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Last Sunday when we walked out at night, noticed that the road is full of decorated light lines. These are to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2015.Road was so colourful with beautiful tiny lights.To make it more beautiful and joyful, there were red lanterns hanging in each light line.

I captured few moments and thought these suit for this week’s Wordless Wednesday. So, here are my captures.

Below is a red lantern,I tried to capture the best photo using the phone camera.

And,the light lines along the road!Some lines were hanging down from the trees.

Do you have any photo story this week?

Last weekend we visited Johor Bahru ,Malaysia and noticed that shopping malls are ready for the Chinese New
Year 2015.These are some photos from City Square mall. Did you check my other post on Chinese New Year decorations of KOMTAR JBCC?

After visiting KOMTAR, we straight entered into City Square Mall for having lunch and to shop some more

items. As always this time also City Square Mall decorations are so colourful and joyful.

Beautiful flowers are the main theme for  these decorations .Those roses were hanged on the roof giving joy for each shopper there at City Square Mall.

Anyway, I am not sure why, but the captures are not so colourful as the decorations. Lighting could be a reason

There was a stage too decorated with beautiful flowers. I am sure there will be live performance on

this stage to entertain people. I’ve seen such performances during our previous visits.



Last weekend we visited Johor Bahru for food and shopping. As of many others live in Singapore, we also escape to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a change and relax. Usually our Johor Bahru trips are one day trips aiming food and shopping although we spent one night during our previous trip.This is after few months from our previous visit we could see some changes in Johor Bahru.

KOMTAR JBCC-The newest shopping mall in Johor Bahru

This time We could visit the newest shopping mall in Johor Bahru – Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre ( JBCC ).

Usually we visit the City Square Mall straight after custom clearances at CIQ(Customs and Immigration).However this time we were attracted to this new shopping mall which is conveniently located next to City Square Mall. 
KOMTAR JBCC-A Spring to Remember

It was nicely decorated for the spring festival and reminded us that Chinese New Year  2015 is arriving soon!They named/themed it as ‘A Spring to Remember’. We could see all the beautiful flowers and lanterns when we arrived from the CIQ. Instead of going to City Square Mall, we decided to visit this new shopping mall first.

Although there were so many things to capture, I mean the decorations in link Way Bridge towards the entrance and decorations at the entrance; we entered to the shopping mall straight!
Inside the shopping mall, there are many stores open for business including Padini. 

We spent few hours inside and I could take some captures of the decorations. The decorations are colorful and joyful with mix of red and pink. We could see some beautiful huge lanterns hanging from the ceiling and those were the main attraction inside the shopping mall.
KOMTAR JBCC-A Spring to Remember
KOMTAR JBCC-A Spring to Remember

Hope you’ll enjoy these photos.

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