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Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

Gadaladeniya Temple or Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya is an ancient temple of Sri Lanka along the Colombo Kandy road. With beautiful views and lot of attractions, it is always interesting to travel along the Kandy road towards the Temple of Tooth Relic which is a must visit attraction in Sri Lanka. Although I’ve been to Kandy tooth relic temple many times, this is my second visit to the Gadaladeniya Temple as we were always rushing with our Sri Lanka holiday plans. Finally we visited Gadaladeniya temple during our 2016 Sri Lanka holiday and it was really memorable with other nearby attractions till we reached Kandy.

Bit of History about Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple which was built in year 1344 and it has influence of South Indian architectural style. Currently it is maintained under the Department of Archeology, Sri Lanka as it is considered as a historical heritage site.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Three generations ,Grand father,father and son

If you like history and culture, then Gadaladeniya Temple is a must visit place in Kandy, Pilimathalawa. We reached the temple around 2pm, but it was little bit sunny. However among the ancient Buddha statues and paintings, I could not feel any difficulty. Instead we spent our time watching the temple and reading the history of it. My little explorer too spent his time walking around the temple and he did not show any signs of tiredness.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

First we entered into the shrine room at the entrance of the Gadaladeniya viharaya which also looks so old and faded.However as a heritage site,these statues and paintings are well protected in their original condition.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Ancient paintings found in Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya

Below is another buddha statue in a small shrine room.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Buddha statue inside the Gadaladeniya temple

The stupa of the Gadaladeniya temple is not huge as most of Sri Lankan stupas found around the country. Instead it is a small stupa (Pagoda) surrounded by another four smaller stupa. The main stupa is surrounded by four pillars and a roof which is unique to this temple in Pilimathalawa, Kandy.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Stupa of the Gadaladeniya Viharaya – Sri Lanka

There are stone guardians around the corners of the stupa which are symbolic elephants.These sculptures are great examples of the rich history of ancient Sri Lanka and its culture.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Guard stones

After spending time around the stupa,we entered into the main Shrine hall which is also full of ancient paintings.The main Buddha statue represents the seating posture of Buddha and thereare carvings and other sculptures around it.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Buddha statue of the main shrine – Gadaladeniya ancient temple

You will also find the relic casket with in front of the Buddha statue which is also the table for offerings.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

We were impressed by the ancient sculptures and buddha statues in this Gadaladeniya temple as it is full of statues.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

There is also a Bodhi tree in Gadaladeniya temple which is a must have in any temple.Other than the photos shared here,there are lot of things to see including the paintings and even an ancient inscription.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Bodhi Tree – Gadaladeniya ancient temple

If you visit Kandy Sri Lanka,dont forget to spend few hours to visit this Gadaladeniya Viharaya which is just around 1 km away from Pilimathalawa.(Pilimathalawa is a small town along the way to Kandy).Also there are other 2 historical attractions you can visit after Gadaladeniya viharaya.Embakke Dewalaya and Lankathilaka Viharaya are other places you must visit in the same trip as those were also located in just few kilo metres away.

How to Reach Gadaladeniya Temple:

It is located in Pilimathalawa along the Colombo Kandy road.If you reach by public transport,it is easy to hire a tuk tuk from Pilimathalawa.Otherwise it is easy to arrange private car or tour operator to visit Kandy including this temple.

Things to know before you visit:

It is a historical attraction.If you have interest on ancient temples and culture then this will be an ideal place to visit.Also check the dress code and behavior before you plan your trip to Sri Lanka temples.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Or do you like to visit historical sites?Please share your thoughts.


Fort Siloso is one of the attractions that I love to visit again in Singapore.

