More About Difference Between NLP & Hypnosis

Perhaps you have heard of Neuro-linguistic programming, also called, “NLP.” It is considered a powerful method for improving mental abilities for a variety of intentions. This technique is considered very good, but also somewhat out dated.

Hypnosis is a method of subliminal mind connection. The person being hypnotized will fall into a suggestible state and this will allow for a therapist to help one to work through states of anxiety and inhibition which limit a person’s ability to better themselves.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

For a long time, hypnosis was shrouded in mystery. In fact, the original scientist who recognized how to use it, Franz Mesmer, was not entirely sure of the way it worked. He thought it had to do with some sort of liquid “spirit” or “ether” which transmitted from therapist to patient and on to other patients.

It turned out that he was off-base and the real way hypnosis works is now better understood. The effects have something to do with changing brainwaves and this can be used for self-improvement or also for helping with anxiety, depression, procrastination, and other limiting factors in life.

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How Does NLP Work?

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a more modern method of self-improvement, focusing on the mind and making it function in line with goals. The idea is to re-program the brain by changing the way one thinks.

Notice how you may be saying to yourself, “I can’t do this” and you find that you are saying it over and over again for no good reason. NLP can help you to change the mental pattern of “I can’t” to something like, “I can.”

Considering the Differences

Hypnosis and NLP have some similarities in that both can help to change the mind for a better life. However, NLP is now considered to be outdated and many professionals in psychology find plenty of flaws with it.

Now, cognitive therapy and hypnosis serve more so in the realm of psychotherapy. By touching the very origin of the most fundamental instincts and processes of mind, hypnosis can change the focus and the drive for better purposes.

It is What We Do Every Day

Both of these techniques can be learned and used by oneself. As it turns out, you do both of these practices all of the time. As far as NLP, people are constantly telling themselves who they are and how they can be as well as what they can or cannot do. It happens naturally.

Hypnosis happens all of the time and everyone is a natural at it. More frequently than you may know, you go into hypnotic states of mind, easily influenced by certain ideas.

Advantages of NLP and Hypnosis

Since both NLP and Hypnosis are used, it is wise to consider the advantages. It appears that NLP is limited to self-improvement, learning, and better confidence. Hypnosis, on the other hand, can be used to discover hidden potential while targeting the limitations to maximum potential. Both have advantages, but hypnosis works right at the root.


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