay for item by item.
  • Materials used for these sets are sustainable materials such as wood with high quality.
  • Products are unique and most of the parts are handmade with love.
  • These sets are designed and tested by specialists on the same field and assure to give you the best possible satisfaction.
  • By purchasing Set Master products, you also join with a good cause as they donate a portion of the profits for charities.

For more information and for more designs and styles, please check http://set-master.com/

Fashion jewelry or costume jewelry has a demand always. That is why starting your own fashion jewelry business can be profitable. Most of the women wear different costume jewelry with their outfits. Working ladies need more such jewelries as they want to wear smart and attractive every day.

Other than women customers, you can also attract male customers as they tend to gift fashion jewelry for their loved ones. That is why starting your own jewelry business is profitable than you think.
If you start it online, you can reach customers worldwide making more sales than starting a local jewelry shops. So, here I gathered the basic steps which are helpful for you to start your own costume jewelry business online.

#1 : Decide a creative name

Brand name is important for any business. So, before starting your online jewelry business, think of a really good catchy name.

#2 : Check the availability of domain name

Once you decide your online jewelry business name, you need to have your own domain. Before you finalize your brand name, check if the domain name available or not.You can check Namecheap.com for your domain name.

This is a really important step as you need to create a Web site, with e-commerce capabilities, to show your products. For the web design and creating ecommerce store, you can easily hire someone if you do not own such skills.

#3 : Purchase wholesale costume jewelry


Once your online jewelry store is ready, you need costume jewelry to sell. Purchasing of wholesale jewelry is the perfect idea to keep profit from each sale. However before purchasing wholesale jewelry, you need to check the quality, designs and styles of the jewelries and also the profit percentage you can keep by selling that wholesale jewelry. You can easily find wholesale jewelry suppliers if you search.

However, we recommend you to check www.bijouxusa.com for purchasing your wholesale jewelry due to few reasons.

Bijouxusa is established as a leading jewelry wholesale company and has earned trust of many customers who are in costume jewelry business. They are always equipped with most current styles which any women cannot decline. You can easily find trending styles for seasonal and special occasion including anniversary and holidays which jewelries play major role.

You can easily create account with www.bijouxusa.com, and start ordering wholesale jewelry once your shop is opened.

#4 : Create marketing materials.

Once the jewelry shop is opened, you need to spend time on marketing. Create your business cards and image banners which highlight your products. Spend on buying advertisements online to spread the news. You can always reach fashion bloggers which you can easily spread the message to their followers and attract customers.

I hope above tips are helpful for you to start your own jewelry business online and earn money and enjoy your passion.

If you follow my blog, you already know I time to time feature some fashion trends among the travel posts. Prom dresses are always my favourite and I really love to explore the new trends and styles. With beautiful and elegant prom dress, you will appear stunning in any party. Anyway, so far I introduced short prom dresses or long prom dresses thorough this blog, but I didn’t specially introduced prom ball gowns. So, this post is about wearing prom ball gowns and I hope to fill the gap with this post.

If you are a girl with beautiful curves, any prom dress will fit with you. However, if you are with plus size figure or if you do not own such beautiful curves naturally, don’t worry. Still you can wear Prom Ball gowns.
Here are few tips for you to select Gorgeous Prom Ball Gowns for your next occasion

Select the perfect colour

Prom Ball Gowns

Usually you can easily match prom ball gowns even if you do not own perfect curves. But try to match the colour of the dress with your skin. If the dress makes you cheerful and bright go for that ball gown.

Check the style

Prom Ball Gowns

Most of the prom ball gowns come with strapless styles. But, there are dresses with strap too. Usually strapless prom ball gowns look elegant on anyone. With beautiful style, you will appear gorgeous on your party. You can check these Prom Ball Gowns and inspire with beautiful styles and ideas.

Consider the Budget

Although you want to buy the most beautiful prom gown, try to stick with your budget too. Check prom ball gowns within your budget range. That will save you time, money and of course it is easier to decide on suitable prom dress than checking lot of prom dresses which you can’t afford. There are cheap prom ball gowns available in market and don’t worry those are with good quality if you shop with reputed online shops like MissDressShop.

