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A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

We spent a day in one of the oldest coastal parks of Singapore! That is Changi Beach Park. With beautiful sandy beaches, blessings of greenery and facilities to entertainment, Changi Beach Park is one of the best places to spend a family day while enjoying the sea views.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

In 2017 we travelled more. We travelled to Sri Lanka 2 times within the year and I spent more than one month with the kid while husband returned to Singapore after a short holiday. We also had a trip to Cambodia during the Chinese New Year. In between we visited Johor Bahru, Malaysia several times. But, it seems we didn’t visit much places in Singapore during the year 2017 after our 5 days itinerary around Singapore with kids.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

When it is time to plan our Christmas weekend, at first we thought of a overseas trip. But, kid and I were just returned from Sri Lanka after a long holiday. Instead of another oversea trip, we wanted to spend a family day without many activities. A beach day is the perfect idea for such a relaxing time. So, we planned a day at the Changi Beach Park!

I’ve visited Changi Beach Park many times before the kid’s arrival. However this was the first time we visited the beach park with the kid. So, he was really happy to spend a day at the beach with her favourite sand play toys.

Changi Beach Park

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

Changi Beach park is an ideal location in Singapore for family day, picnic or to experience the sea breeze. It stretches around 3.3km long from Changi Point to Changi Ferry terminal. If you plan a visit to Pulau Ubin which is the last Kampong of Singapore, then you need to get a boat from Changi Ferry Terminal which is near to the Changi Beach Park.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore
Changi Ferry Terminal

Things to do at the Changi Beach Park

As of in any beach, Changi Beach Park is also a perfect place to spend a relaxing day with fun beach activities. Usually most of the Singapore beach parks such as East Coast Park are crowded during the holidays and weekends. But, this park is not crowded and still it retains the Kampong atmosphere and the mood.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

Below are some of the things to do in Changi Beach Park.

  • Enjoy BBQ at the Changi Beach Park with your family and friends. However you need to book a BBQ pit in advance. Check more details at Singapore National Parks website.
  • Playground is there for the kids.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Sports and activities such as cycling and skating
  • Beach activities with kids (Sand play,collecting seashells,play with waves and many more)

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Fishing
  • Dining – There are food outlets nearby which you can easily enjoy food.
A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore
Hawker Centre near the Changi Beach Park (At Changi Village)

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Enjoy the natural views and relax

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Photograph the beauty of the Changi Beach – If you visit at the evening, it is a great place to photograph the sunset. Other than sunset captures, you will find many beautiful moments in Changi Beach Park which are worth to capture in a photograph.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

We spent a relaxing day at the Changi beach and returned home after having our dinner at a nearby dining place in Changi Village. It was a day worth to pen down as a blog post and kid enjoyed beach activities although there is a children playground which he could play.

Important Information to Plan your trip to Changi Beach Park

How to get to Changi Beach Park

Located in one end of Singapore, it takes more than 40 minutes to reach the beach park if you visit from Central locations of Singapore. You need to plan your trip to Changi Village in order to reach the Beach Park.

Some of the bus numbers are: 19, 2, 3, 89

Otherwise, you can easily hire a taxi to reach Changi Village and Changi Beach Park

Park lighting hours: 7:00pm to 7:00am

Admission: Free

Location: Along Nicoll Drive and Changi Coast Road

Things to Note:

Camping is not allowed in Changi Beach Park

As found in nparks.gov.sg , there are chances to encounter crocodiles who swim freely in Straits of Johor. If you found a crocodile, do not approach. Stay calm and slowly back away.

Do you like to spend family days at the beach? Please share your thoughts below.


Tips for an Enjoyable Beach Vacation

Having a family beach vacation is really enjoyable and great way to spend time with kids. With lot of playing opportunities, kids always love to spend time in beach and that can be a reason for selecting a beach vacation for your next holiday. On the other way, spending time in a beach is romantic. You can enjoy your time with your partner viewing romantic sunset or having a sunbath in a relaxing spot. In anyway; a beach vacation is a perfect idea to spend time with whole family.

Here are few tips for you to spend Enjoyable Family Beach Vacations with lots of memories.

Select the right beach destination  

There are lots of family beach spots around the world. All these beaches are popular for many reasons among the family travellers. However select your beach destination carefully with your preferences. You can consider things such as activities you can do at the beach, type of the beach (pebble or sand), easy access, amenities around the beach location and your budget.If you spend your holiday in any family resorts,check for the facilities available. Considering these things, it is easy to select the best beach destination for your next holiday.

