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A Tale of a Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus Flowers or commonly
named as Wada Mal/Sapaththu mal is a popular flower in Sri Lanka which
grows easily without much attention to it. In Sri Lanka, we find different
types of hibiscus flowers and featured flower is a variety which has double petals.
I have few captures to show
this flower’s life story. Hope you’ll find it interesting.

Here is a tale of a Hibiscus Flower.

A Tale of a Hibiscus Flower
This  Hibiscus  bud is ready to bloom
A Pretty Hibiscus Flower
A Hibiscus Flower at its beauty
A withered Hibiscus Blossom (It started withering)

 Ixora are some beautiful flowers which contains beautiful tiny flowers in a bunch.These flowers can be seen in  different colours ranging from red,yellow,pink and white.Although once I shared some photos of Ixora flowers,thought of these captures which I took in my recent Sri Lanka holiday.

 Above is a capture of Ixora buds.

 I captured these in few different views.Do you like these captures?

Flame Lily /Niyangala

Thought of sharing these flowers today.Captured few years ago,still these are among my favourite flower captures.

Bird of Paradise

How about you?Do you like to capture flowers?

Also please share your wordless or Word full posts below.

Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Blue Pea flowers
This week I want to feature some captures of Blue Pea
Flowers, also known as Butterfly pea. In Sri Lanka we call this flower as ‘Nil
Katarolu’.These flowers are common in Sri Lanka and there is also a white variety.

Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Nil Katarolu

I’ve seen many recipes using
this flower including blue pea tea; however I am not familiar with any Sri
Lankan recipe.I found this as a natural food colouring to create the colour blue.
As far as I know, in Sri Lanka we use these flowers to beautify
home gardens or for any decorations.
Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Butterfly Pea Flowers

Do you like these flowers?
And how was your week? I’d like to see your favourite
photo story this week.

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Ground Orchids

For this week’s Wordless Wednesday, I want to make you happy with these cheerful Ground Orchids.They were dancing with the wind and looked so fresh and live.How can I stay away without capturing them?So,here are my humble attempts on capturing them to show their beauty in the best way I can.

Orchids are beautiful plants typically grow well outdoor. These are some captures from my (parents’) home garden in Sri Lanka. Although I’ve shared some of the captures from the same ground Orchid, I thought it is nice to share some new captures again. I captured these flowers during our last November holidays.

Ground Orchids from Sri Lanka

These flower captures are from a ground orchid, which we can see in most of the provinces in Sri Lanka. If you live in a warm environment, ground orchids are a perfect match for your garden. They will give flowers almost year round.
Although sunlight is important for Orchid plants, care must be taken to control and to give the correct light for the growth of the plant. To find out whether the plant is getting correct light, just check its leaves.
  • If the leaves appear dark green, that means it is not getting enough light.
  • If the leaves have green color of lush grass, then the plant is getting the right amount of light for blooming.
  • If the plant gets too much light, then you can see yellowish color on the orchid leaves.
Ground Orchids caring tips

Anyway, growing orchids can be a rewarding experience. By following the proper care instructions, you can get colourful flowers all-round the year.
Do you like gardening? I really love. If you like to read, here are some more tips on Gardening Orchids.

Please Share your photo story this week.
Be it wordfull or wordless, I’d love to check.

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Last weekend we visited Johor Bahru ,Malaysia and noticed that shopping malls are ready for the Chinese New
Year 2015.These are some photos from City Square mall. Did you check my other post on Chinese New Year decorations of KOMTAR JBCC?

After visiting KOMTAR, we straight entered into City Square Mall for having lunch and to shop some more

items. As always this time also City Square Mall decorations are so colourful and joyful.

Beautiful flowers are the main theme for  these decorations .Those roses were hanged on the roof giving joy for each shopper there at City Square Mall.

Anyway, I am not sure why, but the captures are not so colourful as the decorations. Lighting could be a reason

There was a stage too decorated with beautiful flowers. I am sure there will be live performance on

this stage to entertain people. I’ve seen such performances during our previous visits.


 Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka
Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country rich with scenic beauty and it boasts about the country’s rich heritage. So far I’ve shared some historical places to visit during a holiday in Sri Lanka, however other than visiting historical places, you can also involve in exciting activities and watch and learn about Sri Lankan arts and crafts while experiencing the unique culture.

Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka
Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka

Traditional masks are one such wonderful thing to watch in Sri Lanka. If you visit the southern parts of Sri Lanka, Ambalangoda is popular for traditional masks and its manufacturing.

Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka

During our recent Sri Lankan holiday, I had a great chance to capture some Sri Lankan Traditional Masks. We didn’t travel Ambalangoda or didn’t visit any museum. But, for my surprise, there was a display in the airport duty free area while we departing the country. (Bandaranaike International Airport)

Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka

It was last minute and we were not in actual mood. We were in our own world thinking of parents and friends over there in Sri Lanka, thinking of another few months in Singapore without seeing them and we were surrounded by feelings of separation.

Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka

Suddenly, it was this Traditional Masks display at the end of the duty free area! Those were so colourful and nicely hanged. Although I was carrying my son and with the diaper bag in one hand, I operated my camera using the other hand. Some pics are bit shaky. not very clear. But I could sort few photos for this blog post.
 Things to do in Sri Lanka Holiday
These masks are not just another masks carved from wood. There is a history bonded with each mask and there is a purpose and a value for each. Most of these masks are used in traditional dancing.
If you are interested, here is a post to read more about the history and details of Sri Lankan traditional masks.Do you like these masks? Aren’t they colourful?

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