Prom Ball Gowns

Match accessories wisely

With matching accessories, you can appear beautiful in your prom ball gown. However, even if you select the perfect prom dress for you, with accessories you can enhance the look or ruin the look. So, keep in mind to match accessories that will enhance your look in your prom Ball Gown.

You can also check elegant Prom Ball Gowns at www.missdressshop.co.uk .Their collection of Prom Ball Gowns will inspire you!

Mofain hair wigs

Hair extensions, hair wigs and hair accessories are all the words which come to mind when you need to have a different beautiful look. Have you ever thought of using hair wigs or hair extensions which are 100% made of natural human hair? With hair extensions made of natural human hair, you will look beautiful and natural. No one will find that you use a wig or hair extensions. They may think you have beautiful hair. That is why most of the women who love fashion love Mofain.

What is Mofain?

Mofain is an online store which is specialized in selling beautiful and natural hair extensions, hair wigs and even hair accessories. If you want to buy any hair related product, accessory then don’t look further. Visit Mofain.com

There is another good reason to visit Mofain. They own adequate supply of products, so you will not worry to see ‘no stock’ message once you found your favorite hair wig or any other hair product. Good quality products for affordable price are their one of the strategies. So, buyers can get the benefit of it by purchasing their hair products online.

Recently I browsed through this hair products online store and surprised and excited with its gorgeous collection of hair wigs and hair extensions. So, I thought of sharing my experience and few products which I loved from the entire collection.

Mofain hair wigsI really like the collection of hair wefts which is full of different hair wigs be it curly or straight, short or lengthy you will find different styles of hair wigs made out of 100% natural human hair. Price range for these hair wefts is really affordable and I found different human hair products such as Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair and Mongolian virgin hair. So, if you look for particular hair type for your hair wefts, it is really easy to select the preferred material and design.

Mofain Hair ProductsLace front wigs always give you beautiful look. If you use your lace front wig which is of human hair, then that will be so beautiful and natural on you. That is why the entire collection of lace front wig of Mofain attracted me. I browsed and spent more time checking lot of lace front wigs. Really amazing and can’t imagine how hair can make people to look different and stunning!

Instead of I am sharing lot of images from the Mofain site; it is best if you visit Mofain.com and see their stylish designs for lace front wigs and other hair products. You will not regret for your time spent there.

Happy shopping!

Planning a wedding is wonderful and exciting. It is one of your dreams!Now it is going to come true. Now it is all about planning the wedding. Have you decided a wedding theme yet? If you have a wedding theme, then planning your wedding is easy as you can match wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding decorations with the same theme. So, you’ll have a wedding with much organized look.

Read more at Diary of a New Mom


Get prepared for Holidays with Shoespie Stiletto High Heels

It is time to celebrate. There are lot of parties, New Year’s Eve and lot of ways to celebrate. So, this is the perfect time for holiday shopping and to prepare with new clothing and accessories.

Shoespie is there at the right time of the year with lot of elegant and stylish shoes. If you check their shoes collection, I am sure you will attract to their all stylish shoes and forget everything. But, as I want you to check some specific designs before browsing the entire collection of shoes, I am going to recommend few designs and styles from the latest shoes collection.

Do you like wearing stiletto high heels? If so here are some recommendations for you.

How about the below pair of Glaring Red Suede Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals?If you like wearing stiletto high heels,then you definitely like this pair.

Glaring Red Suede Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals
Glaring Red Suede Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals

Below is another pair of stiletto shoes which is elegant and stunning.With a pair of shoes like this,you will look sexy in any outfit!

Attractive Black Rivets Decorated Ankle Boots
Attractive Black Rivets Decorated Ankle Boots

Simply check http://www.shoespie.com/C/Stiletto-Heels-101409/ for the complete collection of stiletto shoes.

If you look for womens Dress Sandals,then you can also find it from Shoespie.There is a huge collection of stylish Womens Dress Sandals at Shoespie,if you visit the store you will find these designs are amazing!

