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Easy Weight Lose Tips
With pregnancy I put on much and now it is time to control my weight. That’s why I am interested in finding some easy weight loss tips which I can follow while taking care of the baby.I searched a lot and found some easy tips to lose weight without struggling much.
Actually, I want to come to the weight I was in before the pregnancy and want to try those beautiful dresses same as before.I also found that I put on much weight after any holiday in Sri Lanka.Travelling frequently to my home country makes me eating more,that is why I also started to follow some fitness tips during any holiday.
Here are some information and tips I gathered which help to lose weight easily. I selected below tips to try and found by reading different articles.
1) Say ‘No’ to processed foods
I decided to stay away from those junk food which is not healthy.Usually I eat healthy food,but I sometimes eat processed food because it is easy to buy or easy to prepare.Now I made a decision to cut my intake of processed food completely.I hope this will work for me.
Food in Malacca
Select your food wisely
2)Do your exercise everyday
I am sure you heard this tip before.In any weight loss tips article or any weight loss program,one of the recommended method is exercise. Daily exercise will help to reduce some extra weight and cut calories.
3)Switch to healthier fats
This is interesting. Recently I found this tip; of course I will be able to enjoy those dishes but replacing butter or margarine with a healthy vegetable oil when cooking.
4) Drink 2 cups of Tea a day.
This will work well with me. As a Tea lover I am able to follow this tip.By drinking some good Green tea or Black tea, I will be able to prevent other beverages which contribute calories without any beneficial nutrients.
5) Include more healthy veggies and fruits into each meal

Veggies and fruits are healthier and will cut unnecessary calorie intake. Other than that, by eating more veggies and fruits you ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals to your body.Vegetables and fruits  will give you many other benefit such as radiant skin,good eye vision and memory power too.
Finally,how about trying some weight losing programs or Weight Loss Supplements?
After reading lots of reviews by other users,I am interested in trying above tips together with a Weight Loss Supplement.Hope all these tips will work for to lose some extra weight.

How about your experience with weight loss? Do you have any easy weight loss tips to share?

Personalized stationary are always a treasure.I always like to have things organized and a weekly planner is one of the important things to keep.This time I thought of creating a personalized Weekly Planner with Blurb .With few photos captured by myself,I could create a beautiful weekly planner within an hour.It is really quick and easy.Even it does not cost much compared with the weekly planners which are selling at shops.

Below are the few steps to follow.With 10-15 photos,you can design a beautiful personalized weekly planner same as I did.I used some of my flower captures as I like flowers much.

1.Download Blurb BookSmart
2.After download, select to start a new book.Then select “Weekly Planner.”

3.Select a size for your planner (5×8 inches or 6×9 inches), and  start and end dates.

4.Select your desired photos from computer or Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Photobucket.
5. After uploading,drag and drop photos onto the covers, title page, and each month.I used some flower photos.

6.Once completed,add important days etc to complete the project.
7.Check preview & edit if needed.
8.Finalize and order it.
9.You have a Personalized Weekly Planner easily.

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If you’ve noticed, I shifted my other blog Food Corner and this blog to custom domains recently.Earlier I used free BlogSpot blogs. Though I wanted to shift to a custom domain, I didn’t have much idea on that. On the other way, my free blogspot blog ranked well and attracted a good traffic daily. So I was scared of losing those things I earned hardly during more than 2 years of blogging. Anyway after reading a lot, I understood that shifting to a blogger custom domain is not very difficult and it does not cost much money.
Here are few reasons which helped me to take the decision of moving my blog to a custom domain. If you still use a free blog, I think these reasons may help you to take a decision.
1) Your free blog can be vanished anytime
This is the first and most important reason which made me to change from the blogspot to a custom domain. Though I don’t violate any terms and conditions set up under blogspot, my blog can be removed by google any time for violation of its terms.(may be for a reason which I am not aware of).How would be the feelings if I cannot find my blog when I get up next day? I know I can’t bear it. Once I found this reason, I quickly checked on how to shift to a custom domain.Other than this reason, below are some other benefits of using a custom domain for the blog.
2) Custom domains rank well in search engines and good for SEO
Having your own custom domain will increase your website’s ranking in search results. You will gain a good exposure in search engines, due to the fact that search engines like to index domains rather than sub domains like blogspot, wordpress etc.
3) Give yourself a true web presence.
A custom domain is helpful to establish your brand as a blogger. It is easy to remember.
ex: is short and memorable rather than having or etc
4) Easy to monetize the blog
If you plan to monetize your blog, it is better to have a custom domain. Most advertisers prefer a custom domain and don’t accept subdomains.
5) It is easy to affordable a custom domain
It is cheap to buy a domain name for one year and mostly it costs around $10.If you are a less techy person like me, then you will be afraid of shifting to another domain because of other factors like losing content, subscribers etc.
However, it is really easy to set up a custom domain through blogger. Blogger will host the custom domain for free and we only need to buy a domain name. Interestingly, blogger will re-direct all the previous posts in your old blog to new custom domain.If you plan to buy a custom domain GoDaddy  is an option
Though there are other sites to buy a domain name, I used GoDaddy  as it is one of the sites mentioned by google in their help page.There is a post about how to use a custom domain for the blog.
599 COM or .Net now at GoDaddy

Hope above information is useful if you decide to shift to a new custom domain.Wait for my next post on tips on selecting a domain name and how to set up the blog from blogger to Custom domain.

