Important Snorkeling Tips For Newbies

Snorkeling is an extremely enjoyable and exciting activity. If you like swimming, then snorkeling is something which you should try. You can explore the beautiful marine life when you snorkel. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for you.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Well, first and foremost, snorkeling and Scuba diving are not the same thing. Snorkeling is a more relaxed experience compared to Scuba diving. The best thing about snorkeling is that you are allowed to swim on the surface of the water. You can swim along with seals, dolphins, sea turtles and what not. You will also be able to discover beautiful looking coral and fishes underwater.

Most importantly, you don’t have to carry heavy equipment. Moreover, you don’t need to look for specific location for snorkeling. You can do it in most of the tropical beaches out there.

Let’s take a look at some of the important tips for newbie snorkelers out there.

Important Snorkeling Tips For Newbies

There are plenty of things to learn

Yes, as a beginner, there are plenty of things you need to learn before you start doing it. First and foremost, you should not underestimate the ocean. It doesn’t matter if you have enough experience as a swimmer. You need to do a comprehensive study which is required for snorkeling before you set out to do it. Also, buy the best full face snorkel mask available out there.

Next up, it is important to learn as much as about the snorkel gear. You should learn about the limitations of the snorkel gear. At the same, one needs to be aware of one’s own limitations as well. If you are a beginner the first thing you need to do is to make sure that it fits right. Next up, you need to practice in the calm or shallow water, as much as you could. This way, you will be able to test and improve your snorkeling ability. You will also get used to the equipment you have. This way, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses. It is an extremely important step. You will be surprised to learn that many experienced snorkelers still do it so that they never make a mistake in the sea. You have to learn from the best in this regard.

You are not supposed to touch

It’s really important. You are not supposed to touch coral. If you touch, you will actually kill it. So, all your plans to look for souvenirs should be cancelled. You might be actually causing damage to the corals. You are not supposed to damage their ecosystem. That is not the objective of snorkeling at all.

The same rule is applicable in the case of turtles, fish etc. You are not there to disrupt their lives. All of us dislike being harassed – they are no different. Let them take care of their business. You should only a silent spectator. You are only supposed to swim among them. This way, you will walk away with an amazing and unforgettable experience. You will be able to take beautiful videos and pictures when you have self-restraint. And above all, control your urge to stick your fingers in crevices and holes you come across. Some underwater animals can be dangerous. It would be better if you keep a distance.

Extremely important to stay calm

It’s a fact – things could wrong, anytime; even when you are doing snorkeling in a relatively safe space. But you must remember the fact that staying clam is extremely important to your survival. You must know to how to get rid mask of water. You should know how to get rid of water from snorkel tube.  In case if you are dealing with a current, you should not try to fight it. That will result in loss of energy, which can be disastrous in the sea. You might drown as a result. One should avoid disasters like this. We recommend swimming diagonally in the case of current. And aim for the shore.

We have provided important tips in this article. This will ensure that you have a wonderful and safe experience in the sea. With each passing experience, you will gain more confidence. You will improve your skills, techniques as well with time. The most important thing to keep in mind that you are never supposed to panic.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that staying calm is one of the things to always remember when snorkeling. I’d like to look for snorkeling tour services soon but I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t experienced swimming in open waters before. Hopefully, I will be guided well when that time comes.


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