Tips for an Enjoyable Beach Vacation

Bring variety of things to play with

When you are in the beach, you need to spend time with kids. If you have some play items, it is really easy to find different play options without getting bored. Pails, sand playing items, water guns are some of the must have beach toys when you are in a family beach holiday.

Apply sunscreen at the beach

Be sure to bring sunscreen with you and apply before you go to the beach. Remember to apply properly on your kids before they start playing.

You need to drink lot of water

To avoid dehydration, it is better to drink lots of water. So, prepare with water bottles and bring those with you for the beach when you spend the day there. Remember to give water to kids time to time in order to keep them well hydrated.

With these tips, hope you will enjoy best family vacation with your loved ones and bring lot of memories with you.If you plan well,family vacations are always exciting and memorable!

Are you the type of person that craves clear water while on vacation? If so, then you’re in luck. As we’re going to give you a list of the best beaches with the clearest water, perfect for swimming, snorkeling and seeing the sea life. See our top tips for enjoy sparkling clear waters on your next beach holiday.

The first place we’re going to talk about is Cayo Coco, Cuba. The good news is now if you’re an American, you too can visit this crystal clear water destination. Cayo Coco is an island in central Cuba, the island has about a dozen international hotels, so booking your reservations a snap. You’ll also find that theses clear waters are frequented by snorkelers. As the coral reef is home to countless species of beautiful underwater life.


Hanauma Bay, Oahu in Hawaii is the next place on our list. What’s amazing about this place is the fish aren’t scared off by people. They’re used to humans invading their territory which means you can get an up close and personal view of these beautiful sea creatures. You’re not going to want to leave the water -that’s just how amazing it is. It’s one of the few places in the world that you can actually coexist with all of the underwater life and a good reason why you’ll be back again as there’s no experience quite like it.


Corfu, Greece is a place you should visit for more than just the clear water. This is a tourist destination that’s known for being able to take care of visitors. You’ll get to swim in some of the clearest waters the world has to offer. While being pampered like a king and queen, it’s truly the best of both worlds. A place where every visitor is made feel welcome, we are sure you’re going to fall in love with the island. As you’ll enjoy the pampering available at resorts as much as swimming in the amazingly beautiful waters.

Playa Blanca, Colombia is a much overlooked place. As it has calm warm water that makes swimming a joy, you don’t have to worry about shivering when entering this tropical water. It’s only about an hour away by boat from the main port of Cartagena. Which means you also get to enjoy some time out on the water as well. You’ll be able to enjoy the Caribbean paradise and get two different views of it at the same time.

Exuma, Bahamas is a must see for any clear water beach lover. This is about more than just clear blue water. As it’s truly one of the most romantic places on earth. The sapphire-blue water will simply take your breath away. While the white foot print free sands will make you feel like you’re walking on a different planet. This truly is as good as life can get. You’ll get to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth, both the rocky coast line and beaches. Make sure to bring a special someone as a trip to the Bahamas makes for the perfect romantic getaway.

Tips for an Enjoyable Beach Vacation

North Carolina Beaches are definitely attracted by many tourists due to their beauty. With two great mountain ranges and long sandy beaches, North Carolina has become one of the most attractive destinations of the United States.

If you plan your next vacation to North Carolina, there are many beach destinations for you to unwind from everyday stressful lifestyle. From enjoying your time on water sports to relaxing the day on the beach side, there are lots of activities for you to do in your beach vacation to North Carolina.
Here are top 5 beach attractions in North Carolina, hope this list will help you to decide and plan your next holiday to North Carolina.

Best North Carolina Beach Destinations

Ocean Isle Beach

With beautiful sandy beaches and lying along 7 miles, Ocean island beach attracts most of the tourists to North Carolina throughout the year. Ocean Island beach pier is one of the attractive spot in this beach which claims to be the favorite for many tourists to the beach. If you plan to spend your holiday in this beach, finding accommodation is not difficult. The best way to enjoy your time there to the fullest is, select your room near to the beach or select a place with beach view. If you take the right decision on your Ocean Isle Beach Rentals, then next is to enjoy your time relaxing and playing in this hidden gem in North Carolina.

The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is one of the well-known popular beaches in North Carolina and this beach also offer you much history and at the same time it is one of the best beaches which you find in North Carolina. Once you visit the Outer Bank, there are many activities for you to select during your stay. You can also visit the place where Wright Brothers took flight for the first time which is in Devil Hills. Another place to visit is the first European settlement in Roanoke Island.

