Should actors start writing

Acting is an art. They as actors use their creativity, imagination and facial expressions to create characters which people believe. Actors can easily take people to a land of happiness; they can easily make their audience feel sad or full of excitement. These all are basic characteristics of a good professional and skillful actor.

Then think of a writer. They also do the same for their readers using their pen. A writer can bring their readers to a different level. They can make their readers to imagine a new world, new and unexpected things to happen and they can even create a happy end or sad end for their fictions.They even spend time writing for actors to create characters in films and stage plays.

Don’t you think acting and writing has some relationship? Both actor and a writer bring their audience to a world and make them to imagine with their creativity.

Should actors start writing

If you check history or even present, there are many actors who are also good writers. Most of the actors are good in creative writing.Most of the time,actor writers can grab the audience fast with their creative skills. Now if you think why actors need to become writers, reasons are obvious.

Once I came across these reasons why actors must start writing, I must say I agree with the mentioned reasons.

Why actors must start writing?

Reasons are obvious. Writing and acting both are related with imagination and creativity. Both of them imagine and create characters with their best abilities. As an actor, you can refine your acting skills by writing your thoughts and imaginations. By working on another field like writing, you will improve your skills artistically and you will improve your creative skills. Writing provides you a reason to spend your free time with imagination and it will enhance your concentration which on the other way is beneficial as an actor.

As an actor, you need to build your audience and some kind of followers. Writing helps you to network with others who are mainly interested in reading and writing. But, finally you are expanding your network.If you write for commercial purpose, of course you will earn for your scripts and fictions.

Finally, what is your idea?Do you think it is good for actors writing their imaginations?  Should actors start writing?


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