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5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

Uganda is one of the popular African destinations for safari tours. Although there are Safari tour packages available, self-driving can be really exciting. While enjoying the freedom of travelling, you will have really great experience when you plan a self-drive safari in Uganda. This is why I also like to experience self-drive safari tour for our African holiday.

However, even for a skilled and experienced driver, driving a car in Uganda can be a challenging task. This is mainly because of the roads conditions. Most of the Uganda roads are narrow. You also need to rent your car from a reputed company and ensure that it is in good condition.

Why people prefer self-driving in Uganda?

Driving in Uganda is challenging but, one can certainly do it. A self-drive safari trip is more convenient and comfortable than the public transport. Those who enjoy driving can indeed have a great experience. When self-driven, you will have more freedom. Chances are more in self-driven trips to visit more new places and meet the local people in those places.

5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

This is why most tourists to Uganda do not want to miss the opportunity of experiencing self-driven safari tours. With new car rental companies available, planning a Uganda self-drive safari tours are popular and easier than you think. You can easily rent a car from most of the cities not only in Kampala but in other towns too such as Kabale, Entebbe, Mbarara and Jinja

Don’t forget, if you plan a self-drive safari in Uganda, you also need to plan a safe trip ensuring it is a memorable holiday while watching the wildlife. To help you to plan your safari, here are some of the tips which ensure that your safari trip is safe and comfortable! With these tips self drive Uganda will be a fantastic experience which will add you great moments and exciting memories!

Here are the tips:

5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda
5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda
1. Ensure that the car is in good condition.

You need to personally check the condition of the car before commencing the journey. All the tyres must be in good condition and you also need to check for the spare wheels in good condition. You also need to ensure that oil, water level and other things that affect the condition of car is well maintained. There should not be any leakage problem. You also need to check the time when the car was serviced last.

5 Must Know Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

2. Abide by the traffic rules

Most of the road accidents occur because of violation of traffic rules. You need to follow traffic rules and learn the specific rules and regulations of Uganda driving before you start your safari. Check here for traffic and road safety rules and regulations of Uganda. Also avoid driving if you take alcohol.

3. Avoid night-driving

As you are a foreigner in Uganda, it is safe to avoid night driving to avoid any kind of theft, robberies or accidents. Specially if you plan to travel with your family with young children, night safari will not be a good idea for you. Instead, use the day time to visit from place to place while enjoying your safari holiday in Uganda.

4. Make use of GPS and route-map

Reliable and professional car rental companies will provide GPS and road map for no extra charges. While driving in a foreign country it is always advisable to use GPS and road map for navigation.

5. Avoid driving when you are tired

Self-driving is exciting. But, self-driving in a new country can be tiresome too as the roads, maps and routes are all new to you. Other than that you also need to adjust with the weather conditions. As these things can make you too tired easily, it is wise to have short breaks during your safari. At the same time, avoid driving if you feel sleepy or tired. When you have a break and relax, you can start the journey again with fresh mind avoiding risky situations.

Other than the above tips you also need to maintain the fuel tank with enough supply to avoid interruptions. Also drive safely keeping the speed limits. Safe traveling is necessary to enjoy any holiday. So, I hope these tips are helpful for you to enjoy a self-drive safari tour in Uganda making it most exciting African safari for your lifetime!


Metodo Anti-Theft Bags

Travelling is interesting and exciting. We dream about spending relaxing time in a new destination among all the good things around. Beautiful sceneries, good food and leisure time are the most wanted things in our travel dreams. But, have you ever thought about travel safety? As a family who travels frequently, we always worry about travel safety when we plan our trips.

We experienced the fear of keeping our belongings safe during our recent trip to Phnom Penh. As we were advised to keep our belongings safe we even didn’t take our smart phones out. I was always worried about my bag when we were visiting the attractions. But this was not possible when we were in crowded areas such as local markets. I missed many photo opportunities as I was thinking of the bag and the belongings inside.

Don’t forget that most of the pick pocket incidents occur in the crowded areas during day time!

