Decorating Your Entertainment Room

If you want to add a little element of fun into your home, an entertainment room will definitely deliver. This is an area in your house exclusively for watching films, playing video games, and listening to music. While other rooms in your house have strict design themes you need to follow, the entertainment room is where all the quirkiness and personality comes in.

Of course, this does not mean that you will leave it looking shabby. An entertainment room should have character, it has to invite people to relax and have fun. If it looks messy, then it will just turn people off. So whether your entertainment room is in the living room, the bedroom, or a dedicated space in your house, here are some helpful tips to decorate it.

Decorating Your Entertainment Room

Know what equipment you will need first

Before purchasing gadgets and pieces of furniture, determine first the kind of entertainment you are going to enjoy in the room.

Will it be exclusively for film viewing? How about video games, would you want that as well? Do you just want a den for your vinyl records and turntables? Or will this room be for all kinds of entertainment, may it be music, film, or games?

Whatever it is you chose, you must list down what you will shop for first. Your list must have a column for gadgets and one for furniture.

Consider the room’s size

It goes without saying that you should not be buying gadgets that will be too big for your entertainment room. First thing to consider about the space is if it will be too cramped once you have everything in it. Remember that the optimal viewing distance is always at least 3 feet and at most 5 feet away from the television.

Second would be the movability. If no one can come in and out of the room without disturbing the other viewers, then that is a red flag.

The best way to deal with this is to measure the room itself first. Then, while shopping, ask a sales agent for assistance in choosing which size TV or speakers you should be getting.

The same is true for shopping for pieces of furniture. A Newport Lounge sounds great, and indeed, it will look awesome in your room. If you want to have one there, then make sure there is enough space in it.

Fix the wiring

A tangled clump of wires is an eye sore. But, more importantly, it is a fire hazard. Ensure that the wires for each equipment are not tangled with each other. You can separate them by using a wire concealer which you can buy at any hardware store. You can create a path from equipment to socket so that the wires are perennially separated and safe from anything that might cause it to spark.

Use sound absorbing materials

So you can isolate the noise in the entertainment rooms, use sound absorbing materials like thick curtains, carpets, and acoustic paneling. If you cannot squeeze in the panels in your budget, egg cartons can be a temporary replacement. Those grey egg cartons are made with foam that can absorb sound effectively.


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