What is your idea about a custom domain?or still you are in a free domain like blogspot?Please leave a comment.

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Captured these red hibiscus flower photos during my recent holiday in Sri Lanka.

Which on do you like the most?First,second or third?
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Every woman likes to dress most beautifully for any special
occasion. The dress plays an important role together with matching accessories.
Sometimes it takes so much time on selecting a pattern and shop for it. However,
online shopping makes life easy and convenient to select designs from a range
of products. is an online site selling wedding dresses,
prom dresses, evening dresses, holiday dresses, homecoming dresses, etc. With, they have a huge collection of gorgeous prom dresses and even
they offer more colour options for the same design.
Their site is easy to navigate and select the designs. When
I checked the site first, I was attracted to their latest designs of prom
Below are some of prom dresses which I am attracted.

This A-Line/Princess V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress is
with Ruffle Beading and it is really gorgeous! I love this pearl pink colour, anyway
there are colour options available.
Below A-Line/Princess V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress
With Ruffle Beading Sequins is really gorgeous.I love this colour and this
dress is perfect for any young lady.
This Mermaid Sweetheart Floor-Length Organza Prom Dress is with
Ruffle Beading. It is a fully lined dress with built in bra. This dress is
really amazing and I love its beading work. 
For the convenience of the customers, there are colour
charts,size charts and a measuring guide is available on site. Also
by selecting “Custom Size”, your dress will be personally tailored
for your exact fit.

Now there is an offer of free shipping for prom dresses and
wedding dresses, visit and order a prom dress for your next
special occasion!
Not only prom dresses,you can select & order  matching shoes,jewelery and accessories too.

Happy shopping!

At first,when I knew that I am pregnant with my first,I tried to learn about taking care of a baby including diapering,bathing etc.With diapers,I had a doubt on selecting cloth diapers or disposables.Initially I thought of using Disposables alone,but later when I found lot of details from mommies around I wanted to try cloth diapers.Before my baby is born,I bought few cloth diapers to try first with the hope of buying more if the baby likes and if it is convenient for us.

Now with a 3 months old baby boy,I am more on Cloth Diapers than Disposables.However,still I use disposables on him at nights and when we are traveling.

Here are some of my reasons to choose Cloth Diapers.

1.Cloth Diapers are soft and Gentle on baby’s skin
This is my very first reason to continue with cloth diapers.They are very soft and gentle.Comparatively with disposables,I didnt see nappy rash on my baby’s skin when I started cloth diapers.

2.Baby is comfortable with cloth diapers.
Initially we used soft cloth nappy on him.(The flats,old nappy method),Though I wanted to use disposables on him,everybody’s advice was to use soft cloths on his soft skin.But baby couldn’t have a good sleep and he was crying each time when he was wet.Also we didn’t have a good sleep.Then I tried cloth diapers(pocket type) during the day time and disposables during the night time.Baby was happy and had a good sleep giving us more rest.

3.Cloth Diapers save money.
Disposables are for one time use.When I calculated the cost,we will need at least $100 per month to keep the baby fresh and dry with frequent diaper changes.So,it will be around $1200 for an year of diapering.
I found a cloth diaper sale online and could buy around 10 cloth diapers for $100.Its a great saving.

4.Modern Cloth Diapers are easy to use
Yes,they are easy to use same as disposables.Even they can be adjusted to the required size and can be used until he is grown.Read more about Tips on How to wash cloth diapers

5.They are so cute
Finally,cloth diapers are so cute on my baby.I love different colours on him.At home,I dont need to use another pant on him,cloth diaper itself looks nice with a matching top.

After 3 months of trial,I am addicted to cloth diapers.The washing of diapers is not a big deal for me because it prevents nappy rash,redness on my baby’s soft skin,which I consider more.

How about you?Which one you like? Read more about Cloth Diapering Basics

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.So this is the perfect time to pick the perfect gift!

Now through January 31st, Layla Grayce is offering 15% off Valentine’s Day Gifts with promo code LOVE15
Below are some of the suggestions from me.

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With my newborn baby who is 3 months old now,I am curious about stylish outfits for him. Here I found that Leveret on sale at zulily ,there are beautiful outfits for infants & toddlers for unbelievable prices.

Below are my favourites from the sale.Seems they are nice on my baby for an affordable price.

White & Navy Bear Bodysuit -I love bodysuits on my baby,he looks smart on these.These body suits are  on sale at zulily 

White Block Bodysuit -Another bodysuit in white.

Red Stripe Candy Cane Footie -This authentic footie pajama will be matching well with him,I love the colour and design,and seems comfortable on him for a good sleep.

Not only for the baby,there are items for moms too.Have a look at Leveret on sale at zulily for a great deal!
Also with Zuily you can invite friends and get a $15 credit once their first order is shipped.Join the site here.
Happy shopping!

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