Finally, I came across a solution!

An anti-theft bag can be the perfect solution to spend a worry free holiday!

But, as there are different anti-theft bags in the market, how to find the perfect one which can really help to travel safely? It all depends on the features of the anti-theft bag!

Metodo Anti-Theft Bags will give you peace of mind!

Recently I came across the Metodo anti-theft bag and it has many features that are really helpful to keep the belongings safe. As I am interested in having such an anti-theft bag, I hope it is a good idea to share the features of this bag with you all. So, you know what to buy for your next holiday!

Metodo is a cut resistant bag which makes it a perfect bag for travel with peace in mind. It is stylish and versatile. Why I am highlighting about the style in a post that we are talking about travel safety? Do you like to carry a huge bag with no style at all for the sake of travel safety? So, before checking its features as an anti-theft bag, I also checked the available designs and style.

Metodo anti-theft bags come in beautiful 3 designs. You can find it as medium cross bag, the large cross bag or as a larger backpack. All these bags are stylish and come with the features that are anti-theft!

Features of Metodo Anti-theft bags

Metodo Anti-Theft Bags

  • Certified Level 5 Cut Resistant

Metodo Anti-theft bags are made of material which is Certified Level 5 Cut Resistant UHMWPE (Highest Level by EN388 European Testing Standard).

Level 5 Cut Resistant material costs 40% more than the Level 4 UHMWPE material. Most of the Anti-theft bags on the market are made of the Level 4 cut resistant standard material. However Metodo stands out from the other brand as a secure bag which uses Certified Level 5 Cut Resistant UHMWPE material for the product!

  • Slash Proof on All Exposed Sides

Metodo is an anti-theft bag which is slash proof in all sides. Most other bags in the market are not cut resistant in all sides. Some backpacks are with a panel or two of UHMWPE combination which doesn’t make those as perfect anti-theft bags with cut resistant feature.

However Metodo comes with most costly material on all exposed sides.

  • Many other unique features

Metodo backpack comes with many other features that make it a perfect solution for anyone to travel safely. It includes an integrated TSA combination lock, two side pockets for bottles and umbrellas which are necessary for traveling, ports for USB and audio.These features make this bag user friendly!There are many other features that you should check in their KickStarter Campaign page!

  • Early Bird Rewards

With all above features, you can easily preorder your perfect Metodo anti-theft bag! When you preorder you will receive the Early Bird rewards which include the RFID pouch and attractive savings.

How to buy your Metodo anti-theft bag?

Metodo is available for pre ordering. You can check more features and details before ordering including the videos of Anti-Theft Cut Resistant Bag Cutting Tests.

Grab your own Metodo Anti-theft bag on KickStarter when it is just out from the factory!

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety When Traveling Abroad

Travel, especially abroad, presents a significant amount of risk for personal property and information. Being security conscious allows you to mitigate that risk. While it is not possible to provide absolute internet safety/privacy without the necessary expertise and equipment, certain measures could still increase the value of protection considerably.  So, here are some tips to ensure your internet safety AND privacy when you are traveling abroad.

Device theft protection

Theft of devices is one of the most common internet and information security risks that you have to deal with when traveling abroad. Precautionary measures such as using theft proof backpacks, keeping your devices on your person and such could reduce the possibility of theft. However, you should still ensure that your devices are password protected to limit access in the event of theft. Similarly, you should consider reducing the amount of time it takes before your screen locks when the device is inactive.

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety When Traveling Abroad

Verify WiFi Networks before connecting to them

Open WiFi networks are a hacker’s honey pot and you should steer clear of them. If you have to use an open network, ensure that you have software that detects hacks and intrusions as well as malware. The best network to use is one provided by the hotel where you’re staying or any other institution that has a secure network. Even so, double-check the correct Network SSID before connecting to the network. Hackers may create a network with a Network SSID that’s close to that of the hotel or institution so as to dupe users.  Hence, the only true way to stay safe using wifi abroad is through a premium VPN, as it creates a tunnel for your data to travel through.

