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Must Know Tips for a successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

Considered as the highest peak of Africa, Mt.Kilimanjaro attracts tons of visitors to its summit each year. Located in beautiful Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro is considered as a trekking peak. However not all reach the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro. For that you need to well prepare in both mentally and physically. With proper training, preparation and well planning you can easily climb the Mt.Kilimanjaro making it a great success of the year.

If you plan to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro, here are the top tips from the experts who have experience of climbing Kilimanjaro. With these tips, make it a successful trip for climbing Kilimanjaro that adds great memories for your life!

1. Choose the best route

You need at least 8 days to climb the Mt.Kilimanjaro. Although you can reach the summit of Kilimanjaro quickly and in less than 8 days, it will not be a successful and exciting trip. It is good to allow time to adjust your body to high levels of altitude while enjoying the life time adventure! There are seven routes to climb Kilimanjaro including popular Marangu route. Machame route, Rongai route and Umbwe route are some of the other routes that are available for climbing the Mt.Kilimanjaro. Each route has its unique features, required time and nature’s views. Therefore, contact well experienced tour operator and discuss with them about the best route for climbing Kilimanjaro that suits you.

Must Know Tips for a successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

2. Choose the best season

Climbing Kilimanjaro should be a lifetime experience. To make it memorable with pleasant experience, you need to plan your trekking during the best season of the year. This is why choosing a dry but comfortable season is important.

January to March is known as the perfect time to climb Kilimanjaro as the weather is comfortable with both dryness and warm temperature. April to June is considered as a dangerous period for trekking as rain begins at the end of March. With different weather conditions throughout the year, it is always wise to choose the best time for climbing Kilimanjaro before you plan your trip.

3. Train well and prepare for the trekking experience

As Kilimanjaro is popular as a mountain for trekking, you don’t need expertise training. However it is better to have a reasonable training to make your experience with Mt.Kilimanjaro a positive one. If you are reasonably fit and good with physical exercise, then you don’t have to worry about climbing the mountain up to the peak. Some of the activities that are recommended for those who prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro include walking, aerobic workouts and muscle strength building. Other than the physical training, you also need to prepare mentally to reach the Kilimanjaro peak in a slow and steady pace.

Above are the must know tips to plan your Kilimanjaro trekking trip. You also need to pack the travel essentials that are especially important for your Mt.Kilimanjaro trip. Also don’t forget to plan your Kilimanjaro trek with well experienced guides or tour operators to make it a successful climbing.

Do you have experience with climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro? Please share your thoughts below.


Must Know Tips for a successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

Lying over Tanzania, East Africa and as the tallest freestanding mountain in the World, Mount Kilimanjaro attracts lot of visitors each year. With beautiful landscapes and sceneries around, you will have an excellent experience in your trek to Mount Kilimanjaro if you travel with more organized and more planned trekking team. If your dream is climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro, here we’d like to introduce ‘Kilimanjaro Tours’ as your travel planner.

To climb Mountain Kilimanjaro, there are different routes available including Lemosho Route, Machame Route, Marangu Route, Rongai Route, Shira Route and Umbwe Route. So, it is up to you to select your favorite route depending on your choices and experience on hiking and trekking. However, when you book your Mountain Kilimanjaro trek with Kilimanjaro Tours, they will guide you to select the best itinerary which suites your style.

The Marangu route

Why choose Kilimanjaro Tours

Kilimanjaro Tours is a reputed and established company which organizes trips to Kilimanjaro tours for affordable rates. You can easily select your preferred itinerary or perfect package which suits your style among different available choices.


With their experience in organizing Kilimanjaro tours, you can assure to have a better and quality service when you travel with them.

Services offered by Kilimanjaro Tours

With Kilimanjaro Tours, you can easily select a tour package according to the price, no of people in your group and according to the route you prefer to reach the Mountain Kilimanjaro. They arrange treks and safaris with different tour packages.

The Marangu route

When you book with Kilimanjaro Tours, your package will include the below facilities and services.

Your Kilimanjaro tour package will include transfers from Kilimanjaro Airport to Moshi, Base Hotel. These packages come with 2 nights’ accommodation at Mountain inn with half board meals. Kilimanjaro Park fees are included and meals on mountains are included for the packages. All other relevant facilities like guides, porters and tents are included when you book your Kilimanjaro tour with them.

Please have a look into http://www.kilimanjarotours.co.uk/ you will see more details about tour packages which they have to offer including tips on selecting your Kilimanjaro tour package.

