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Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye

It is the end of another relaxing holiday in Sri Lanka. Finally it is time to say Goodbye to Sri Lanka, parents and friends. I always experience this moment with full of different feelings mix with sadness. On the other way, my kid is eager to reach Singapore and meet his father. It seems he is missing his father as only we both spent another one month in Sri Lanka while my husband returned back to Singapore after few weeks.

This time our holiday started at the end of the October. Although we had great time in Sri Lanka, my kid caught with fever giving us few sleepless nights. That was a new experience for us and alarmed to prepare for such sudden medical issues in our next trips.

While enjoying time with parents and friends, we also visited few places. Anuradhapura pilgrim tour is one of the best experiences I remind always. Other than that, we had shopping and dining experiences making it time to experience Sri Lanka.As always I spent time experiencing the views of nature and flower photography.Check some of my captures of white flowers from Sri Lanka during this Sri Lanka holiday.

Departure from Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
The Buddha Statue at the Katunayake International Airport,Sri Lanka

At the Colombo, Katunayake International Airport, we had good time in every process including check in. (I’ve done online check in to save time). As I travelled with my kid, I was bit nervous. I knew I had to travel with Emirates which is not a good experience for me in any tour. Knowing that, we again booked our return ticket for the itinerary from Sri Lanka to Singapore with Emirates flight simply because of the arrival time to Singapore. It supposed to arrive to Singapore at around 9pm night time. Also we used a combined ticket using Sri Lankan airlines to our departure from Singapore to Sri Lanka and Emirates to arrive Singapore from Sri Lanka. This combination saved us few bucks from both my and my kid’s flight tickets.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
Christmas Decorations at the Colombo Katunayake Airport

It was the time for Christmas celebrations and year-end holidays. Although Colombo airport was not crowded, it was decorated for Christmas. My kid was happy to see Santa at the airport and he was excited to capture a photo.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
My kid met Santa at the airport! 🙂

But, I was nervous with next few hours traveling with him. I wanted to feed him well before the flight because I always experience late meal at the Emirate flights.

Sleeping passengers at the Airport

Why passengers sleep at the airport seats occupying 4 seats? 🙂  I wanted to find two seats together as I was looking for a place to sit with my kid. But, almost all seats were occupied. In other seats, some passengers were sleeping or using their smart phones while in sleeping position. (Occupying 4 seats for 1 passenger)

As Katunayaka Airport is not with bigger seating areas, I found it nervous and stressful as I cannot feed the kid before the flight.

At the Gate

Finally, we were at the gate ready to board. Not sure it is allowed or not, I started feeding my kid with his lunch and also a cup of milk. We were ready to board. But, the flight was delayed. Now, the kid started playing, singing and all sort of things he can do with the energy he gained after having his meal!

Finally, flight was arrived. I was nervous to experience another 3-4 hours in an Emirates flight with a kid. We always had good experience with Emirates as a couple or as a single traveler. But when we started traveling with the kid, I always had stressful moments in Emirates flights. Not a good experience at all.

Most of the previous trips I did not get desired assistance from the Emirates cabin crew. It was same in this flight too which was already late to depart from Sri Lanka. Not only the kid, I was tired too when we boarded to the flight.

Anyway, finally we reached to Singapore around 1 hour late than the previous estimated time.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
At the Changi Airport , Singapore

And the kid! He was the happiest to see Singapore after a long holiday in Sri Lanka. Although he was really silent at the Sri Lanka Airport, he was a happy kid in Singapore airport. Singapore is the country he was born and growing. It seems he feels like he is in home while I was still in mixed feelings of saying Goodbye to Sri Lanka!




los angeles things to do

A luxurious vacation in Los Angeles is incomplete without a stay at a luxury L.A. hotel. Deciding on the luxury hotel to stay at while in L.A. is the first part of your vacation planning. You want to stay in a hotel that has the accessibility to the hottest attractions of the area.

The Los Angeles Life Style is a luxurious experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Every year, millions of visitors are drawn to its numerous attractions. Surfers and sun worshippers are drawn for the luxury hotels in Santa Monica’s oceanfront. Families head for the attractions of Universal Studios and Disneyland. For the serious fashionistas, they are drawn to the exclusive designer shops along Rodeo Drive. For the film buffs, they head for Hollywood. Whatever your plans for vacation might be, you will surely find a variety of unique luxury hotels in L.A.

Following are 5 best extreme luxury hotels in Los Angeles:

  1. The Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$530/night

The epicenter where California luxury meets Hollywood cool continues to rule the L.A. luxe hotel scene with an ideal combination of amazing location, luxurious accommodations, personal service, and delicious food.

Paul Williams Suite is a major attraction of this hotel. The suite includes a grand piano and a lot of amenities; two vital elements for the ultimate luxe staycation. The Paul Williams Suite has the priciest stay in L.A., starting at $3500+ per night.

  1. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$575/night

With a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms and only steps away from luxurious shopping on Rodeo Drive, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is famous for its rooftop pool cabanas, each one similar to a mini-hotel room featuring a fridge, ceiling fan, flat screen, and couches. Its Peninsula Villa is a major attraction, which rates nearly $10,000 per night

  1. Hotel Bel-Air

Bel Air, rates start from ~$500/night

Surrounded by mega-mansions and tucked away off Sunset Boulevard, the Hotel Bel-Air has always offered a discreet luxe experience as compared to various other options of the city. Serious ballers stay at the Presidential Suite of Hotel Bel-Air, which is its own self-contained mini-mansion. Presidential Suite features its own private Jacuzzi, private swimming pool, patio, and garden.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, rates start from ~$400/night

If you are interested in including some yachting in your staycation, The Ritz-Carlton is the perfect choice for you. Famous for its excellent Spa del Rey with splendid waterfront sights, The Ritz-Carlton is ideal for a detox staycation with miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails neighboring the property.