Holden Beach

Popular as one of the best family beaches in America, Holden beach is a popular holiday destination for most visitors to North Carolina. In this beach, you will find lot of fun activities which whole family can enjoy. You can also enjoy great food which is available in nearby restaurants. Finding Holden Beach vacation rentals are easier than you may think because there are plenty of accommodation options available. Ranging from cottages, villas, apartment or condos, you are able to choose your perfect Holden Beach vacation rental easily in few steps.

Best North Carolina Beach Destinations

Above are some of the Best North Carolina Beach Destinations. However there are many other beaches where you are able to unwind and relax with lot of fun activities and attractions.To find North Carolina Vacation Rentals,you can have a look into  www.StellarBeachRentals.com They offer many properties ranging from different sizes and in different locations near to the beach.Choose your perfect vacation rental in North Carolina and don’t forget to enjoy fresh seafood too during your stay there!

3 Reasons to Spend a Vacation at a Caribbean Resort
One of the top vacation
spots in the world is Caribbean Islands.
With its lush greeneries and
blue waters, Caribbean islands are breathtakingly beautiful.  And, therefore is a hot spot for travelers.
Besides the beautiful landscapes and sceneries 
 that has to offer in each island,
there are lot more activities which travelers can engage. This is another
reason for Caribbean islands to stand out. You will definitely not be bored
during your stay in Caribbean islands.

If you are looking to spend
a great vacation in Caribbean islands, then the best option is to book a
Caribbean resort. If you are in doubt thinking why you need to book a resort,
There are many reasons to spend a vacation in a Caribbean island resort.
Here are few things to show
why you need to spend a vacation in Caribbean island resorts.
#1: It is beautiful

One of the many reasons
about Caribbean islands is its beauty. Sandy beaches and the beautiful blue water
is a reason to visit this place for the next vacation. During your stay, you
can experience the sunrise and sunset while relaxing on the beach. If you are
looking for a place with beauty in every single minute you spend, then look no
further. It is definitely a great Caribbean resort.
#2: It is convenient
It is really convenient to
arrange a Vacation at a Caribbean resort. Most of the time, it is inexpensive
with the deals and discounts around. Once you find the right place for the
vacation, then try to find great deals if you look for a luxury vacation within
a reasonable cost.
For example, try to find all
inclusive packages for a luxury stay in Caribbean Islands.it is easy to find
packaged deals which  includes all the
costs. For example, most all inclusive packages come with airfare, hotel, food
and all activities.
#3: There are lots of Beach
activities to Experience

This is another reason to
select a vacation at a Caribbean resort. Simply it is because of the variety of
things and activities that you can do.
If you want to relax without
being active, then you can spend each day lying on the beach. If it is not your
choice then you can be busy with a variety of activities which Caribbean
resorts have to offer.
Most of the Caribbean
resorts are filled with lot of events and activities that almost anyone can
enjoy during their vacation.
Although there are a lot of
things that you can do at Caribbean islands I listed few activities which you
can do in your vacation at a Caribbean Island resort. Just see how many great
things Caribbean Islands has for you.
  • Water sports
Perhaps this is
the first thing that will come to mind when you say Caribbean Islands. Surrounded
With great sandy beaches and with deep clear blue waters are perfect for all
kinds of water sports.
  • Scuba diving
Scuba diving at Caribbean Islands

This is another
must do in the island. I am sure you will experience the untouched beauty of
the island. Engage in Scuba diving to watch amazing creatures and beautiful corals.
Swim along with different species of fish. Scuba diving is a truly wonderful
experience in Caribbean Islands.

  • Sunbath 

If you are not
interested in swimming or when you are not swimming, have a sunbath as most
tourists do. Just make sure to pack sunscreens with you when you go out. This is
to ensure that you are protected from the extreme heat of the sun.
  • Sightseeing 
Although it is a
vacation for beach experience, don’t stress yourself to stay in the beach all
time. Go sightseeing and see around the island.
  • Party 
Most of the resorts
in Caribbean Islands organize parties to enjoy the night. Drink, dance and just
have a great time. Don’t forget that you are in a vacation to relax and to have
fun. Enjoy for the fullest!
Spending a vacation in a
Caribbean resort is in my wish list because I can fully relax and refresh from
my busy life. Alexandra Resort is a luxury resort conveniently located in
beautiful Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. It is a great place to get beach
resort experience for anyone who escapes from the busy everyday life. Just have
a look because they offer so many activities including activities for the kids.
It is not a secret that you need to think about activities for kids if you
travel as a family.
Actually it’s all up to you.
After all, A Caribbean island vacation is a dream vacation which you cannot
forget in your lifetime.

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