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Transiting Through US; All You Need To Know

Transit traveling is a very necessary part of the aviation services; this as a result of the rigors of flying a single flight over long distances; such as intercontinental trips. Transit traveling involves traveling through a particular country (known as the connecting point); where there is a stopover to change flights. This change of flight could be immediate, or done after some time; this depending on pre-arrangement.

Transiting through a particular country entails some technicalities and requirements which often times varies from country to country. You, as a transit passenger, need to be familiar with the requirements and documentation needed for whichever country you are transiting through in order to get the best travel experience and avoid difficulties passing through.

The United States of America’s Department of Homeland Security, which is in charge of the nation’s Customs and Border Protection stipulates that a valid national passport and a transit visa or an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

For transit passengers traveling on the Visa Waiver Program, are the two different kinds of requirements for passengers who have to use the United States of America as the connecting point to their destination. These requirements are strictly required and you definitely have to fulfill them before embarking on the journey.

What is ESTA?

Taking that you already have a valid passport, the next course of action is to either get a transit visa or obtain an ESTA approval. This choice is to be determined by your nationality. The United States of America has a Visa Waiver Program which enables nationals of countries under this program to travel into the country without the use of visas, rather all they require is an ESTA approval ( Info – https://usaestaonline.com ). This program allows the citizens 90 days in the United States and transiting through without needing a visa, provided they have an ESTA approval.

There are about 37 countries under this program, all selected on the criterion of having a high Human Development Index. These countries include South Korea. Andorra, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, Australia, Belgium and Chile.

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, both United States of America territories are also covered by this program. Citizens of these countries require little surveillance, hence the removal of barriers. However, being a citizen of any of these countries doesn’t guarantee entry into the territories of the United States of America, as the ESTA is subjected to approval by the Department of Homeland Security.

How to Apply?

The ESTA is to be applied for at least 72 hours before departure, as this is what enabled the authorities screen travelers before arrival. Some conditions might disqualify a traveler from enjoying the visa waiver even though the individual is a citizen of countries under the program. One of these conditions is if the transit passenger is traveling in an unapproved airline. Another condition that can disqualify a transit passenger from enjoying the visa waiver is if the passenger has visited Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan Syria or Yemen (all countries either blacklisted or under terrorist watch).

Intending travelers with dual nationalities of Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria also do not enjoy the benefits of this Visa Waiver Program.

Travelers with such conditions and those whose nationality does not fall under the countries covered by the program require a transit visa to go through the United States of America.

A transit visa is also known as C visa, this being the requirement for countries who do not fall under the waiver program; majorly the Third World countries of Africa, Asia and South America, whose citizens require more monitoring from the Department of States.

Different types of USA Visas 

There are three types of C visas. These are the C-1 Visa, C-2 Visa, and C-3 Visa, all of which is valid for a duration of 29 days. Each type of C visa applies to different statuses of travelers with specific reasons for transiting through the United States of America.

  • The C-1 visa is specifically for travelers on personal business who are simply passing through the United States of America.


  • The C-2 visa is for invitees, accredited pressmen, and delegates of nongovernmental organizations; and basically all representatives of Non-State entities who are traveling on official assignment to the United Nations headquarters for an official assignment. It is also used for United States officials who are transiting through the United States of America to another country on official missions.


  • The C-3 visa is used by officials of foreign governments who are transiting through the United States of America on official business. These officials are allowed to transit with their families and staff, however, each person is required to possess a C-3 passport.

As stated by the United States government, obtaining these visas involves some requirements which are peculiar to each type of visa. The fulfillment of these requirements determines whether these visas would be granted the traveler.

There are certain restrictions, which come with transit visas, and it is necessary for each traveler to know them, in order to avoid violating the law. Every traveler should know that there are no dependent C visas, every individual is required to own a visa even if it is a baby. It should also be noted that the C visa is a one-entry visa. After departure from the country, a new C visa is needed when transiting through the country on another occasion. AC visa can also not be used for work, study or application for a green card. It is strictly for transiting.

An approved ESTA on the other hand, is valid for two years, after which it can easily be updated. Also, the ESTA approval lasts for 90 days and is valid for more than just transiting. Activities such as tourism, business, visiting and even studying can be embarked upon, provided it is done within the timeframe.