Turn off automatic connectivity features

If your devices allow for automatic connection to WiFi or Bluetooth upon recognition of an open network, then you should turn these features off. You should go a mile further and ensure that your connection requires authentication before connecting. More so, you should turn off automatic file sharing features or features that allow full read and write access to your devices.

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety When Traveling Abroad

Clear passwords, history, cookies and cache from your browser

Often times, we allow our browsers to save passwords and other personal information to allow for easier use and access to important sites. However, this creates a huge risk particularly in the event of theft or even hacking. Before traveling abroad, make sure that you clear your entire browser, or protect your user account with passwords, encryption or even two-factor authentication.

Avoid accessing vital sites on public devices

If you have to use a public computer, avoid accessing sites with vital information such as banking sites, social media sites, and others. Public sites should be used in accessing generic websites that do not hold your personal information.

Invest in an antivirus

A lot of antivirus software has updated internet security features that protect your device against hacks, malware, the collection of information by websites and much more. Ensure that you invest in a credible antivirus that offers a significant amount of internet security.


These easy steps do not require any technical expertise and could go a long way in improving your internet security and privacy. Keep in mind that these are not the only applicable steps and you should work towards finding more comprehensive methods of protecting your information from prying eyes.

Safety and security in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Are you concerning Phnom Penh safety before planning your Cambodia holiday? Is phnom penh safe? or is Cambodia safe are the concerns that you have in your mind right now? In this post I want to share safety tips to visit Phnom Penh or Cambodia with our experience we had recently.

If you are planning a trip to Phnom Penh, then you also need to know some safety tips same as your concern to the attractions and things to do in Phnom Penh. Recently we visited Phnom Penh, however we had really safe and memorable trip there without any single issue. Although we spent our evenings along the riverside and inside the restaurants, we also prepared with travel safety tips specially for Phnom Penh. As we travelled with a kid and as a family, we always considered safety tips and also received some advice from the hotel staff we stayed.

Here are some possible risks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and how you can prevent those by preparing for such situations. These all are as we heard from the hotel staff and some of the tuk tuk drivers we talked. Hope these tips will be helpful for you to enjoy a pleasant holiday among all the things to do in Phnom Penh!

Prepare for Bag snatching

Bag snatching is common in city area and as we heard these things can be happened by a passing by motorcycle. In Phnom Penh, you will find lot of motor cycles. Sometimes it is unbelievable when we saw traffic by motor bikes. To keep your things safe, never wear your bag on back. Keep your bag inside when you travel by a tuk tuk. Also keep the valuable items locked in the safe in your hotel room when you visit out.

When you walk for a little distance or if you enjoy a walking city tour, wear your bag, camera and other accessories on the shoulder which is not on the traffic side.

Keep your smart phones inside

We also used our normal digital camera for photographing the street views and we did not want to take our smart phones out.

Hire tuk tuks with safe

Phnom Penh safety

Always try to hire tuk tuks with the help of your hotel staff. We usually hired tuk tuks which are parked in front of the hotel we stayed. Also keep some idea on taxi rates. Usually tuk tuk rates are $2- $4 for short trips across the city.(in February 2017) When you have some idea on the rates, you don’t have to worry about paying higher rates for the tuk tuk drivers. It is possible that tuk tuk drivers will ask you some higher amount or they will also ask more money when you complete your ride. Before you get into the tuk tuk, remember to agree the rate. Also if they ask more money when you complete the ride and if it is an amount of few dollars, better to pay than arguing. Bargaining is common in Phnom Penh. If your tuk tuk driver asks for $4, you can bargain with them for a $3 ride. Anyway after all it is all about $1-$2 discount and better not to argue with them much. 🙂

We had tuk tuk rides around the city of Phnom Penh during our Phnom Penh itinerary and we didn’t face any problem.These are some tips to keep in your mind to spend a safe holiday in Phnom Penh.