  1. The Hollywood Roosevelt

Hollywood, rates starts from ~$300/night

The Hollywood Roosevelt is close to some of the most happening nightlife of the city such as Hyde, The Nice Guy, No Vacancy, The Argyle, etc.The hotel is famous for its luxurious accommodations and partying. Visiting on weekends is recommended because it is the perfect time to experience the most exclusive and hippest summer pool scene of the city.

Things to do in Transylvania

Amazing spectacular views and rich cultural diversity including old cities and Fortified Churches are reasons to visit Transylvania, in Romania. Medieval towns and wonderful castles are some of the attractions in Transylvania to make your holiday a unique and memorable experience. Below I listed the must visit attractions in Transylvania to make your holiday unique and exciting.

Things to do in Transylvania

Visit around Old Town of Sibiu

must visit places in sibiu Romania

Sibiu as one of the Romania’s cosmopolitan cities will offer you a great taste of rich cultural experiences. You will amaze with visits of museums, art galleries. Try to participate world-class festivals they celebrate throughout the year.

Cobblestone streets and historic buildings of beautiful architectural styles are reasons to spend more time on this beautiful old town Sibiu of Romania.

Drive along the Transfagarasan Highway

Transfagarasan Highway

Popular as “the greatest road in the world”; The Transfagarasan Highway runs with twists and turns through the southern Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. This highway connects Sibiu and Pitesti. A journey through Transfagarasan Highway will be with lots of breathtaking views and exciting hairpin turns!

Amaze with the Fortified Churches of Transylvania

must visit places in sibiu Romania

Transylvania is with lot of amazing Fortified Churches. Included in UNESCO World Heritage list, these Fortified Churches of Transylvania feature the defensive architecture between the 13th to the 16th century.

How to arrange your Transylvania Holiday?

Organizing a tour in Transylvania is really easy with the tour organizing companies like Transylvanian Touring. You can easily select the preferred package and book it. You can easily contact them for any quarries you have, so you don’t have to worry about your doubts or booking.

Transylvanian touring offers few different packages, so it is easy to select the best package for you as per your personal interests and budget. Managed by husband and wife team including friendly staff, you will get a warm welcome to Transylvania and you will have really amazing memories during your holiday.

Transylvanian touring works with Protected Travel Services which ensures that they are compliant with the 1992 Package Holiday Regulations. That means you have your financial security. That is another thing you have to consider when you book any holiday with any tour operating company.

5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
Located in South East Cornwall Looe is a very popular
town among those who love to spend some quality time in a family Holiday
Resort. It is popular as a family holiday resort town. It is such a lovely
small town and you may also find few residents there who will tell you how they
were attracted to Looe and they will surprise you by telling that they came
here on holiday, but never left.

Divided in two
by the River Looe, this lovely fishing town is connected by a beautiful bridge
making it East Looe and west Looe. The East side is home to most of the shops
and restaurants where The West side is mainly occupied with residential and
holiday accommodation. 
It’s such a lovely town loaded with many attractions and
things to do in a lovely family vacation.
On the other way, Polperro is another beautiful coastal
village lying on the south-east Cornwall coast and distance between Polperro
and Looe is about 8.8km.Both of these small towns are tourist attractions and
specially popular for family resort holidays
Now, if you look for a holiday in Looe or Polperro and
wondering what to do there during your stay, there are lots of things to do and
you may need to extend your holidays. It is a great place specially to visit
with kids, and below are some of the highlighted attractions and things to do
during a few days holiday.

#1: Walks near Looe & South East Cornwall
5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
If you like to have a walk watching things around and
taking some breathtaking photography, one of the best things you can do in Looe
is to walk along the coastal side from Looe to Polperro. However this route is
around 8.8km long and mid of the route you may return or take a bus.
#2: Visit the Monkey Sanctuary
Situated right by the sea, The Monkey Sanctuary is home
for around 39 monkeys. This place is to provide care for monkeys and you’ll
able to spend some great time by watching them or getting some information from
the staff there. This place is popular as a well-kept place and a friendly
staff. You’ll find picnic areas around and experience the natural beauty on a
sunny day.
#3: Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol
If you like museums and history, then this old Guildhill
Museum is for you. You will find about the history of the Looe town and its
people through lot of pictures, papers and relics in this museum. It is worth to
spend some time to visit and have a look.
#4: Visit The Eden Project
5 Things to do in Looe and Polperro
Remember to bring your camera with you, as you will find plenty
of interesting things to capture in Eden Project, mainly of the main attraction
of the tropical biome. This is a fantastic and interesting place to visit in
#5: Looe Island 
Once owned and occupied by the two Atkins sisters, Looe
Island, also known as St George’s Island is located about a mile away from the
coast. If you prefer to visit and enjoy wildlife, this is the place to visit. This
island is open to the public and boat rides are available to get you there. You
can enjoy a day in this Looe Island having a safe bathing in a natural rock
swimming pool and also experiencing a plenty of woodland walks.
As there are many attractions and places to visit, definitely
you may need to stay there few days. The best thing to do for a wonderful and
memorable holiday is, to stay in a beautiful place. Finding accommodation in
Looe & Polperro is not that difficult as there are lots of accommodation options
available. These towns are poplar for family resort holidays and you’ll find
beautiful and attractive cottages there.
There is plenty of Holiday cottages in Looe and Polperro which
are also dog friendly accommodation making it easier for those who love to
bring their dog to with them. Stay in a comfortable and fuss free holiday
cottage such as Wilton Mill and have fantastic and unforgettable time there.

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