Altogether, it is necessary to ensure that the right documents; be it transit visa or ESTA are processed and the restrictions on each of them duly considered in order to have a hitch-free transit travel through the United States of America.

How to Start a Golf Business

Popular as the Golf Capital of the World, Myrtle Beach is the favourite destination for Golfers around the world. With so many golf courses available for all skill levels including beginners and seasoned scratches, Myrtle Beach is a perfect place for an unforgettable golf trip.

However, with many golf courses and different packages, it can be difficult to plan your Myrtle Beach golf trip if you are a first timer. You will find that there are lot of myrtle beach golf courses which offer different facilities and activities.With such golf courses near myrtle beach,it is always wise to book your vacation with proper planning and research.

How to Plan Your Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach?

In order to ease your planning, here are some helpful tips which will sure make your Myrtle Beach golf tour memorable!

Planning Your Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

Select your location wisely

To enjoy your golf holiday you need to stay fresh and relaxed. So, try to find your accommodation and golf course in minimum driving distance. This will help you to enjoy most of your holiday in your golf course than driving for it. A resort with in-house golf packages may be a wise idea for a relaxing tour which saves you more time.

Book a golf vacation package

As the Golf Capital, Myrtle Beach is equipped with best golf package providers which will ease your task of planning the tour. Instead of planning your own golf tour from scratch, try to get the help of these tour providers. You can easily check different Myrtle Beach Golf Packages and book the best package that suits your needs.

Planning Your Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

Decide the golf experience you are looking for

In order to enjoy your golf holiday, you need to define the reasons that you are planning such a trip. If you are a die-hard golfer who likes to play golf all the time, then you need to consider selecting a resort that allows you the facility of dining on site with nearby practice facilities and a place with minimum distractions. If you want mix of experiences including golf time and party time, then plan your golf tour which you can enjoy mix of activities. With nightlife activities and many popular attractions Myrtle Beach is a popular golf destination for every type of golfer!

Above are the top tips to help you to plan your golf trip to Myrtle Beach. When you are ready to book your golf tour, be sure to ready with below questions in order to make your booking process easy and smooth.

You will need to know your traveling dates, details of your group members including number of golfers and budget range you are looking for your golf package. When you know all these, it is time to book your most exciting golf tour to most popular golf destination in America, the Myrtle Beach! Don’t forget to pack everything you need to enjoy your Myrtle Beach golf tour including the travel essentials!



Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/romanboed/20937061011/

Chicago is one of the biggest and richest cities in our planet. This place is multi-sited in Hollywood films, what makes it interesting for tourists. Essentially, good transporting and suburbs of Chicago makes it reachable for tourists and guests. There are many various touristic routes that you can meet, visiting special agencies. There is a possibility to make your own tour, depending on your time, money and preferences. Michigan Lake should be also scheduled – amazing place! Anyway, your trip will be interesting and informative.

Shedd Aquarium

There are many interesting stories you can learn about one of the oldest and biggest public aquariums in the world. Shedd Aquarium was presented to Chicago citizens by Marshall Field & Company president – John Shedd. It was opened for visitors in 1930. Frankly speaking, people really like visiting this place. It is no wonder, as more than 5 huge exhibition halls work every day, waiting for visitors.

One of them, called Amazon Rising, takes you in exciting trip on Amazon River: more than 250 kinds of river inhabitants live there, including giant anacondas, bloodthirsty piranhas and dangerous spiders. The second popular exhibition is a real Caribbean reef. All its inhabitants were carefully gathered by special scientific research expedition.

Image: https://flic.kr/p/49RFxA

Waters of the World includes different sea inhabitants from all over the world. Wild Reef looks like Philippine fishing village in miniature. Visiting Jellies you can see hundreds of Atlantic, Japanese and striped jellies. Everyone can find something according to his or her taste. Anyway, Chicago sea paradise became a peaceful home for 25 000 sea inhabitants. Exiting performance of seals, dolphins and penguins are also available.

Art Institute of Chicago

The history of this scientific establishment starts in 1866. Institute combines two important functions: institute and museum. In 1893 the institutional establishment successfully moved to Beaux Arts – rather new building. The exposition has been changed from conservative collection at the Michigan Lake into the most expensive museums in the USA.