I really like below Shoespie Assorted Color Wrap Dress Sandals.With tiny wraps,it highlight the beauty of your feet.

Shoespie Assorted Color Wrap Dress Sandals
Shoespie Assorted Color Wrap Dress Sandals

Next I really like this Shoespie Rhinestone Suede Dress Sandals.Simply it looks elegant and I’d like to wear it for a party!

Visit http://www.shoespie.com/C/Dress-Sandals-101413/ to see more sexy high heel sandals which you really like.

Shoespie Rhinestone Suede Dress Sandals
Shoespie Rhinestone Suede Dress Sandals

Other than these high heel sandals,you will also find bags,beauty items etc when you visit the shop.If you look for shoes of other designs and styles,then you can see the collection of platform heels and wedge heels.There are many other shoe designs too.To check all the collection of shoes,please visit http://www.shoespie.com/ .You’ll love Shoespie!

Latest Wedding Dress styles from chicornate.com

Today it is another wedding dress and styles post. If you follow this blog, you may already know that I’d love to introduce new fashions and trends time to time in between travel posts. So, this time I want to introduce another online wedding shop that sells latest stylish wedding dresses for affordable prices.

The specialty is that with Chicornate, you will find latest trends and designs for wedding gowns. I am sure that’s good news for brides to be. Anyway, don’t just believe me, have a look into their wedding dress shop and check what your favorites are. In this post I am going to share some of my favorites and latest trends for wedding dresses.

One Shoulder Wedding Dresses
Latest Wedding Dress styles from chicornate.com
Classic One Shoulder Crystal Beaded Appliques Chiffon Long Wedding Dress

One shoulder wedding dresses are much popular nowadays and materials are vary between lace and chiffon.You can easily find one shoulder wedding dress styles as a short wedding dress or a long wedding dress.Check one shoulder short wedding dress collection of Chicornate for more inspiring ideas.

Appliques Designer Wedding Dresses

If you like to wear a unique wedding dress,go for a style like this.This applique design wedding dresses are on trend and you will look gorgeous on your wedding day.

Latest Wedding Dress styles from chicornate.com
Chic Princess Appliques Designer Sexy Unique Wedding Dresses Online Australia
Sleeveless Short Wedding Dresses

Short and sleeveless wedding dresses look really simple,yet elegant.May be that’s a reason for short simple wedding dresses to stay on trend among other long wedding dresses.With the comfort of wearing a simple and elegant wedding dress,you will appear more prettier on your wedding day.

Latest Wedding Dress styles from chicornate.com
Modern White Scoop Sleeveless Lace Wedding Dress Short

Above is one of my favorite designs from the collection of short wedding dresses of Chickornate.This wedding dress is made of lace and below picture is to show how it looks at the back.

wedding-gown-trendsLooks beautiful,right?

Inspired by these wedding dress styles and trends? Then you will sure spend more time browsing the wedding gown designs collection at Chickornate. With a large collection of amazing designs, you’ll assure to find your dreamy wedding dress online for an affordable rate with high quality service. Even if you think these designs are suitable for only those who are with fair skin, that’s not true. You will find modern short wedding dress black woman collection for those who are with dark skin.

So,just visit this online wedding store at Chickornate.com,there is a suitable wedding gown design for everyone.


It is not a secret that any woman loves to wear beautiful dresses for any occasion. Be it her wedding or any other special event she participate, women are particular about their dress. How about you? Are you in the same category? I am sure, your answer is ‘yes’.

If so, how to find beautiful and elegant dresses for your special occasion for an affordable price? Remember, we need both quality and a reasonable price. Online shopping is so much popular these days and with JVsDress.com, you can find dresses for almost all special occasions. There are times when we look for a special occasion dress, we don’t have special idea on how that dress should be. Sometimes, we want a dress with sleeve, but we end up with a sleeveless dress. This is because we attract to the elegant designs at first sight. With JVsdress.com, you can easily find beautiful dresses with different styles and made of different materials and embellishments. So you have a good collection of choices to select your dress.

Excited now, is it? If so, here are some of my findings and favourite dresses from the JVsDress collection.