Must Know Tips for a successful Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro

Marangu route is the easiest route available for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. With gradual and steady profile this Marangu route allows trekkers to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro with less pain. However, it is common that due to popularity of this route, there are many inexperienced climbers choose this route and popular as a touristy route. If you hear someone say ‘Coca-Cola route’ then they are referring to this Marangu route.

Why Marangu Route is called as Coca Cola route?

Have you ever wonder why Marangu Route is called as Coca Cola route? Actually Marangu Trail is popular as Coca-Cola trail. However, this doesn’t mean that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through the Marangu Route is so much easier and it only needs walking through the paths.

It is popular as ‘Coca Cola trail’ (referring a soft drink) because it is much easier to reach Mount Kilimanjaro via this route than Machame Route.(which is called as Whisky route)

The Marangu route

Is Marangu route overcrowded and should avoid?

May be you heard it right. Marangu route can be crowded because most of the travellers like to take this route for reaching Mount Kilimanjaro. On this route you will find huts for accommodation. There are facilities of 60 bunk beds at Mandara and Kibo huts. You will also find 120 bunk beds at Horombo hut.

However, you should not avoid this route if you plan climbing mountain Kilimanjaro. Instead book in advance to have a better experience.

How to Book Kilimanjaro Tour?(Via Marangu Route)

The Marangu route

With a tour operator, you are safe on your trek. They know the route very well .With available different itinerary; you can easily select the perfect itinerary to reach the Mount Kilimanjaro. Anyway, remember to book your Kilimanjaro tour through Marangu route with a reputed Kilimanjaro tour operator. We’d like to suggest Kilimanjaro Tours for your trek on Mount Kilimanjaro. They offer different itinerary and you can simply select the perfect package which fits your style. Please check http://www.kilimanjarotours.co.uk/ for more details.


“Snow at the equator?” – no-one could believe the German scientist J. Rebmann when he reported about what he had experienced in East Africa 1848. Especially his British colleagues did not want to give this any belief. In France, on the other hand, he received a medal for his observations.

The first successful ascend to the top was done 1889 by a German, an Austrian and their local guide. For the native peoples living in the area, the “Kili” is a sacred, God-like feature which they would never try to get on top of.
If you look to the history of Kilimanjaro you do not wonder that the mountain is one of the most famous destinations for adventure holidays for European travelers. So Intakt-Reisen, the oldest European Internet tour operator offers a tremendous selection of Kilimanjaro climbing and trekking tours.
The mountain rises over the East African plateau which itself reaches a height of 750 to 1,000 meters. Its highest peak, Uhuru Peak (“Uhuru” meaning “Freedom”), masters 5,895 meters, and is the highest point of the African continent.
The lower slopes are covered by thick rain forest vegetation. The higher you get the growth becomes more and more scarce, and at a certain point all that is left are giant senecias or grass. Below the three peaks of volcanic origin you only find dry rubble which makes the last meters on the ascent a little difficult. Still, the Kilimanjaro is considered relatively well to ascend.
The Kilimanjaro is a major freshwater reservoir serving millions of people living in the surrounding areas in Tanzania and Kenya. The border between the two countries touches its lower slopes on the northernmost side.
The mountain can be climbed via four different major routes. Most of the visitors choose the so-called “Coca Cola Route” or Marangu Route. It takes you in 6 days or more to the top and back down again. The same route is used on the way up and down. The accommodation is in wooden huts to protect the ascenders from the harsh cold temperatures up there.

The slightly more difficult “Whiskey Route” uses the Machame Route on the way to the top, and the Mweka Route on the way down. So you can collect a different set of views and impressions. You are accommodated in 2-persons-tents that are erected by the porters before you reach the camp. Your individual porter, as well as a cook, belongs to the team supporting you on the way, headed by a trained and skillful mountain guide. All you need to carry up yourself is a little knapsack with your daily needs like camera, drinks etc.
The third route, Lemosho, is supposed to be the one with the most beautiful impressions. Besides, this route is less crowded than the two aforementioned ones. The peak itself is reached via serpentines at Stella Point (5,745 m).
The fourth route, Rongai, starts near the Kenyan border in the north of the mountain range. At a height of 2,200 m you start through lush green rain forest inhabited by rare Colobus monkeys. Later on the way up you reach a high plateau consisting of black lava. This makes it a bit dusty but on the other hand the constant but calm ascent is seen as the easiest route.
Kilimanjaro climbs can be booked through us either with or without a completing game safari and/or some relaxing days on the famous sand beaches of the spice island Zanzibar. The national parks in the northeastern parts of Tanzania belong to the most famous animal parks all over the world. Just read these names: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire or Selous.
The ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro can also be completed with the preceding ascent of its “sister mountain”, Mt. Meru (4,566 m) and/or the third-highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kenya (4,985 m).

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