The modern part of the institute is a real history book of the newest arts, gathering Jackson Pollock’s and Andy Warhol’s works. People, who are not interested in modern art tendencies of bohemian world, will be glad to see something more impressive – weapon exhibition contains ancient samples of chain armors. Museum also represents a big amount of impressionists and postimpressionists creative works. If you are lucky, you can visit one of seasonable expositions, being held periodically.

Image: https://flic.kr/p/9E1bH1;


Navy Pier

Navy Pier is the Eastern part of Chicago. This is the main city sight, attracting more than 8 000 000 people every year. Obviously, Pier is situated in Michigan Lake, growing to over 1 km in length. NavyPier was built in 1961. Frankly speaking, it was a place of army storage and hard discipline: Naval Forces kept their training there.

Everything has changed cardinally. In 2012 that secret object became an entertaining complex for people. To be more exact, storage rooms that were always predicted for goods traffic along the river, turned into cafes and exhibition pavilions. Peaceful ships and cruising boats took place of fighting ships. There is a botanic garden, cinema, Children’s Museum, and the main local sight – observation wheel. What a breathtaking vision! It is better to come here on holidays or weekend: there is a chance to participate in free concerts, festivals, shows.

Lincoln Park

Do you like nature sights? The territory of the biggest public park of Chicago is about 5 square kilometers. Lincoln Park is a perfect place for rest and leisure. There are 15 baseball fields, 6 basketball playgrounds, and 35 tennis-courts, more than 160 volley ball fields, yacht-clubs and beaches. People usually call this place the green lungs of Chicago.

It beggars belief, but this place was a little cemetery long time ago. Since then locals remade burial place into the big park. You know what; it takes more than 10 000USD to create a green oasis here. There are lots of interesting places to see: the oldest and popular Zoo in America, greenhouse, water theatre, monuments, museums, and Nature and History Chicago Museums are among them. It is reported that about 20 000 000 people from all over the world visit Lincoln Park every year.

Image : https://flic.kr/p/8f2k53

Hancock Center

Hancock Center is one of the highest sky buildings in Chicago. Just a few people know that there is a nice bar on the 96th floor of this tall building. Look at the window! The city view is exciting! The place is secret, but touristic. As a matter of fact, there are no special rules to visit bar: no dress-code, no privileges. It is always crowded here. So, you should wait for a good place at the window.

Do you want to know a secret? If you suddenly decided to visit Hancock Center, don’t worry – there is always an opportunity to clear your plan with a nice polite steward. It is really worth your money. As a result of this you’ll get an opportunity to have fun the whole night, enjoying pleasant company and beautiful Down Town city view.

Mystic Blue Cruises

What makes Chicago interesting? Being there, you should not miss a real cruise. It is so exciting to make a tip through the Michigan Lake. Do you want to make a mini cruise with lunch, dinner party and special program? Combining cruise with a good food, sea view and dancing makes your trip full of fresh impressions. The best skyline in America is a cruise program that is cheaper but high rated.

Lunch-cruise costs about 36USD, dinner-cruise – 7-USD, nigh-cruise (moonlight cruise), the most romantic one costs from 35USD. As you see, the prices are more than exactable. Visit Mystic Blue Cruises if you don’t want to miss a thing!

Hunting fresh impressions, don’t forget to try something quite new – water taxi trip. This unusual way of city transport has already become a real Chicago sight. You can do this for 6USD. Speaking about transport, bus system cooperation is well developed here. There are more than 2 000 buses, driving on 140 different city routes. Actually, you can use a bus for your trip, renting car or subway. The choice is yours! Everything depends on your time limits, money and preferences.

Author Bio: Lily Berns likes to write and take photos of interesting places. During her free time, she travels around the world with her family and friends.

los angeles things to do

If you are planning to visit Los Angeles and deciding what are the best things to do in this beautiful city, here we gathered the best of the best things which you can do in Los Angeles. There are endless things to do for a memorable holiday in Los Angeles, California. It is a place to experience lot of exciting moments such as movie magic of Hollywood.Here is our list of things to do in Los Angeles.

