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Jurong Bird Park

When you travel you experience lot of magical moments, you meet many nice people, you eat the world’s best food. Finally these are your best memories for the whole lifetime. And with the advancement of the technology, you will end up having thousands of photos of your whole trip making it an amazing holiday to remember!

What do you do for your photos after the holidays? Do you print those into an album? A travel photo album is one of my favourite ways to keep memories documented other than the travelogues I share in this travel blog. Be it for a travel blog, travel photo album or even for sharing over social media, you need to do some post editing for your images to improve your photography.

Then,how to improve your travel photography in 3 easy steps?

How to Improve Your Travel Photography in 3 Easy Steps

If you are a professional photographer, this post is not for you because you know how to edit your photos professionally. However if you are a traveler just like me, some simple edits will improve your photos dramatically.

Here are 3 basic things that you can to do to improve your travel photos even if you are a beginner. With a photo editing toolkit that allows easy editing features, you can easily enhance your travel images!

1. Adjust the Brightness and Contrasts

Jurong Bird Park

Most of the times we experience that the photos don’t look beautiful when we transfer those images to the computer! Images don’t look vibrant as they were in the camera. They look dull and dark. This is where you need to play with the brightness of images. In any photo editing program, you will find the tools for brightness and contrast adjustments. By adjusting the brightness you can improve the photo exposure giving a good look for your images.

2. Crop the images

Jurong Bird Park

Composition is one of the important factors for a good photo. If you think the photo need some adjustment in composition, one of the ways to do that is by slightly cropping your images. This will zoom the images and you will be able to improve it to the better.

3. Adjust and Balance the saturation

It can be a cloudy day or a rainy day that you couldn’t capture the images with proper lighting. You may not find the beautiful and vibrant colours in your landscape photos that you experienced in your trip. I know this is a sad moment when the photos look dull. But, you can easily adjust saturation of photos and give some new look for your images.

But, be careful when you adjust the saturation. Sometimes, your photos will look artificial if you don’t balance the saturation properly. So, always adjust saturation with care and improve the quality of colours.

Above are the 3 basic things that you need to do for your travel photos before you use those for any purpose. Although there are many other ways to enhance your travel photography by using photo editing techniques, these basic tips will help you to improve your photos dramatically.

How do you improve your travel photos? What are the post editing photo techniques that you use for your travel photography? Please share your experiences.






Create canvas prints
Image Credit: http://www.royalcanvas.com/

If you love travelling different destinations, I am sure you are with lot of beautiful photographs of different locations, places and people. If you love both travel and photography, then you know how to enjoy each and every minute of your life when you have your camera on hand.

But, finally what do you do with all these beautiful captures? Well, if you are a blogger then you can easily share the captures with the world. Otherwise you can create photo albums and keep them on your living room or any place to remind the memories. Is that all? Then what will happen to those beautiful captures of different locations and views?

Let me give some ideas that really work.

Make beautiful canvas prints from your photos and artwork

You can easily create canvas prints using your beautiful photographs. Once you receive your canvas print, simply use that to decorate the walls of your home. These canvas prints will definitely keep you with beautiful memories of your recent holidays in different destinations.Don’t you think these canvas prints as great gifts too?

How to make your own Canvas Prints?

Making your own canvas prints is really easy with Royal Canvas.

Here are the simple steps. First visit Royal Canvas.

Create canvas prints

Click ‘Get Started Now’ button. Upload your image. Select your preferred dimensions and other details.

For this post, I used one of my favourite photos from our recent holiday in Sri Lanka.


Once select the preferred dimensions and other options, continue with the canvas print. Then you will get option for customize the design. It is up to you to be creative with your canvas print.


That is all. You can order your canvas print. This really sounds easy and is a great way to use your travel photos. Am I right?

Check www.royalcanvas.com for more details. You will find different options to be creative with your travel photographs.

This week I am featuring a photo of twin pagodas captured at the Chinese Garden,Singapore.

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Travel Photography essentials

Is there any other thing that you love when you travel than your photographs? Same as any other traveller, I love capturing moments whenever I travel somewhere. Sometimes I use phone camera to capture moments, but to get more beautiful photos, you need a good camera. That’s true. Whenever I captured moments with my phone, I ended up regretting, because with my DSLR I could capture the moment better. So, here is my list of essentials to pack when you travel.


Yes, you need a good camera with you. While DSLR is the best, you can also consider a point and shoot camera. But, try to bring your DSLR camera with you. That will give you professional looking photographs. Yes, it sounds bulky, especially when you travel with a baby or a toddler. Consider investing in a good camera bag, so you won’t feel much bulky or uncomfortable.

For our recent holiday, I didn’t bring the DSLR, instead I used camera phone. But, now I regret. When I came back home, I found some of the beautiful sceneries I captured are not beautiful at all.

Travel photography: essentials to pack
I captured this flower using my phone camera.I know I can capture more sharp photo using the DSLR camera.
Travel photography-Essentials to Pack
View of a lake we visited in Sri Lanka

So, don’t forget to bring your DSLR camera with you whenever you travel if you need good travel photography. Invest on a comfortable camera bag, so you will not feel difficult to carry it with other belongings. You can get some tips from this DSLR camera backpack guide to buy the most suitable camera bag. A camera bag also ensures the safety of your camera gear.

Batteries and chargers

It is always good to have an extra battery with you. This will avoid frustration of having a camera with an almost dead battery. I know, you understand what I mean!

Memory Cards

Bring a reliable memory card with you, so you can save your photographs till you come home. Invest in a good extra memory cards, so you don’t have to worry about memory space.

Travel photography: essentials to pack
When you have lot of memories of the same place                                         Location:University of Peradeniya
Travel Tripod

If you are really keen on taking more photographs in different times of the day and in different angles, consider carrying a travel tripod with you. A tripod will ensure Sharp shots even in low light or at night.

Travel photography: essentials to pack
Sunset over Kandy Lake- Sri Lanka

Above are the basic travel photography essentials for me, especially during family trips. However depending on your purpose, you can carry different lenses and filters to capture beautiful moments.

What are you basic travel photography essentials? Do you carry different lenses with you?


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