Hire taxis for night time

If you want to enjoy night life or if you plan travelling at night, always taxis are better than tuk tuks and motos. There are taxi companies which you can contact or you can always seek the help from the hotel staff. When you alight from your taxi, always be aware of the surrounding for your safe.

Safety Tips to Visit Phnom Penh - Cambodia
Street views from Phnom Penh – Cambodia
Learn about travel safety before you travel

Read more about travel safety and be equipped with tips and ideas to prevent security issues in Phnom Penh. You can also check online travel safety training course and learn more about how to behave in a situation if you become a victim. It is better to know more about accommodation safety, about facing the challenges in a new place and how to face for natural disasters before you travel. This will be helpful to you not only to travel Phnom Penh but to travel anywhere in the world.

Don’t buy things from the kids or don’t give money to them

We also found kids selling items in front of Royal Palace. It is a really pity thing to see. However we found lot of advices which asks not to buy from kids. Behind these kids, there are adults who do the business using the kids to get attention.

Also there are campaigns in Phnom Penh which raise awareness about orphanages. ‘Don’t create more Orphans’ is one of the slogan I came across. Think twice before you donate to orphanages. Check properly and decide. Work with reputed institutions if you plan for donations during your stay in Phnom Penh.

It is advised to support families not for orphanages. It seems some orphanages recruit kids to attract donations. Although I am not so sure of such kind of activities in Phnom Penh, I came across articles and banners which spread the message of ‘don’t create more Orphans’

Buy Traveller’s insurance

In Cambodia, there are international hospitals. However medical facilities are not up to international standards everywhere. As I found the medical facilities are limited and evacuation cost can be extremely high. So, in order to cover your costs in an emergency it is always a better idea to buy traveller’s insurance which can cover at least the basic emergency situations which can happen.

Above are some of the travel safety tips and possible scams which you will face in Phnom Penh. However, if you know how to behave and if you have some idea of possible incidents, you are always safe. We had really safe and enjoyable trip in Phnom Penh and we would love to visit Phnom Penh and other parts of Cambodia again!




If you like adventurous travel, then you may like to experience activities like camping, hiking etc. Although these activities offer you more thrilling and exciting experience, you also need some skills such as first aid, survival skills, and wilderness safety. We cannot predict a completely safe adventurous tour because there may have sudden disasters or accidents which you didn’t except. Therefore it is better to plan for survival during the wilderness, so you will be able to face for any unlucky event successfully.
Here are few tips for you to plan if you participate in such an exciting trip like camping, hiking etc.
#1: Pack essential things with you
It is essential to plan for survival in the wilderness. Basically you need to pack essential items in a survival kit to carry with you in your back pack. A basic survival kit should include first aid items, accessories like knife, lighter etc. You also need to pack tents and bedding according to your adventure.
#2: Knowledge about wilderness safety
It is important to prevent than cure. Therefore it is essential to have some basic idea on wilderness safety.There may be situations that incidents happen due to the lack of knowledge. For example it is better to have some idea on which plants, animals and insects are poisonous. It is also important to know what should be done if any member of your travel group poisoned by such a plant or insect. If you know how to handle these kind of emergency situations properly, then you will be able to end your trip peacefully.
How to Plan for Survival in the Wilderness
 #3: Know how to survive in an emergency situation
Although it is essential to have some idea about wilderness safety and because of that you are able to prevent most of the accidents, we cannot predict that you will never get any emergency situation. Therefore it is essential to learn the skills which you need to survive in any emergency situation. And it is great if you can help others to survive in any emergency situation. A proper study of wilderness survival may help you to face for this kind of situation. If you are more confident and strong enough to face for any such event, then you’ll end up with a memorable journey without any harm to any of the travel members in your group.
To learn these survival skills properly, you can follow survival training courses which are taught by well experienced instructors. Recently I found some great list of survival training courses in this post.http://www.travelbusy.com/10-best-wilderness-and-survival-training-courses/ .Just have a look. May be it is helpful for you to find a survival training course.
Finally, it is important to plan your adventures and prepare for it. Once you prepared well, you will also able to enjoy your holiday for the fullest without much worries.



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