Visit the Universal Studios Hollywood

los angeles things to do

Popular as the entertainment capital of the world, you’ll find lot of entertainment opportunities in Los Angeles including theme parks. A visit to the Universal Studios Hollywood would be a great and memorable experience during your tour in Los Angeles.

Ride a Paddleboat on a Lake

If you don’t like theme parks and other adventures, then enjoy a paddleboat ride at Echo Park lake .You’ll really like the views of lotus beds and spectacular views around while enjoying your time in an old fashioned paddleboat.

Visit the LA Phil – Walt Disney Concert Hall

LA Phil – Walt Disney Concert Hall is another must visit place in Los Angeles. This Walt Disney Concert Hall is a place with stunning architecture which you can admire with lot of memorable moments during your stay in Los Angeles. You can watch a live concert and spend time in a world of classical music till you feel relaxed!

Above are some of the best things which you can do in Los Angeles. Other than above you can spend your time in activities such as seeing the sights of Hollywood, Shop till you drop on Rodeo Drive and spend your time dining on restaurants.


In Los Angeles city you’ll find a unique zip code which is assigned by the US Postal Service Office. Therefore it is better to know how to find places and streets using the unique zip codes of Los Angeles. To ease this you can simply refer to https://www.zip-codes.me/ca-california/los-angeles/.In this site, you’ll find Los Angeles streets and buildings with its zip code.

Hope you’ll have a great time in Los Angeles.

Top 10 Highlights of San Francisco

Francisco is unarguably the most beautiful city in California, boasting of both
architectural and natural attractions. This article will take you through the
10 best attractions and fun activities to partake during your stay in San

1.    The Golden Gate Park
is one of the most breath-taking places in San Francisco. It is a lovely green
space characterized by several gardens and museums. The gardens are further
characterized by over 5000 species of plants and trees as well as several
lakes. There are also several paths where visitors can either walk or cycle on
to explore the park.
2.    The Golden Gate Bridge
Top 10 Highlights of San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge is the top attraction site in the city. The structure of the
bridge and the background of clear blue water gives it a golden appearance;
making it one of the most photographed structures in the city.
3.    The Twin Peaks Albeit
are not the highest hills in the city, they are the only two hills which have
not been encroached on and still hold all their natural beauty. Furthermore,
they are positioned in such a manner that they offer an incredibly beautiful
view of the city especially at night. They are easy to climb and navigate.
4.    The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to exhibiting modern art. Its
essence is however made unlikely by its building, the War Memorial Veterans
Building, as well as its history which goes as back as 1890. This is what goes
a long way in making the museum distinct.
5.    Fisherman’s Wharf
Wharf is well known for attracting huge crowds of diverse people. Visitors as
well as locals frequent the place to explore the antiques displayed in the
several museums. There are also shops and cafes where people can shop and eat
while socializing. Fisherman’s Wharf is also the only way to the Alcatraz
6.    Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island is known for hosting what was once considered America’s most
infamous prison. However, the prison has long been closed and is now one of the
top attraction sites in the city.
7.    De Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
museum is distinct in that is mainly exhibits antiques from countries like
Egypt, Rome and Greece among others. It also contains ancient antiques and arts
from the east, Britain and America.
8.    Hilltop Vistas
have the choice to either climb the hills to the top by foot or alternatively
take a cable car to the top. At the summit, you get to enjoy an incredible view
of trees, land terrains as well as the city.
9.    The Golden Gate National Recreational Area
national recreational area contains a host of natural attractions like
overhanging cliffs. It also contains a large space where people can simply
relax and bask in the sun while taking in the view. There are also designated
picnic areas and walking trails.
10. The neighborhood boutiques
boutiques offer the ideal place to get antiques and other items to take back the
memories of the beautiful city. Here you can find artefacts and items like
cloths, necklaces and a host of other diverse artefacts.
Francisco is not only a beautiful city but also a great place to live in. For
people who are planning to have a visit to this beautiful city must book their ESTA visas
in advance to make their journey a comfortable one.
Ruby Andrew’s author bio
Ruby Andrew, a guest
writer and blogger by profession lives in Bristol, UK. Since for a long time,
she has a passion for writing and she could write on any topic. Her areas of
interest includes travel, Health, fitness, Automobile, Fashion, technology and
wedding. At present, she works as a guest blogger on behalf of ESTA

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