I’ve visited Sentosa few times, one of the top attractions in Singapore. Most of the time when there is a visitor from Sri Lanka, we show them few places of Singapore and Sentosa is one of the places we visit. Always Sentosa is in their lists too. However, in any of these visits, I couldn’t visit the inside of this Fort Siloso. Actually I really wanted, but the others didn’t want. 🙂

 Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
With my eagerness to explore historical places, still Fort Siloso is in my wish list. Always,after visiting Siloso Beach,our next place was this Fort Siloso.We just stayed some time there near the entrance,looked around and returned.In one of such trip,when others were looking around,I captured these moments.Actually these are some captures from outside the Fort.
Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
“Fort Siloso is the only preserved coastal fort of Singapore from the twelve such batteries”

At the start of World War II these twelve batteries made Singapore a “Fortress Singapore”.
Currently it is restored as a military museum, and open to the public.

Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
Entrance to the Fort Siloso
To enter the Fort, you need to buy a ticket and there are free guided tours available.
Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
 I hope I will be able to revisit Sentosa soon and I want to visit this Fort. And I know, I will have lot of captures to show a legend of Singapore during World War II.
Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
Wall around the Fort
You can find more details on ticket price and how to reach there from http://www.sentosa.com.sg/Have you visited Fort Siloso in your Sentosa visit?

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Built in 2nd century BC by King Kawantissa, Tissamaharama Temple (Tissamaharama Raja Maha Viharaya)  is one of the historical places of Sri Lanka. As per historical data, Lord Buddha visited this place during his Sri Lanka visit. This temple is a major worshiping place for Buddhists, and also a historical attraction for other tourists and non-Buddhists.
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka

Tissamaharama is a town with lot of historical attractions. Not only that, this area is a beautiful place surrounded by lot of paddy fields. Yala National park is few kilo meters away from Tissamaharama, so this town is always flooded with both local and foreign travellers.

Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
During our Kataragama visit, we visited this temple first and it was an evening when we reached the temple. It was not a poya day, so the temple was not crowded. The surrounding was calm and quiet. There were devotees around the temple and was meditating.
We spent some time there freely and could capture few photos of the temple.
The stupa of this temple is one of the biggest stupas in Sri Lanka. Here are some captures of this historical place/temple.
Attached to the stupa, there is a worshiping place with statues of Lord Buddha. We entered into it with the purpose of worshiping and to offer flowers as Buddhists do.
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka

Inside the temple is with beautiful and colourful paintings.

Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
Inside the Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka

Below is a capture of the ceiling which is painted with beautiful and colourful flowers and designs.

Next to stupa, it was a huge statue of Lord Buddha and was a newly built statue.
Next to this Buddha statue,there were statues of Kings who built this Stupa,and these statues were facing the stupa.

Surrounded area of the temple was calm and quiet,from one side of the place we could see another stupa too.

It was late evening and we decided to leave the temple.We headed to our relative’s place to spend the night and had plans to visit Kataragama on next day.


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Mirisawetiya -Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Mirisawetiya is another Buddhist sacred place to visit in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka.In our previous Sri Lankan Holiday; we paid a visit to this stupa too.

Located in Anuradhapura,Mirisawetiya is built by king Dutugamunu more than 2100 years ago.(161-137 BC)

It was a full moon day and therefore the temple/stupa was crowded with devotees.

Here are some of the captures I could capture from Mirisawetiya.

Below are some Buddha statue located around the stupa.

Mirisawetiya -Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Mirisawetiya -Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

This structure is called as ‘vahalkada’ (frontpiece) and it is with lots of stone carvings.It is said that this vahalkada is the most beautiful among those in other ancient stupa.

Vahalkada at Mirisawetiya -Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Vahalkada at Mirisawetiya -Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Rankoth Vehera is another construction by the King Nissanka Malla(1187 AD to 1196 AD).However some of historical information give the idea that King Nissank malla did only the renovation,but the Stupa was built  before him.
Anyway this is a great symbol for the proud history of Polonnaruwa Kingdom.
The stupa is 180feet high & claimed as the tallest stupa built during the Polonnaruwa Period.
Still there are remaining of ‘sangawasa’(where the Buddhist Bikkus lived)

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