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Amila Wickramarachchi is a Food & Travel blogger who writes both Food Corner and this travel blog.She resides in Singapore.

Choies fashion

After those BIG deals  offered for Black Friday
and Cyber Monday,Choies offers some more deals! According to the sales performance they decided to continue with deals!
So the sales GO ON ~ To Welcome Christmas ~ 

Here are the deals happening right now at Choies!
Happy shopping!

Christmas sale up to 50% off, free shipping

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Some captures of Bird of Paradise Flowers,I really love the vibrant colours of these flowers

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holidays are quickly approaching!
 Have you started your shopping yet? There are only a few weeks left for
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through 12/15 with promo code HOLIDAYS. 
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and save on candles, home decor, fashion accessories and more!!
Below are some of my favourites

Illume Boho Desert Tulip Small Candle

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Tocca Beauty Eau de Parfum Viaggio

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Last week I noticed a sudden drop of traffic for my blog Food Corner.Then I noticed that no much comments for my  latest blog posts.This is unnatural because most of my blog posts get a good number of comments and views once posted.Then I noticed that I did not receive any post via email too.After checking,I found that there is a problem in Food Corner’s blog feed.

When I try to check the feed of Food Corner,a message appeared saying

You’re about to be redirected

The blog that used to be here is now at………………

Do you wish to be redirected?’

oh sigh!! I tried a lot to solve the problem and finally this is what worked for me.

Sign into the feedburner.
Then click the link at the bottom which leads to feedmedic alerts.

Once I clicked the above link,I found that Food Corner feed has a problem.

Once I clicked Resync,I got the below message.

Your feed filesize is larger than 512K. You need to reduce its size in
order for FeedBurner to process it. Tips for controlling feed file size
with Blogger can be found in Tech Tips on FeedBurner Forums, our support

Now,here is how I fixed the problem.
1.Sign in to your FeedBurner account.
2.Click the title of your FeedBurner feed which you face the problem which is on the My Feeds page
3.Then click the Edit Feed Details on the feed management page

4.Once you click ‘edit’,check Original Feed Address field.
It will appear something like,

Then change the address like the following:

  1. Then Save Feed Details.The problem with blog’s feed was solved and Feedburner started to burn new feeds.


sharing with these events

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fashion ladies's your style

I came across of new fashion website with lot of fashionable items to check.It is are amazing not only for their quality outfits,they also have offers.Also prices are reasonable.

Below are some of the Handbags I love!

And matching elegant accessories for a reasonable price!

Below is my favourite dress selected from their collection.Please click the image to visit the site and see the information of this dress!Hope you like it too!

Sleeveless Chiffon Ruffle Dress Green Sapphire Blue
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Also they
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Enjoy more
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Black Friday is almost here, and there are lot of upcoming deals.When it comes to selecting a gift for a baby,a personalized book is a perfect match.I gathered some books here which are perfect as holiday gifts for a baby.

Hello, World!

 Hello World is the perfect personalized gift to welcome baby into the world! Hello World! Personalized Gift Set on sale now only at I See Me!

ABC What I Can Be! Personalized Book

ABC What I Can Be is a whimsical and educational
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My Very Merry Christmas Board Book

My Very Merry Christmas is an adorable personalized board book with forest animals that come together to put on a very merry Christmas for your child.

Goodnight Little Me Storybook

 Goodnight Little Me will quickly become your
little one’s favorite bedtime story. Personalized with your child’s name
on the cover, in the story and even in the illustrations, Goodnight Little Me features a “goodnight” parade that marches lyrically through your child’s sweet dreams.

 A Christmas Bear for Me

 A Christmas Bear for Me is a beautiful, heart-warming,
personalized story about a child’s Christmas wish for a special Teddy
Bear friend. A Christmas Bear for Me captures the anticipation leading up to Christmas morning and the magic of receiving a special gift from Santa.

All these books and some other books are found at  I See Me Holiday Gift Guide!


Sri Lanka is a beautiful Island blessed with nature’s beauty.These are some of captures of sky and sunset I have captured time to time.Captured in around 2011 and today I found those when I was searching for some old pics.Hope you will enjoy these captures and moments!

Archaeological Museum-Kandy,Sri Lanka

During our last year visit to Sri Lanka,we were fortunate to visit the Archaeological Museum of Kandy.This is situated behind the Temple of Tooth Relic & earlier it was the King’s palace.(Palace of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe.)

Below are some of the captures from the museum.

photo of the last King of Sri Lanka,Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe
Photo of the last King of Sri Lanka,Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe
photo of the queen of last King of Sri Lanka,Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe

The photos of the last King of Sri Lanka,Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe & his queen were hanging in a wall.Imagine,how they were on those days as the King & Queen!!

Below are some of the pots and other stuff found inside the Museum which show the proud history of Sri Lanka.

Archaeological Museum-Kandy


Archaeological Museum-Kandy


Archaeological Museum-Kandy


Archaeological Museum-Kandy


The below picture shows Pihilla(a drainage gutter) of ancient days.It has found while excavating a trench behind the old kachcheri building-Kandy.For me this is an interesting piece of engineering

Pihilla(a drainage gutter) of ancient days
Pihilla(a drainage gutter) of ancient days

Read more about our recent Kandy Trip.

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