When I started checking JVsDress.com , this is the first dress I attracted. Yes, it is a modest wedding dress. But it is so charming and elegant looking. I really love this collection of stylish modest wedding dresses.

modest wedding dresses
Chic Tulle Layered Long Vintage Modest Wedding Dress Backless

My next finding is their Homecoming dress collection. If you like to wear body hugging dresses, then this collection of Stylish Short Tight Homecoming Dresses will make you wow! It is sure and guaranteed! 🙂

Below are my favorite Homecoming Dresses from JVSDRESS.COM.

This beautiful tight and short homecoming dress comes in different colors. You can simply select your favorite color before placing an order.

Classy Summer 2015 Short Crystal Beautiful Girls Homecoming Dress

Black is always a popular colour among girls for any special occasion dress. It is same with me too and I really like this black tight homecoming dress.

Sexy New Arrival Black Cheap Modest Inexpensive Homecoming Party Dresses

Want to see more beautiful homecoming dresses?Then check this Stylish Short Tight Homecoming Dresses At JVSDRESS.COM

How about this cute but elegant cocktail dress? It comes with sequin embellishments.

sequin cocktail dresses,cheap sequin cocktail dresses,short sequin cocktail dresses
Orange Red A-Line Crystal Beaded Short Sequin Cocktail Dress

Always sequin cocktail dresses are stunning and great for young girls to wear for their evening parties. Check this collection of cheap sequin cocktail dresses for more beautiful and gorgeous designs. You’ll love it!

Other than these beautiful dresses, you can find beautiful evening dresses, prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses with different designs and styles. These all dresses come in cheap and affordable prices. That is one of the special things I noticed at JVSDRESS.com. Check this collection of high quality long sleeve Cocktail Dresses on Sale. You’ll find a gorgeous dress for your next occasion.Shop High Quality Dresses with JVsDress!



SOUFEEL Jewelry is a leading jewelry shop which gives quality products for their customers including the best shopping experience. With their business model, they are able to give the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories to jewelry lovers in a competitive price range , but still keeping the quality.
Recently I received the opportunity to actually try SOUFEEL Jewelry and pleased with my experience. Interestingly, we are able to select and match our bracelet with the given designs of charms.

For this review post, I selected below charms and a starter bracelet and finally it is a beautiful bracelet for me.

SOUFEEL Jewelry Review

I received my bracelet just within 2 days after our discussions and after I selected the charms and bracelet which I prefer. Actually I was surprised with this delivery because I expected at least 7 days to receive it. Their delivery is that much fast and it is the best thing one can experience after any online purchase.

And see the packaging. The packaging was sturdy and nicely packed. Inside the delivery package was a cute lovely jewelry box. The light blue ribbon is very attractive and I really excited about the product before opening the box.


Inside the cute jewelry box, I found my starter bracelet and the charms. Those were individually packed and secured on velvet lining to assure the quality of their delivery.


Their size charts were really helpful for me to select the right measurement. Actually the bracelet I received is with the correct measurements and nicely fit on my hand.The charms are really beautiful and worth the price they offer. Those were easily fit in the starter bracelet making a beautiful and stunning bracelet.


SOUFEEL Jewelry:Pink Crystal Heart Charm 925 Sterling Silver


SOUFEEL Jewelry:Perfume Dangle Charm 925 Sterling Silver


SOUFEEL Jewelry:Pink Love Charm 925 Sterling Silver

SOUFEEL-Bracelet-Review-5Below is how my bracelet looks like on my hand when all the charms are in.

SOUFEEL -Jewelry-Review


SOUFEEL -Jewelry-Review-2

About the SOUFEEL Jewelry

Here are some details about SOUFEEL Jewelry and their products.

The charms from SOUFEEL Jewelry are 925 sterling silver and those can fit Pandora, Chamilia bracelet with the lower price. Therefore this is a best gift collection for anyone you love. In their collection, you will find unique and memorable designs and even there are charms with individual birth stones. So, it is really easy to find charms for any month and that makes a great birthday gift.

