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Singapore’s vibrant food culture, offering a tantalising array of culinary experiences that cater to every taste and preference,  is a magnet for foodies from around the globe. Even those with specific dietary requirements find a warm welcome in this gastronomic haven, where award-winning restaurants and world-famous food stalls proudly accommodate vegans, vegetarians, and individuals with food allergies. Moreover, Singapore’s diverse dining landscape extends its hospitality to religious dietary needs, with a plethora of options serving up halal and kosher dishes to delight Muslim and Jewish diners alike.

Join us as we delve into the culinary wonders of Singapore—where diversity is not just celebrated, but savoured at every meal.

Vegetarian Choices

Discover the best of vegetarian cuisine at these esteemed eateries in Singapore:

1. 8 Treasures Vegetarian

282A South Bridge Road, Sago Ln, Singapore 058831

8 Treasures is where vegetarian Chinese culinary traditions take centre stage. In this restaurant, you can explore a diverse menu featuring creative vegetarian Chinese dishes. Through the use of soy and plant-based mock meat, 8 Treasures recreates traditional favourites in a healthier but no less delicious way. For recommendations, the 8 Treasures menu features the chef’s specialities which include vegetarian Peking duck, vegetarian suckling pig, and vegetarian roast goose.

2. Greendot Plus

78 Airport Boulevard, B1-297, Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

Located at Jewel Changi, Greendot Plus is where hungry passengers can go when craving healthy, savoury meals. They serve bento boxes and rice bowls with your choice of rice and main dishes, with specialities like Rendang Lion’s Mande Mushroom and Angelica Herbal Fresh Mushroom Trio. You can also customise your own bento boxes, which include a selection of rice, a main dish, and a salad.

3. Bikanervala

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, Level 4, Singapore 819663

Get a taste of India at Bikanervala, a vegetarian Indian restaurant that enriches Changi airport dining selections with its traditional Indian cuisine bursting with aromatic spices and bold flavours. From hearty curries to unique sweets, each bite is a celebration of India’s rich culinary heritage.

Vegan Options

Indulge in a guilt-free culinary experience at these top vegan-friendly eateries in Singapore:

1. VeganBurg

44 Jalan Eunos,Singapore 419502

11 Bidadari Park Dr, #01-37, Singapore 367803

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, VeganBurg is a paradise for guilt-free indulgence. With an innovative menu of 100% plant-based burgers and sides, this eco-conscious eatery delights patrons with its mouthwatering offerings. 

VeganBurg’s signature Smoky BBQ burgers are crafted with GMO-free pan-grilled soy patties and fresh veggies. You can also try their best-selling Shrooms Burg with crisped soy patty, topped with button mushrooms.

2. Cultivate Cafe

Maxwell Reserve Singapore, Autograph Collection, 2 Cook Street, Singapore 078857

If you’re looking for a plant-based, GMO-free, gluten-free restaurant in the Lion City, head over to Cultivate Cafe. The restaurant gets their organic ingredients from both local and international sources, but they take sustainability further by partnering with small and family-operated farms.

Try their set lunch complete with appetisers, main course, and dessert if you want to dine in. Meanwhile, on their grab-and-go menu, you can find fresh and healthy salads and sandwiches for a quick meal.

Halal Dining:

Those who practise Islam will find plenty of halal-certified dining establishments in Singapore, like the following Malaysian restaurants:

1. Penang Culture

Level 3 Viewing Mall Central, #03-19 Terminal 1,Changi Airport, Singapore 819642

Transport your taste buds to the streets of Malaysia at Penang Culture, where halal-certified delicacies await. With its warm hospitality and impeccable culinary offerings, Penang Culture promises a stellar dining experience.

Here, you can savour the authentic flavours of Penang with signature dishes such as Penang assam laksa and their heritage recipes like rojak. 

2. Kaki Makan Cafe

10 Airport Boulevard Changi Airport T4, Level 2M Departure Transit, Singapore 819665

Experience the vibrant tapestry of Malaysian cuisine at Kaki Makan Cafe, a beloved haunt for halal diners in Singapore. From nasi lemak to flavourful noodle soups, each dish reflects the diverse culinary traditions of Malaysia—and also halal food. Whether you’re craving street food favourites or hearty classics, Kaki Makan Cafe has something to satisfy every craving.

Kosher Eateries

Savour the flavours of kosher cuisine at these esteemed eateries in Singapore:

1. Awafi Restaurant

24/26 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187950

One of the few kosher restaurants in Singapore, Awafi is under the supervision of Rabbi Mordechai Abergel/Va’ad Le’inyane Kashruth to ensure that all food served in this establishment is glatt kosher. The restaurant serves a variety of diverse dishes, covering India and Middle Eastern cuisine, Chinese, and various Western-inspired options. At Awafi, you’ll always have something to look forward to every time you come. 

2. Miznon

6 Stanley Street #01-01,Singapore 068725

Experience the vibrant energy of Jewish street food at Miznon, where kosher delicacies take centre stage. The restaurant is headed by Michelin-starred Chef Eyal Shani, who was also one of the judges for MasterChef Israel.

Indulge in fluffy pita sandwiches filled with roasted vegetables, savoury meats, and tantalising sauces. From innovative twists on classic dishes to mouthwatering desserts, you can embark on a satisfying culinary adventure at Miznon.

Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

Dine with peace of mind at these allergy-friendly establishments in Singapore:

1. Privé Jewel

Jewel Changi Airport, #05-204 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666

Communicating your food requirements to your servers can be daunting in typical restaurants. However, Privé Jewel welcomes every diner and strives to accommodate their needs. Their servers are trained to provide impeccable service, no matter how complicated your order is. What’s more, their menu contains detailed ingredients so you can avoid dishes that may cause an allergic reaction.

When it comes to the menu, the restaurant provides all-day breakfast and Asian-inspired mains. Try their Privé Sausage Muffin from the breakfast menu and the Dry Seafood Laksa Spaghetti from the lunch menu.

Singapore’s diverse culture enriched its culinary landscape with cuisines all over the world. From humble hawker stations to world-class restaurants, you can find cuisines that suit your dietary and religious needs. 


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