You can see SOUFEEL Jewelry new arrival items which are pretty beautiful by checking their jewelry collection.Once you check the SOUFEEL Collection,you’ll find that taking a suitcase to travel is the best choice among their latest collection.

Special offers

When you spend $59, $79 or $99 on any SOUFEEL Jewelry items, you will get a pair of free earrings, a free charm and enjoy free sterling silver bracelet! They also offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50.This also comes with 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

Discount Code
Use coupon code Amila5 when you place your order and enjoy 5% off for any order. This is an exclusive discount for the readers of Leisure and me.

I highly recommend SOUFEEL Jewelry products due to the quality of products and also the quality and friendly customer service they offer.

Finding a beautiful and perfectly matching evening dress for the next party is sometime challenging for most of the ladies. One of the main reasons is that it is not easy to find a gorgeous dress that suits their own style and choices. To find a gorgeous evening dress, you need to visit lot of shopping malls browsing dresses in racks, trying them and finally most of the time; you return home with empty hands. Or you will end up buying an evening dress which is not your favorite, but a dress to cover your event.

Online shopping is helpful for most ladies to buy evening dresses due to the benefits which online shops offer for today’s extremely busy lifestyle.

Benefits of shopping online for evening dresses

Here are some of the benefits you may get by shopping online for your Evening Dresses.

Spending few hours you are able to browse over thousands of styles and designs. Specially, if you live in an area where few shopping malls are available, online shopping is really helpful for you. Even with given size charts and color options available, you are able to find a stunning evening dress which suits your style and body type.

Most online shops offer very competitive rates, so you are able to get the advantage of low cost for your preferred evening dress than a dress buy from a local shop.

Among all, online shops save you lot of time. Just be relaxed, sit in front of your device and complete your purchasing.

So, above are some benefits of online shopping for your evening dress. Now, here are some tips to select your perfect evening dress

Tips to select stylish evening dresses online

Use online Searches to find evening dresses with your preferences

What I mean here is, you can easily search for your preferred style and save lot of time. Instead of searching with the words ‘evening dresses’, search for your preferred style. For example, if you look for a long dress, just search with the term ‘Long Evening Dresses’ and you will see many results which save you lot of time.Even you can search with your preferred color or style.

Intriguing Sweetheart Neckline Applique Beads Working Chiffon Orange Exquisite Floor Length Evening Dress
Intriguing Sweetheart Neckline Applique Beads Working Chiffon Orange Exquisite Floor Length Evening Dress
Order the right evening dress with correct measurements

If this is your first time to order an evening dress via online shopping, take some precautions and specially get some understanding on your right measurements. If not, you will end up receiving an evening dress which is not your perfect fit. Although some online shops accept returns and exchanges, it is bit hectic. Instead, here is a trick you can do if this is your first time online shopping. Visit your nearest local shop, select some evening dresses and try on. So, you can find the measurements and apply the details to your online shop. Also if you are not familiar with material types, it is great to have some experience in a local shop before you order. With your next order, you know already your measurements and even some details of material types comfort level etc and it is easy to proceed.

Engrossing One Shoulder Ruffle Flower Slinky Charming Satin Black Floor Length Evening Dress
Engrossing One Shoulder Ruffle Flower Slinky Charming Satin Black Floor Length Evening Dress
Go for reputed online shops for evening dresses

Although there are lots of online shops available for evening dresses, always go for a reputed shop. It is always good to avoid unnecessary happenings. You can also read reviews and user experience before you make final decision to purchase your evening dress. Online shops like Ca-Bridal.com are already popular among shoppers and therefore you can expect a quality and professional service. That will help you to have a nice shopping experience which will make you to shop your other dress needs too via online.

Engaging Waist With Ruffle Sweetheart Neckline Beads Working Dazzling Broach Lace Up Evening Dress
Engaging Waist With Ruffle Sweetheart Neckline Beads Working Dazzling Broach Lace Up Evening Dress

It is a great opportunity to use online resources to buy hot and stunning evening dresses, use it wisely. So, next time you don’t have to worry about finding an evening dress for any occasion.

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